Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 50

"You said Ye Buxiu didn't care about you?"

"Don't you care that the whole city is looking for your whereabouts now? Don't you care, will you give five million with a random clue? Don't you care that the whole city is buzzing now?"

When Shui Fang heard that Ye Buxiu started looking for her all over the city, he was a little moved. Did Ye Buxiu really look for her? She was just an ordinary person who would be swept away by the crowds if thrown on the street, and she also looked average. Does he care about himself that much? But he still said the irony: "Ye Buxiu just cared about his own face, so I have no value to you at all. Copy URL to visit"

Lin Xichi's eyes were full of gloom, and he looked at the water side with a sneer.

"Whether it is valuable or not is not up to you on the water side. By the way, I have already sent someone to inform Ye Buxiu. He probably will know the news in a short while. I want to see if you on the water side are worth enough to let Ye Buxiu know." Give up a subsidiary of his Ye's company, and then give us the equity to Lin, and then lift the ban on Xu Aiqing."

Of course, the water side knew how excessive Lin Xichi's request was. If Ye Buxiu gave him shares in his subsidiary, it would be equivalent to Lin Xichi joining Ye Buxiu's company with white wolves. The profit rate of a company that does not repair is calculated according to every minute and every second, so if Lin Xichi gets a subsidiary, the funds obtained will be huge!

After listening to it, Shui Fang suddenly pressed his stomach and laughed: "You are joking, what do you think you are, Ye Buxiu could not make such a choice for me.

To be honest, the Shui side is a bit regretful now. It feels like confronting his parents after being caught by someone. Yes, Ye Buxiu plays a role in his life as a person who takes care of himself and tolerates himself. He is like a parent, although he is shameless, flirtatious, arrogant, and domineering, but it has to be said that he has gradually penetrated into the life of the water side from various corners and has become an indispensable part.

"Shui Fang, so what if you can be my underground lover at ease? Although I married Xu Aiqing, I still like you, but why do you want to take revenge on me? Why do you want to marry other wild men? If you Be reserved, everything will not happen today, Xu Aiqing betrayed me, even you betrayed me? I have nothing now."

Seeing him talking more and more vigorously, Shui Fang was a little scared. He kept emphasizing his tone, and slowly approached Shui Fang. Seeing that he was about to lose his mind, Shui Fang slowly retreated. It was full of fear. From the day they broke up, she would no longer be able to understand the man she thought she knew very well - Lin Xichi.

"I want to see how Ye Buxiu has trained you? No one can bother us now..."

Lin Xichi began to untie her belt while talking, yes, no one will come to rescue her right now, seeing Lin Xichi rushing forward frantically, Shui Fang clenched his teeth tightly and kept retreating.

After Lin Xichi stripped himself naked three times, he clamped Shui's hand with both hands, and greedily sucked the fragrance emanating from Shui's body...

"Lin Xichi, you are so perverted. Didn't you say that I have no money, no figure, no looks, why are you treating me like this?"

"The woman Ye Buxiu likes must have something special..."


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