Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 36 Unexpectedly, Mrs. Huo is even more anxious than me

Huo Mou Shen pursed his lips in displeasure, his dark eyes sank, and he snorted idly and coldly, "I don't like to hear crows cawing, understand?"

Upon hearing this, the bodyguard immediately covered He Meiping's mouth, so that she couldn't even utter a word and could only choke in her throat.

He Meiping's eyes crawled with terror, glaring at Song Zhi full of hatred, her mouth letting out a whimper of protest as she kicked her legs haphazardly in a last-ditch struggle.

"Shut up." Song Zhi felt as if there was a fly buzzing in his ear and said impatiently.

The bodyguard's temples jumped at the sound, and he raised his hand knife and slashed directly at the back of the person's neck, then threw it on the ground again, smashing the person down heavily.

In an instant, He Meiping dropped her head like a chicken fighting to death and stopped struggling.

All the voices subsided, and everything returned to silence ......

"Next time, there is no next time." Huo Mushen's thin lips tugged coldly, and that grim, warmth-free face looked like it was threatening him!

Song Yuancheng was startled, and then also relieved.

"Since the misunderstandings have all been cleared up and the lesson has been taught enough, this matter will pass."

Song Yuancheng currently didn't want to tear his face off with Huo Mushan, after all, he still wanted Huo Mushan to personally step in to relieve him of the crisis in Tang City, so he could only lower his eyes and whisper, "Xiao Ru, this matter is also dad's fault, it's dad who has been leaving you out in the cold, don't blame dad, okay?"

Song Zhi raised his head, as if he saw a sentence in Song Yuancheng's pupils, "Song Zhi is just stupid, a little coaxing will make you obedient."

"Xiao Ru, today is the day you return home with great difficulty, don't let unhappy people make you unhappy, in a moment, let the housekeeper clean up your room properly, you and Mu Shen will stay for one night!" Song Yuancheng was kind in his voice, like a 'loving father'.

The people who make me unhappy are you guys!

Song Zhi choked the words back into his throat, and then looked up to see Song Yuancheng's amiable countenance showing a pleasing look, his gaze sank.

The contrast was too strong.

Song Zhi turned back to look at Huo Mushen, seeing his eyebrows clouded over, his eyes filled with a 'you make the call, I'll listen to you' look, immediately feeling strangely embarrassed, not quite daring to look directly into his doting eyes, and after flusteredly dodging them, he lowered his head and buried it in his embrace.

"Yes, dad is right, it's just that Aunt He made me too sad this time, my eyes hurt when I see her now, and my body doesn't feel well, dad, do you think I'm not a good match for Aunt He by any chance, or else Mu Shen and I should just go."

Song Yuancheng understood and felt that it was normal for Song Zhi to have a little childish temper, he said, "Go and pack up the lady's clothes, first send her to the countryside to stay for a while until she has reflected enough and then come back."

He Meiping, who had just woken up a bit, heard these words when she opened her eyes and directly fainted in anger again.

Before she passed out, she only had one thought, and that was that she must make Song Zhu go to hell!

"Xiao Ru, now that the unhappy people are gone, you can feel free to stay." Song Yuancheng coaxed Song Zhi, and personally removed the bracelet in He Meiping's wrist to return it to Song Zhi: "Dad didn't know that your Aunt He actually lied, so he wronged you."

"Xiao Ru, the rules of Huacheng are to return to the door after three days of marriage, you will let the Huo family misunderstand if you go back hastily." Song Yuancheng hurriedly said again.

Song Ru took the bracelet and tightened it, then raised her head and looked straight at Huo Mushen, waiting for his meaning.

Her reaction falls in Huo Mushan's eyes, he smiles and looks at her, "In my place, what you say is the rule, want to stay on stay, want to go at any time can go.

Huaibei go take out the documents from the car and take them to Xiao Ru's bedroom."

Song Zhi was stared at by his smirk with some hairy, shadowy hairiness.

Huo Mushen was still angry!

And still angry at her.

"Butler, go and tidy up young lady's room, and then go prepare a luncheon for our family to have a good meal." Song Yuancheng commands.

Huo Mou Shen's complexion was faint, raising his eyebrows up and smiling falsely, "No need, Xiao Ru is tired and has caused a lot of trouble for the Song family, I'll take someone back to their room to go in and educate themselves first."

Song Zhi nearly fell from his arms, meeting his dark pupils, blinking her eyes and feigning pity.

"Mrs. Huo, this trick doesn't work on me." Huo Mushen looks at her askance, "Stupid! Thanks to your usual intelligence, you can actually be bitten by a dog today? Kick it straight to death next time, got it?"

"Understood." Mrs. Huo nods her head like garlic, "Huo Mu Shen, you're awesome."

"I'm even more awesome, do you want to try?" Huo Moushen bends down and closes in on her earlobe.

Song Ru arrogantly grunts, she pulls on the tiger's beard, cheap bastard.

On her side she belabored, over there Song Yuancheng was so angry by what Huo Muchen said that his face turned green and white.

He took a step, the pain between his knees was suddenly amplified, and he could only watch Huo Muchen's distant, solitary figure, his feet so heavy that he couldn't catch up, his fists trembling more and more.

Huo Mushen is not bringing back a lesson, he is clearly hitting him in the face and warning him!

"Sir, Huo Shao just ordered to send Lady He away, is this to be sent away?" The butler sees the mess on the floor and goes forward to ask.

Although it was a question, it was said with an undercurrent of just certainty.

Song Yuancheng glanced down at He Meiping, his eyes were so deep that he didn't know what he was thinking, his fists finally loosened, and he let out a long sigh, "Send it away, and then send two more maids from the manor to serve her, and during this time find someone to keep an eye on her, and don't let her make a demonic act again."

After the butler nodded, he then ordered the bodyguards in the garden to drag the person away immediately.


Song Zhi through the doorway, suddenly couldn't help but lie down in the nest of his shoulder and laugh out loud.


Huo Mu Shen kicks the door with his foot and looks at the person in his arms with an idle expression, only to see Song Zhi's evil smile.


Song Zhi didn't hold back her laughter, "Cool, exceptionally cool! Hubby, you're awesome!"

"But I'm not cool." Huo Mo Shen's eyes glanced at her pretty red little face, his thin lips almost pressed against her cheeks, his breath warm as he said.

"Huh?" Song Zhi's cheeks tickled and she shrank her neck backward.

"My body, and heart, are not happy, eh?" He smiled wickedly at the blushing Song Zhi, not allowing her to dodge, sitting on the single sofa, hooking the person in his arms, staring deeply at her, "Didn't I say, wait for me in the room, why don't you listen to me and leave? Why don't you dare to jump down, really afraid that I can't catch you?"

Starting to settle old scores!

"That's not it, you can even climb over the wall and come in, would I doubt my husband's ability?"

"Heh ......"

Song Zhi two legs drooped on both sides of his powerful and strong legs, the upper body is facing the man, just now the aggression was swept away, replaced by only hot cheeks: "Moreover, I do not want to give you a surprise?"

"Surprise?" The man picked up her injured arm, his voice close to her ear, his voice was mute, but also mixed with the unique magnetism: "This is the surprise you gave me?"

"...... I also didn't expect to be smashed at that time, so don't get angry with me."

"Song Ru."

Huo Mu Shen suddenly spoke in a low voice, interrupting her pleading words.

"Good husband ...... well ......"

Song Zhi raised her head in confusion, but as soon as she did, her mouth was blocked by the man's lowered head.

The sudden kiss made Song Zhi's entire body instantly freeze in his arms, and she could only obediently sit across his lap.

The man's strong testosterone scent fell heavily on her shoulders with the strength of his arms.

His strong hands firmly shackled her, almost breaking her waist.

Song Zhi's brain went blank, her eyes froze for a second, inhaling for a moment, huffing for a moment, her delicate fingers grasping the tie of his suit shirt, unconsciously pulling away the man's meticulous buttons, revealing the sexy and uninhibited knot of her throat.

She subconsciously touched it again, her slightly trembling fingertips tracing across the man's earlobes until her arms obediently and naturally encircled his neck.

Huo Mou Shen took a hard, deep breath, Song Zhi was wearing a white dress, which was tantamount to opening the door wide for Huo Mou Shen.

He easily and skillfully picks open her zipper, pulls it down without haste, and slowly clasps her waistline.

But not further up, with thin calluses fingertips directly scratched to her shoulders, once again hard grip, grip pain.

Huo Mou Shen's body trembles, taking away all of Song Zhi's senses, kissing deeper and deeper, his broad finger edges squeezing into her soft palm, interlocking with her fingers.

Huo Mou Shen feels the pain and laughs coldly, the same as the first time, gouging the palm of his hand whenever he kisses.

Her slightly sharp nails gouge him, her breathing is getting tighter and tighter, gradually soft to the body because the man suddenly withdrew his arm without support, she panicked and directly ripped open the man's suit buttons.

A few buttons instantly fly avalanche, falling on the ground with the sound of metal buttons.

Crisp and pleasant sounds ringing in her ears, Song Zhi's hands obediently hooked around his neck, allowing her cheeks to be pressed closer to his.

Huo Mu Shen drags her back into his arms until he feels Song Zhi move, his two thin lips containing a smile, able to feel Song Zhi's trust and dependence on him, and willing to give herself to him, a light smile spreading in his throat.

He rolls over and directly presses the person onto the bed, leaning over to see the woman who nearly passed out from a kiss with her cheeks red to the touch.

"I didn't think that Mrs. Huo was more anxious than me?"


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