Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 37: Your Husband Has Less Self Control than You Think

Song Zhe's red lips were slightly open, her small mouth gasping for air as her breathing messed up her frequency.

Both of her legs were still resting on Huo Mushan's waist.


Is she going to sleep with Huo Mushan?

She felt that Huo Mou Shen could sit still, she could hardly hold it!

She was in the middle of a wild thought, when a dull, low utterance suddenly fell from the top of her head.

"Mrs. Huo, have you touched enough?" Huo Mu Shen saw the woman nervous black eyelashes trembling, but the small hand is restless mess ......

This girl, does she know what she's doing?

Song Zhi was teasingly flirted with and opened her eyes wide, seeing him catch her hand, her face 'swish' turned red!

She hadn't just speculated, but it was true!

In an instant, countless fireworks bloom in her mind.

Huo Muchen sees her looking at him with shyness and timidity, he picks Song Zhi up again and the two of them lean against the bed, letting her small head bury itself in his chest, his voice dull through and through, "Mrs. Huo, don't look at me with this kind of look."

"Your husband doesn't have as much self-control over you as you think."

"You seem to know me well."

"At least more than you think."

It had to be said that Huo Mushan really did know Song Zhi much better than Song Zhi thought she did, seeing through her mind with just one look.

Song Zhi smothered her head and hummed her little voice, arrogant as hell.

The man's handsome eyebrows sank coldly, calming down for a long time before he pinched the baby fat on her face, bulging and endearing.

Song Ru dissatisfaction hummed, she is actually ready to meet him, but I don t know why he suddenly stopped, in fact, there is a disappointment and a little bit of luck, after all, she does not want to be reborn for the first time ...... in Tangzhuang.

Huo Mou Shen saw her not moving, lying in his arms, small, soft, only a mass, as if a lazy cat.

And his long hands and feet, nearly one meter nine, just leaned on the bed and hugged Song Zhi, and saw her reveal half of her white and flushed face revealing dissatisfaction.

"What, disgruntled because I don't give it to you?" He carried her neck and saw dissatisfaction written in her eyebrows, "Heh ...... night then do you."

"I'm not thinking about it!" Song Zhe retorted sheepishly, a bit 'here and now'.

She really wanted to post on the scarf, calling out to the masses, asking what the hell to do with a husband with an IQ of two hundred plus.

Song Zhi felt that every move she made, even her subtle expressions were under Huo Mu Shen's control.

"Still saying no, you're drooling, look." He pointed to the corner of her lips.

Song Zhi touched her mouth, there was no drooling at all, her hairs stood up.

"No no no, I didn't."

She kicked her calves and lightly kicked the man's long legs, "You go down, I don't want to talk to you!"

Huo Mou Shen saw that if he ruffled two more times, the person was going to blow up, patted her back, pacified her two times, and talked about the main thing: "Why do you suddenly want to tell me?"

"...... ah?"

"Song family, I heard." The man was concise, no longer joking with Song Zhi, and the lust in his eyes gradually receded, turning to be covered by a deep coldness.

"I don't want the Song family to use affection and morality to kidnap me in my name again, and to blackmail you again, besides I don't want to be the person sitting at home and the pot coming from the sky!" Song Ru hummed arrogantly to hide the emptiness in her heart.

Huo Mou Shen looked into her crystal clear eyes flashed with emptiness, slanting his lips and hooking them, "Tough mouth!"

"Only no."

"Really didn't? The project that the Song family and I are working on, did Huaibei tell you about it or did you find out on your own?" Huo Mou Shen has never had a losing project under his command, and he didn't think he'd lose money when he cooperated with the Song family, but Song Zhi was able to keenly detect a problem with the project, and he had to be impressed with his little petite wife.

"No one told me, it was my father who told me he wanted to work with you before we got married, I guessed it myself." Song Ru generally lied with a straight face.

"Good guess." Huo Muchen nudged the tip of her nose, "Your father did use Tang City to do the project with me, and now he is in need of M&R Group to invest a lot of money."

At these words, Song Zhi's pupils shrink and her breathing tightens at first, "You've already invested in his project?"

Seeing her bite her lower lip nervously, Huo Mo Shen authenticated his guess: "Not yet."

Song Zhi felt as if she had done a roller coaster, her heart violently raised in her throat and fell back heavily into her chest, beating uneasily, her heart palpitating as she patted her chest and exhaled a long breath.

"Why are you afraid that I will invest in the project, is it known in advance that there is no money in this project?" Huo Mou Shen lowered his head and seemed to deliberately tease.

"It's not, I don't know anything." Song Ru's heart 'thumped' and her eyes flickered.

"Xiao Ru, you're not very good at lying, you already know that the Song family project will lose money, but you're afraid that I'll lose money on your father's bottomless pit, you're afraid that something will happen to me and you're also afraid that I won't trust you, so you want to tell me the truth in this way." Huo Mu Shen sees the tension welling up in the pupils of her eyes and pokes her dimples with his finger.

Song Zhe frowned and tried to open her mouth to explain, "I ......"

Huo Moushen poked her and whispered, "Last time, the Huo family gave you a bride price, and you also prevented me from giving Song Zi Huo's shares. You know a lot more than I thought, and it's more to the point that, I don't even know when my Xiaozhu was so smart?"

Song Ru was slightly stunned and speechless.

Lying with a mall negotiator just ended badly.

"Song Ru, I sometimes really want to cut open your heart and see what you're thinking?"

Song Zhi suddenly became less understandable than he thought.

He didn't need her to understand things to plan for him, preferring her to make heaven and earth by his side.

Song Zhi looked at the man near her and didn't say anything for a long time.

"You think I can't read your father's intentions?" Huo Mou Shen closed the distance between them, his voice slightly cold.

Song Zhi's body stiffened and she slowly lowered her eyes.

She had forgotten that Huo Mushen had turned his hand over the clouds in Huacheng, covering the sky with only his hands, and had never lost a battle under his hands; the Song family's tricks were nothing more than tricks in his eyes, and he merely didn't care to dismantle them.

Huo Mou Shen saw Song Zhi's long black eyelashes are trembling nervously, helplessly laughed softly, but also a few points of coaxing daughter's doting: "You do not need to doubt, do not need to test, I believe you."

Song Zhi's heartstrings are being viciously ruffled, and his mind echoes with Huo Mushan's phrase 'I believe in you', and he suddenly falls silent.

He never believed her, otherwise with Huo Mushen's wrist and power how could he be stabbed in the center by her and become a vegetable.

People, only to their loved ones will they be unguarded and drop all their wary defenses.

The air revealed an eerie silence, just when Song Zhi thought that the air would remain quiet, suddenly two untimely stomach grumbles broke the silence.

The bit of pain in Song Zhi's mind suddenly dissipated, and he pulled his lips awkwardly in embarrassment.

"Didn't eat?"

Song Zhi nodded, "Didn't eat, I thought I would take my mom's relics soon, I didn't expect it to be delayed for so long."

"Why aren't you starving to death!" Huo Mou Shen suddenly brushed her aside and stood up, turning his back to her and clenching his fists.

He has to endure, resisting the urge to strangle Song Zhi's neck.

It's only after a long time that he hears Song Zhi carefully tugging on the corner of his coat, "Huo Mushan you shouldn't be angry."

"You still know I'm angry?"

For a moment, Huo Mou Shen really wanted to tear her apart and throw her on the bed, ruthlessly wanting her!

Again, he wanted to rub her right into the marrow of his bones.

"I know, I'm afraid that if you die of anger, I'll become a widow, what should I do? Other people say I'll be a husband killer." Song Li adds two more sentences.

Huo Mou Shen holds back again and again, lets out a light laugh from his chest and grits his teeth, "Song Zhi, your skin is tight, isn't it!"


It seems to have pissed off a certain big man.

The playwright Song Zhi comes on, one smile, two hooks, and three teases.

A long time later, Huo Muchen sees her looking at himself pitifully, rubs his brow, and sighs lightly again, "Forget it, forget it, you're still small."

She says whatever she wants, as long as she's by her side, even if she goes to heaven, it's nothing.

Furthermore, even if Song Zhi really wants to plot something, or wants to use the Song family to make it up to him, it's just a drop in the bucket, and it's not the Song family that he wants to plot from start to finish.

Huo Mo Shen called the housekeeper to get the medicine box, and asked Chu Huaibei to bring the documents over, but he didn't mention anything about the LOGO.

The man half squatted in front of Song Zhi's knee, using medicinal wine to carefully fall and rub her injured place.

The two looked at each other without words, the atmosphere is exceptionally peaceful.

In the process of Huo Mou Shen to her medicine, Song Zhi always hanging eyelashes, a pair of black and white eyeballs is also with the stomach grumbling awkward sound of mention messy skid turn, try not to linger in Huo Mou Shen body, the mind of the sky, pretending not to feel the Huo Mou Shen's eyes in her face swim go.

Huo Muchen's handsome face has little expression, a pair of eyes dark and deep staring at her for a moment, "Huaibei, give you a chance to redeem yourself."

When Chu Huaibei heard this, his eyes all lit up and he immediately understood, "President, you can rest assured that in accordance with the code, I will definitely ensure that what I buy is absolutely all what my wife loves to eat."

Afterward, he walked out the door.

"What code?" Song Zhi gave a puzzled cry.

Huo Muchen didn't answer, then suddenly pinched her ankle hard, causing Song Zhi's tears to splash in pain.

"It hurts ......"

"Doesn't it hurt to be smashed just now?"

Song Ru was dumbfounded.

Could she say instead that it didn't hurt, it didn't hurt, it was very comfortable?

"What did you say on the balcony just now?" Huo Moushen put her legs on his thighs, "Don't lie to me, I saw you talking, tell me what it was and I'll tell you how I dealt with the Song family."

He seduced her.

As if a hungry wolf tempting a lamb.


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