Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 39: I Want to Listen to My Husband Well!


Chu Huaibei mobilized all his cells to think, but in the end he couldn't think of anything and finally shook his head.

"I knew it was like this, Huo Mu Shen is a walking cold Yan Wang." Song Ru said as she pushed away the rice and took the documents that Chu Huaibei moved over into her hands, she casually turned it over twice before realizing that it was the project plan for E Star, frowning slightly, the whole person fell into abrupt silence, only to raise her head a long time later, gently asking, "Assistant Chu, I heard that M&R Group is working on a new project, what's going on?"

For this kind of business secrets, Chu Huaibei did not want to say, so he could only dodge to answer part of what he could say, "The president's project has been in the process of helping others to do business, but now financing, ready to start overseas projects."

"En." Song Zhi nodded her head and then didn't ask any more questions, she knew that she couldn't hear any more useful information, Chu Huaibei didn't trust her completely enough and naturally wouldn't tell her the most important business secrets.

But if she did tell her, she would have to doubt Chu Huaibei's ability.

"Thank you Assistant Chu."

She organized the documents and put them back, and after secretly thinking of a countermeasure in her mind, she stood up again and called the housekeeper.

"Uncle Lin, where did all my mother's jewelry go?" Song Zhi was amiable, with only the pride of the Song family's genuine thousand-dollar daughter in her brows, half a bit of arrogance and arrogance was completely absent, looking extremely comfortable.

The housekeeper nods and respectfully says, "Miss, the things have all been taken to be cleaned by Huo Shao, but they can't be brought back until they're cleaned."

"The rest of my mom's things are in He Meiping's hands right?" Song Zhi lowers her eyes and lowers her voice, her teeth clenched as she says word for word.

"Yes, all of madam's things are being worn and used by Mrs. He." The housekeeper's old tears, his eyes a little red, continues to fight for Tang shi, "Over the years, Mrs. He has taken away quite a few of madam's things from madam's hands, plus madam has taken the initiative to give away quite a few more, I've always dared not to say anything, it's a good thing that madam is now sober and enlightened, recognizing their true nature, and also has Huo Shao's favor."

Hearing the housekeeper sigh deeply, Song Zhi sighs deeply, her face is a bit cold, she attributes it to the fact that her cold is still not good enough for her brain to turn awake enough to recognize that it was a stupid thing she committed when she was young, and it's not too late to come back and make up for it.

She scanned the villa's halls and rooms twice and didn't see He Meiping's figure again, it looked like she had really been sent away.

She clenched her fists, and without doing anything, she slowly walked towards He Meiping's room on one leg with the maid's assistance, asked the housekeeper to open the door, and commanded word by word: "Uncle Lin, please take an inventory of the entire room, and pack up all of my mother's belongings for this young lady! This young lady wants to go through them one by one and bring them to her in-laws."


The housekeeper had long hated to do this and immediately ordered people to do it!

Song Zhi's black eyes slowly lifted up, and then looked towards He Meiping's next door's closed room door, deep eyes stared for a while, "I remember that my sister also borrowed a lot of my mother's things, and now that I'm married, all the things that my mother has left for me are all part of my dowry, and I'm going to take them all back, so naturally, I can't lend them to anyone!"

The housekeeper was refined as if he immediately understood, and immediately had someone go through Song Yanran's room.

Song Zhe had his hand on the railing, the corners of his mouth hooked into an evil smile like a mischievous child, but he couldn't see anything halfway wrong.

"Help me get a chair."

The maid nodded and placed the chair in the center of the two doors.

Song Zhi sat on the chair in a four-footed manner, her two thin legs lazily folded since under her clean white dress, her eyes leisurely while watching the butler pinching his old waist and ordering the maid to open the closet.

He Meiping's closet was opened, a wide range of clothes into her eyes, dozens of world-famous Zhou master design style is hanging in the closet, there is a box underneath, a open are Tang Shi once used necklaces and earrings, and collector's edition of handbags and countless inexhaustible value of things.

Song rhetoric pulled up a touch of ironic smile, the bottom of the eyes surging inexhaustible darkness.

The housekeeper does things sharply, dry and not the slightest bit of procrastination, He Meiping all cabinets, even the box hidden in the bathroom sink, large to clothes and jewelry, small to earrings brooches, were one by one placed on the floor, so that Song Zhi at a glance.

"Miss, a large portion of this place is madam's things, and a portion of it was bought by mister for He Meiping." The butler pressed his voice heavily and ordered a few more subordinates to go to Song Yanran's room to count the things, with the air of 'copying the family, checking the palace'.

The butler held an exquisitely traced box and handed it to Song Zhi: "Isn't this item the dowry given to the young lady by the madam? Why is it in Song Yanran's room?"

Song Ru's plain white hand stroked the box with delicate and ancient patterns, stroking it carefully, she saw that the box still had a cumbersome lock falling on it, and lowered her voice: "So my mother left so many things."

"Yes, madam left a lot of things for miss before she died of sudden illness." The housekeeper sighs, a little heartbroken for Song Zhi, he lowers his eyebrows and says, "Miss, don't blame Uncle Lin for being talkative, you were brought down by He Meiping before, madam and Huo Shao are both genuinely good for you, you need to listen to Huo Shao well in the future."

"Uncle Lin, I know, I'm going to listen to my husband well!" Song Zhe smiles lightly with his eyebrows, but the smile doesn't reach the bottom of his eyes, and then he orders in a cold voice: "Organize my mother's clothes, cut the things that can't be worn, and all the things that don't belong to my mother are sold at the pawn shop, and all the money is credited to my account."


The housekeeper was surprised.

She was worried that Song Zhi would be angered by Song Yuancheng again, after all, the bruises on her arms were still clearly visible, branded on her fair skin, pathetic.

"Right!" Song Ru could not be bothered, there were a few shadows of Huo Mou Shen between his eyebrows, "Tang Cheng's benefits and profits are decreasing year by year nowadays, and with a life of not being able to make ends meet, but still allowing He Meiping to buy so many luxuries, wouldn't it be that they are all using my mother's possessions from her years of fighting down?"

He Meiping wanted to sit motionless and enjoy the blessings of all the people, having the blessings of her mother's bitter sweetness, she absolutely forbade it!

Song Zhe smiled with a frown like a painting, "Since it belongs to my mother, then anyone who uses it without my permission is stealing!"

"But I have the right to sue, after all, I'm blind and can't tell who it is!"

The housekeeper sniffs and nods heavily, thinking, Missy has Huo Shao to protect her, what else is she afraid of!

Even if Missy pokes a hole in the sky, Huo Shao will be able to climb the clouds and patch up the sky.

The servants cleaned up extremely fast under the orders of the housekeeper, who counted the things in the room of the two people in wave after wave and didn't give He Meiping and Song Yanran a single thing left!

Song rhetoric mood is extremely beautiful, and ordered the servants to move the rocking chairs out of the Tang Village water pavilion next to the pavilion, but also deliberately to find Chu Huaibei asked for a thousand dollars to treat the servants with her 'accomplices'.

The maid received the money eyes are bright up, to Song Zhi favorability and rubbing skyrocketed!

But poor Chu Huaibei touched his empty pockets and cried in his heart, will the president reimburse him?

The president will reimburse him?


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