Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 40: The Backbone of Xiaoci is Me!

And at this moment in Tang Zhuang's study, the atmosphere was again oppressive and unbearable.

The stern aura is like a large hand strangling a person's throat, suffocating.

Huo Mushen sat in the sofa, three parts lazy and reserved, seven parts arrogant and domineering.

There is a kind of person who is like this, who has practiced to the point of purity, and where he is, how casual he is, wherever he is, his strong aura will be enveloped, intimidating.

Song Yuancheng and Huo Mou Shen sat face to face, their spines straight and glistening with gloom.

"Mu Shen, we are all family, what does this mean?" Song Yuancheng takes out a bunch of documents, all of which are from the morning scandal.

Huo Mou Shen fixed his gaze, his fingertips picking up the top one, rubbing the pages carefully, making a 'rustling' sound as if a viper spitting out a letter, "Eh?"

Song Yuancheng suppressed the anger raised in his throat, and could only turn his eyes down slyly, his voice tightening, "No matter what, Xiaozhu is also a member of the Song family, and now that there is a scandal in the Song family, it's not good for Xiaozhu's reputation.

And with Tang City shares evaporating and me facing the risk of impeachment by the board of directors, do you want to see Xiaozhu without a backer in the Huo family?"

Huo Mou Shen frowns at this, reaching out to break up a pile of documents, picking out a few news items from within, spreading them out on the coffee table and gently tapping them.

The crisp rattle of the glass coffee table comes out with the man's solipsistic voice: "Xiaozhu was wrong?"


Song Yuancheng lowered his anger again, "There is a misunderstanding of Xiaozhu in this matter, and there is a misunderstanding in the media, but you can't let the media splash dirty water towards Xiaozhu because of this! The Song family's reputation is bad, and it's not good for Xiaozhu's reputation in the Huo family!"

"Oh." Huo Mushen responds carelessly.

Song Yuancheng's scalp tightened, his tone was hoarse and anxious, and his words were like a series of cannons smashing towards Huo Mushen: "What kind of attitude is this? This state of affairs is not good for Xiaozhu?"

Opening his mouth and closing it, Song Yuancheng is kidnapping Huo Mou Shen with his morals and Song rhetoric!

If Huo Mou Shen still doesn't care, then it's even more clear that Huo Mou Shen really is really playing around with Song Ru, and doesn't care about Song Ru's reputation at all, but only for the sake of Tang Cheng!

And, Tang City was founded twenty-five years ago, initially by Tang Shi, with deep roots.

If Huo Mu Shen, this asshole, only wanted to use Song Zi as a springboard to swallow Tang City through marriage, he would never allow it!

There are also the shares Tang shi left for Song Ru that won't be given to Huo Mushen!

Huo Mushen's unperturbed eyes fluttered with a ripple, and his idle gaze swept out the window.

Outside the window, the sun shines brightly, illuminating the earth.

He slowly moves away from the blinding sun, rises gracefully from the sofa, a hand and a foot are all reserved and calm, leaning against the floor-to-ceiling window, his posture is lazy, slowly saying, "Xiaozhu's backer is me, father-in-law is worrying too much."

Song Yuancheng sniffed and furrowed his brows, Huo Mushan is wanting people and companies again!

He clenched his teeth and stood up as well, the table banging from his sudden rise.

"Mu Shen, are you not going to clarify things for the Song family?"

Huo Mou Shen did not turn to look at Song Yuancheng's green and white face, but instead dropped his gaze on the woman lying outside the pavilion of the Waterhouse.

She was lying on a rocking chair, her body casually covered with a thin blanket, one hand pinching cherries, one hand casually resting on the curtains of her eyes, as cozy and lazy as a cat squinting and drowsy in the afternoon.

"Huo Mu Shen." Song Yuancheng saw his nonchalant attitude, hands clasped arms at the sandalwood table, voice somewhat burned: "You are going against the Song family?"

"Father-in-law will still be the general chairman of Tang City, that won't change." Huo Mushen's brows slightly drooped as he said in a low voice.

Song Yuancheng was finally relieved that Huo Mushen was still sensible.

People like him, what he wants to do what he wants, no need to calculate, the Huo family is a big family will not allow scandals to appear, maybe it is just a media momentary fad, the Huo family will solve it sooner or later, no need for him to worry about it.

Furthermore, Huo Mou Shen is ruthless and indifferent, he will not leave half a point of mercy to his opponents, and he is also extremely in pursuit of perfection, and he has emerged in Huacheng, occupying half of the country, so how will he allow Song Zhi to become a stain on him!

Song Yuancheng silently nodded in his heart for his calm analysis.

"Then the news on the internet, you should also take it down. Not to mention that thing was originally Xiao Ru's fault, she made an ugly mess, wrongly accused Yanyan also let us clean up the mess in the back of this thing I will not pursue, a family good or bad are shutting the door to their own business, do not let outsiders look at the jokes, this thing will be handed over to you."

Song Yuancheng said boldly.

"Let outsiders look at the joke? Father-in-law is lecturing Xiaozhu?" Huo Mushen's brows revealed impatience, slowly retracting his gaze and turning his head to look at Song Yuancheng in a clear and cold manner, the depths of his eyes were written with obscurity and uncertainty, making people unable to catch a glimpse.

Song Yuancheng sensed the impatience that faintly emanated from Huo Mushen's body, and his eyes tightened slightly, "Wasn't she the one who ate the mango that day, and you were there, and this matter was originally Xiaozhu's fault?"

"What position is father-in-law using to lecture Xiaozhu?" Huo Muchen snorted coldly when he saw Song Yuancheng put on a 'father-in-law' stance, "The person on that day was not originally Song Ru, it seems that father-in-law is also getting older, and Tangcheng may need a younger director to take over."

Song Yuancheng heard Huo Muchen laughed and immediately changed his words, "The person in the photo is not Xiaozhu, I don't know who sent over to slander Xiaozhu, I'll take care of that female reporter."

"En." Huo Muchen faintly responded, his eyes were lazy and light, glancing out the window to look at Song Zhi from time to time, while casually perfunctory Song Yuancheng.

Song Yuancheng heart do not know how, a little hairy, obviously Huo Muchen is his son-in-law, should have been a generation younger than him, should bow down to him respectfully, to him as a father-in-law to please fawning, but he has no one in his sight, unrivaled temperament was born with the king's demeanor, forced him automatically in front of him short of the momentum, can not help but lower the volume of sound.

Obviously Huo Mou Shen also speaks in a gentlemanly and polite manner, but simple words spit out of his mouth in an aggressive manner.

"Mu Shen, last time I talked to you about the project, I'm afraid the funds still need some ......"

"Oh." Huo Mou Shen casually answered, the arc of his lips getting deeper and deeper, the smile in his eyes couldn't be collected, "Father-in-law, Xiao Zhi's body isn't doing well either, and lately I've been distracted from taking care of her."

"That's also right, you guys are newlyweds, but you also have to take care of your career." Song Yuancheng sighed in relief, his body falling limply back into the sofa, loosening his tie to allow his throat to breathe easier.

Talking to his own son-in-law, he, an old father-in-law, was being driven crazy by repression

"Mu Shen you are now innovating a new project recently in need of funds, right? Since we are now a family, I as your father in law can not stand idly by, will certainly help you, how many resources and contacts you need I will help you, but ...... Mou Shen, we are also all businessmen, the process and shares should also be given to Tang City, or Tang City up and down the board of directors of the senior level will also be sure to agree. " Song Yuancheng thought pacing, but played his own calculations.

After all, Huo Mushen is a business genius, and with him personally involved in investing in the project, coupled with the Huo family's secret escort, and his connections in the circle, the project will definitely make money.

He can't go wrong if he cooperates with Huo Mushen.

At this moment, Song Yuancheng was thinking that if Tang City was to flourish in his hands, he would be able to ruthlessly hit those directors and executives who mocked him explicitly for being a soft eater, to wipe out the previous shame.

"En." Huo Mou Shen is blissfully unconcerned, and says again in a nonchalant manner, "It's better to wait, after all, for someone as mixed up and shameless as me, the project won't necessarily be done."


The glass pen holder fell hard to the ground unexpectedly.

The glass shards lay in pieces on the ground, bursting everywhere!

'Huo Mu Shen is an asshole!' These words passed through Song Yuancheng's ears, like a sharp blade that pierced into his eardrums, I don't know if it was because his heart was so weak that his fingertips were shaking, and he spoke with a tremor in his voice: "Mou Shen, how could that be, if you were such a person, I wouldn't have married Xiaozhu to you."

"Not necessarily, in case I am such a person. Father-in-law, are you too?"

Huo Moushen says in an unassailable manner.


That set of mouth.

So arrogant that Song Yuancheng couldn't send out any fire.

There was another burst of face slapping!

You don't even let people fight back after you hit them!


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