Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 1: Seven Sisters Waiting for Me

"The number one military center of the Daxia Empire.

Kunlun Island.

In the majestic main hall, which was composed entirely of black and gold, Ning Tianlang stood with his hands folded.

Looking at the four Heavenly Deities and eight Earthly Deities standing in front of him, he said in a deep voice:

""After the war has passed and the fighting has ceased, the Grand Xia Empire will enter a ten-year phase of peace.

During this period, I will return to Qing'an City to investigate the fire tragedy back then, and I will leave the affairs of the military to you.""

The Four Heavenly Deities and Eight Earthly Deities were the feudal officials of the twelve military regions of the Grand Xia Empire.

The entire military strength of Grand Xia was under the control of the twelve of them!

The Heavenly Kui, clad in silver battle armor, stepped out and respectfully said:

""Kunlun, although the war has stopped, but, according to reliable sources, the three neighboring countries will send spies to infiltrate into Grand Xia, we have to be on guard!""

Ning Tianlang's light brown eyes flickered slightly:

""I'm already aware of this matter, the first batch of spies from the Sunset Empire have already infiltrated Qing'an City, I'll go back this time and personally pull out these tumors!""

He slowly walked down the black stone steps and came to the side of the crowd, speaking in a soft tone:

""My seven sisters are still waiting for me, it's been ten years, it's time to go back ......""

The Four Heavenly Deities and the Eight Earthly Furies looked at each other in shock, in ten years, this was the first time they had seen the Kunlun War God show such a gentle expression.

Ning Tianlang swept a circle of the crowd, pondered for a moment, and said:

""Tiankui, Di Yu, the two of you will follow me to Qing'an City. The others return to the military region's station, always monitor the border movements, and wait for military orders.""


The crowd responded in unison, respectfully sending the Kunlun War God out of the island to annihilate the spies!


After arriving at the West Phoenix Provincial City, Ning Tianlang ordered Tiankui and Earth Specter to take the lead in the military vehicles to Qing'an City.

He himself traveled lightly and took a public bus.

This time, when he returned to Qing'an City, he had two purposes.

One, was to find out about the fire tragedy that happened in his home seventeen years ago, when he was five years old.

At that time, in the sea of fire, he witnessed his parents being strangled alive with a rope.

This revenge for killing his parents could not go unrewarded!

Secondly, it was to unearth the first batch of foreign spies lurking in Qing'an City, and stifle the enemy's conspiracy in the cradle!

These two purposes, no matter which one, required him to keep a low profile.

Therefore, he chose to separate from Tian Kui Di Yu ahead of time and returned alone on a public bus.

""The terminus of this journey is the North Station of the Technology Plaza in the central district of Qing'an City, the entire journey will take a total of two hours, so please fasten your seatbelts, as we're about to depart.""

Listening to the car's beeps, Ning Tianlang looked out the window at the familiar yet unfamiliar streetscape, and could barely hold down the excitement in his heart.

After ten years, he had finally returned!

At the age of five, his parents were brutally murdered, and he was sent to an orphanage to live with his seven half-sisters.

At the age of twelve, he felt that he had grown up and should avenge his parents' death, so he secretly ran away from the orphanage.

On the way, he met a man.

That man recognized him as his righteous son and brought him to Kunlun Island, leading him step by step, to become the Kunlun God of War, who ruled the world's military power! During these ten years, he experienced thousands of large and small battles.

Although he had accomplished great feats that no one before or after him had ever achieved, there were also several times when he was almost buried in the rain of bullets and bullets.

At that time, the spiritual pillar that supported him through was his seven sisters.

He told himself countless times that he had to survive!

Only by surviving and returning to his homeland, could he see his seven sisters again and protect them from the wind and rain!

Just like back then, they protected themselves!

Just as Ning Tianlang was having a lot of thoughts and feelings.

A bald man came to his seat, wrapped his arms around an alluring woman, and said savagely:

""I'll take this seat, get up and sit somewhere else!""

Ning Tianlang frowned slightly, raised his eyelids and said indifferently, ""This is my seat, why should I give it up to you?""

The woman's colorful red lips parted, ""The seat next to you is mine, I have to sit with Third Brother, so hurry up and change your seat!""

""So what if I don't get out of the way?""

Ning Tianlang expressionlessly sized up these two people, his tone light, ""Would it kill you two to sit apart for two hours?""

""You fucking ......""

The man was so enraged by Ning Tianlang that his face turned blue and he roared:

""Kid, let me tell you, I'm the Wang San Heng of Qing'an City, if you don't know how to honor your name, beware that as soon as you enter Qing'an, you'll be smothered!""

As soon as they heard the name Wang San Heng, many of the passengers around them instantly moved away from watching the fun for fear of getting into trouble.

This Wang San Heng, was a notorious scoundrel and murderer in Qing'an City.

He was wanted all over the city for atrocities two years ago, and was only recently released from prison.

""Third brother, I think this kid just hasn't touched a woman and wants to sit with me and smell a woman!""

The enchanting woman rolled her eyes and rubbed Wang Sanheng's arm, saying:

""Just don't bullshit with him, just throw him out of the car window!""

Wang Sanheng laughed out loud and slapped her arse, threatening Ning Tianlang:

""Little brat, do you hear me, my woman has spoken. I'm counting to three, if you don't make room, I'll really do it!""

""One, two, three."" Ning Tianlang had an indifferent face, ""I finished counting for you, do it.""

""You ......""

Wang Sanheng stared at a pair of triangular eyes, a face full of horizontal flesh instantly suffocating purple and red.

He didn't expect that today he had encountered a lord who looked more like a scoundrel than him!

""Kid, don't give your face away!""

In full view of everyone, how could he, Wang San Heng, eat this kind of defeat?

With a violent shout, he directly swung out his fist and greeted Ning Tianlang's head!

In an instant, the hearts of all the passengers lifted up.

This Wang Sanheng's body is full of tendons, so I'm afraid that the other party will have to suffer a concussion if his fist goes down!

If he hit his temple, he might not even be able to save his life!


In the crowd's horrified gazes, Ning Tian Lang slowly raised his right hand, lightly blocking Wang San Heng's windy fist, contemptuously saying:

""That's it?"""


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