Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 133

Come to the door of the office of the chief of cardiac surgery.

Ning Tianlang heard Zhou Jian's voice calling from inside:

"Oh, old Liu, don't worry, cough cough cough..."

"Yes, Dean Zhao has already said that as soon as the sponsored six million arrives, we will immediately allocate one million to our two departments as scientific research funds!"

"Hahaha, ahem...Don't worry, we two directors have the final say on how to spend the money!"

When he spoke, he was accompanied by a weak coughing sound.

Obviously, after being injured by Ning Tianlang's punch last time, the injury has not fully recovered.

Just when he was holding the phone and laughing triumphantly!


The door to the office was kicked open!

Zhou Jian was startled, and then saw Ning Tianlang's stern face, and couldn't help but stare!

"It's you?!"

He adjusted the gold-wire mirror frame, and there was a glimmer of haze in the triangular eyes behind the glasses.

"Lao Liu, wait a minute. There is something wrong with me. I'll call you when I'm done."

He said a few words into the microphone, then hung up the phone.

"Director Zhou, do you still know me?"

Ning Tianlang stepped into the office with a cold voice.

"Even if you turn into ashes, I will recognize you!" Zhou Jian stretched out his finger to his heart, with a grim expression on his face.

"That punch of yours made me lie down for half a month! I haven't recovered yet!"

Ning Tianlang didn't talk nonsense, and asked directly, "Where's Dr. Ke?"

"You mean Ke Donger?" A sneer appeared on the corner of Zhou Jian's mouth.

"Are you still ashamed to ask? If she hadn't voluntarily resigned as a condition to save you, do you think you would still be able to stand here? You'd have been fucking arrested a long time ago!"

Speaking of this, he looked Ning Tianlang up and down, and said with contempt:

"I really don't know what the hell Dr. Ke was thinking, but he ruined his future for such a bum like you!

But thanks to you, Ke Donger became a stepping stone for Mr. Zhao. As compensation, Dean Zhao also allocated 500,000 yuan in scientific research funding to me! "

As soon as he finished speaking, a young doctor in a white coat walked in:

"Director Zhou, what happened? I seem to have heard movement here just now."

Just now, the sound of Ning Tianlang kicking the door resounded throughout the corridor, and many doctors and nurses surrounded him.

And this doctor named Wu Yingjun has always had a good relationship with Zhou Jian, so he went directly into the office to ask what happened.

As the name suggests, Wu Yingjun looks very handsome.

Many nurses at the door looked at him with infatuation and admiration.

Wu Yingjun glanced at Ning Tianlang, and said to Zhou Jian: "Director Zhou, what's the situation? Do you want me to call those newly recruited security guards?" Before Zhou Jian could answer, Ning Tianlang said flatly: "Don't call me. No, they're gone."

Scar Liu and his subordinates were all taken away by Han Baoren. How can there be security guards in the Second Hospital now?

Hearing this, Wu Yingjun frowned slightly: "What do you mean by not being here? Who are you?"

Ning Tianlang ignored him, but knocked on Zhou Jian's desk, and said coldly, "Give me Dr. Ke's contact information."

He planned to find the second sister first.

After I get to know my second sister, I will solve her work.

But now the eldest sister is still in a coma, and the third sister went to the next city to go on missions.

Although Fifth Sister met, she didn't recognize each other.

The other sisters haven't had time to meet.

If he wanted to get the contact information of his second sister Ke Donger, he had to start with the hospital.

Hearing this, Wu Yingjun immediately opened his eyes and said hostilely:

"You want Dr. Ke's contact information? Who are you?!"

He frowned and looked at Ning Tianlang, his face extremely gloomy!

This handsome Wu has been pursuing Ke Dong'er for a long time.

But Ke Dong'er never looked him straight!

He thinks this is the most shameful thing in his career of picking up girls!

He almost slept with all the nurses and female doctors in the hospital!

Only Ke Dong'er made him look greedy, but he couldn't catch up no matter how hard he chased her!

However, Ke Donger is the most beautiful and sexiest goddess in the entire hospital!

He's almost going crazy!

Even subconsciously, he already regarded Ke Dong'er as his own woman!

So, when he heard that a man was asking about Ke Donger, he couldn't help but get angry!

Seeing his angry expression, Zhou Jian chuckled:

"By the way, Dr. Wu, didn't you ask me before, who dared to call himself Dr. Ke's husband? Here, it's this person!"

At the gate of Bai Xiaobei's operating room, Ning Tianlang put his arms around Ke Donger and told everyone that he was her husband.

This matter has been discussed by the hospital for a long time.

In the eyes of everyone, Ke Dong'er is like an iceberg that strangers should not get close to.

A man suddenly appeared claiming to be her husband, making everyone feel unbelievable.

Especially Wu Yingjun, because of this incident, he didn't sleep well for several nights!

"So it's you bastard!"

Wu Yingjun was like a cat whose hair was blown, he gritted his teeth and said,

"I have inquired about it! Dr. Ke is not married at all! What on earth do you do, kid? Why do you call yourself Dr. Ke's husband?!"


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