Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 136

Wu Yingjun sneered: "Director Zhou, haven't you noticed that this kid is just a bragging brat!

From the beginning when he said that Dr. Ke agreed to marry him more than ten years ago, and that he wanted to build a large general hospital for Dr. Ke, and now that he knew the owner of the Gu family, did he tell the truth? ! "

"Cough, cough, cough..." Zhou Jian covered his chest and coughed a few times, pointing at Ning Tianlang and cursing:

"You kid is so fucking insidious, I almost believed your nonsense! Damn it! I'm going to smash you to death for your mouth!"

"Director Zhou, don't waste time with this kind of rubbish!" Wu Yingjun had an evil smile on his face,

"I heard that Ms. Gu's family is one of the five beauties in Qing'an City. If we go late, maybe we won't be able to meet Master Gu and Ms. Gu!"

Hearing this, Zhou Jian also showed a lewd smile: "What's the matter, Doctor Wu is planning to attack Miss Gu?"

He has a good relationship with Wu Yingjun, and he knows that Wu Yingjun has slept with many doctors and nurses with his handsome face.

Even the family members of the patients who are a bit pretty are not willing to let go.

Hearing what Wu Yingjun said at this time, he immediately understood the other party's intentions.

Wu Yingjun's eyes shone brightly: "If I can kiss Miss Gu's beauty, I wouldn't even give it to a god!"

"Hahahaha, Dr. Wu, if you can really deal with Miss Gu, then you will be considered flying to the top of the branch!"

Zhou Jian rubbed his palms, "At that time, let alone the sponsorship of 500,000 yuan, even if we give the several million yuan to our department, it will only be a matter of your words!"

He doesn't doubt Wu Yingjun's strength and charm at all!

As far as he knows, apart from Ke Dong'er, there is no other woman who can escape Wu Yingjun's grasp!

"Ha ha ha ha……"

Wu Yingjun and Zhou Jian looked at each other and laughed, as if the Gu family was already in their pocket!

Looking at their proud and arrogant looks, Ning Tianlang couldn't bear to puncture the beautiful fantasy of these two people.

He knew that Gu Ningyu had fallen deeply in love with him.

Even if this Wu Yingjun has three heads and six arms, it is absolutely impossible for Gu Ningyu to look at him differently!

However, when he saw Wu Yingjun's obscene expression, he couldn't help but blink for a moment!

With Wu Yingjun's despicable character, maybe after seeing Gu Ningyu's beauty, he will take risks and use some indecent means! After all, Gu Ningyu's face and figure are extremely beautiful, which is very likely to arouse a man's desire to commit crimes!

Thinking of this, Ning Tianlang took out his mobile phone and dialed Gu Xingguo's number.

"Master Gu, are you still in the Second Hospital?"

"I have something to do with you. Come to the office of the director of cardiac surgery."

"Yes, the sooner the better!"

Hearing his words, Wu Yingjun and Zhou Jian looked at each other, and the arrogant smiles on their faces instantly became very strange.

Zhou Jian sneered and said, "Boy, what kind of one-man show are you doing there? Do you think we will still believe your nonsense?"

"Hahahaha, I really haven't seen anyone pretending to make a phone call!" Wu Yingjun laughed so hard that tears came out.

"Why don't you go to the neurosurgery upstairs to have a look. Did your fucking head get kicked by a donkey when you were a kid?"

As soon as the words fell, everyone burst into laughter.

Those who watched the fun were all holding their arms, and all of them had a look of disdain on their faces.

The corner of Ning Tianlang's mouth raised a cold arc:

"It normally takes about ten minutes to get here from the VIP ward in the second department of the hospital. But I guess Gu Xingguo must have come running, so he will be here soon!"

"Hahahaha, do you really have a fucking brain disease!" Wu Yingjun sneered, "Is it interesting to brag about being awesome?"

The people at the door also sneered and said:

"That's right, won't you be slapped in the face for bragging about this kind of awesomeness? Does this person have an IQ?"

"Hehe, I feel that he has a mental problem! How could a normal person be so pretentious?"

"Hahaha... Do you want to call Director Wang of the psychiatry department to come over and take a look? Maybe we can find a new type of case of coercion addiction!"

Just when everyone was mocking Ning Tianlang unscrupulously!


There was a rush of footsteps from the other side of the corridor!

Everyone turned their heads in surprise.

I see!

Gu Xingguo, who was wearing an expensive suit and polished leather shoes, was running towards this direction, sweating profusely!


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