Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 139

The doctors and nurses watching the bustle at the door all looked terrified!

Everyone knows what this money means to the hospital!

Even if those scientific research projects were not mentioned, they would not be able to bear Dean Zhao's anger alone!

As soon as the 6 million sponsorship money arrives in the account, Director Zhao Xugang will take at least 3 million out of it!

And Zhao Xugang, as the dean of the National Hospital, after one year's basic salary and performance combined, is only more than 600,000 yuan!

If the money is really in vain, Dean Zhao will be furious!

By then, maybe everyone will be implicated!

Just when everyone was worried, Gu Xingguo showed a look of embarrassment on his face, and hesitantly said to Ning Tianlang:

"Good son-in-law, although I really want to keep this money, it has something to do with our face in front of the Feng family. I'm afraid..."

He didn't finish his words, but the meaning was already obvious.

"You don't have to worry about the Feng family's affairs." Ning Tianlang said lightly, "I won't let you lose face!"


Gu Xingguo was overjoyed immediately!

If Ning Tianlang is willing to show his face in front of Mrs. Feng, he will definitely extinguish Feng Yunyong's arrogance!

Let's see how he will continue to be arrogant with himself in the future!

When Gu Xingguo thought that he could not only save six million, but also show awe in front of his mother-in-law and brother-in-law, he was so happy from ear to ear! [Beautiful Reading] Public account, exclusive access to more exciting plots!

"Then there's no problem!" He nodded repeatedly, "I'll listen to my son-in-law! If you don't want to donate, you won't donate!"


Zhou Jian and Wu Yingjun were dumbfounded!

This fucking...

With just such a sentence, the sponsorship of 6 million yuan has become a bubble? !


Zhou Jian only felt a sharp pain in his chest, as if an old injury had recurred, and he spit out a big mouthful of blood!

It's over!

Everything is over!

His half a million is gone!

He was equivalent to being punched by Ning Tianlang for nothing, and in the end he didn't even get a single hair!


This is all secondary!

Most importantly, if the dean finds out that he lost the six million yuan, then his future will be completely ruined!

Wu Yingjun also had the same idea as him!

Wu Yingjun's handsome face was as pale as a zombie!

His bright future will be wiped out along with the six million! Are the advertisements too annoying and the content too messy to read? Come to the official account of [Hand Cloud Literature], refreshing and clean without advertisements! Seeing the distraught appearance of the two of them, Ning Tianlang smiled coldly.

He glanced lightly at the crowd present, and said coldly,

"I told you that you won't get this sponsorship money! You won't even get a penny!"

"Now! Does anyone still dare to question what I, Ning, said?!"

A sound like a bell exploded in everyone's ears!

Everyone was shocked at the same time!

They looked at Ning Tianlang in horror.

But it was discovered by surprise!

This young man who was ridiculed and abused by them just now stands proudly like a mountain!

The whole body exudes a majestic momentum like a sharp edge!

Then look at Wu Yingjun who was trembling beside him. Compared with him, he is like a clown who can't get on the stage!

So what if Kong has a handsome face?

Ning Tianlang's temperament can be forged in the battlefield of blood and fire!

How can a scum like Wu Yingjun be comparable? !

All of a sudden, the eyes of the little nurses and female doctors at the door changed drastically! The latest updated full version: [Beautiful Reading] public account.

They didn't even bother to look at Wu Yingjun again!

They all stared at Ning Tianlang with eyes full of spring, wishing they could make love with each other on the spot!

Of course Ning Tianlang would not care about the admiration of these vulgar fans. He looked at Wu Yingjun coldly:

"You, call your Dean Zhao now! Just say that because of you and Zhou Jian, the Gu family has withdrawn all sponsorship money!"

"What... what? Tell me to call Dean Zhao...?"

Wu Yingjun's legs felt weak for a while.

Push, push, push...

He staggered back a few steps, begging in a mournful voice:

"Ning...Mr. Ning, I was wrong, please don't ask me to call Dean Zhao!

If I let him know that I don't have the sponsorship money, my future will be completely over..."

Ning Tianlang's mouth curled into a cold smile:

"Didn't you just say that your future is brilliant, a height that I will never reach in my next life?!"

"I... I... woo woo woo..."

Wu Yingjun felt so regretful that he cried aloud!

He slapped himself severely, crying loudly:

"It's my dog who can't spit out ivory! It's me who is blind! Mr. Ning, please let me go... woo woo woo..."

A big man who is over 1.80 meters tall, in full view of everyone, covered his eyes with his sleeve and cried bitterly!


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