Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 140

Seeing this scene, the women at the door frowned in disgust.

Some of the little nurses who had slept with Wu Yingjun even retched with nausea!

"Ouch... this bitch..."

Ning Tianlang cast his eyes on Zhou Jian, who was vomiting blood and looking sluggish, and said lightly:

"Since Dr. Wu is unwilling, why don't you ask Director Zhou to make this call?"


Zhou Jian trembled all over, and his knees slammed on the ground, making a muffled sound!


He was so scared that he fell into an ice cave!

The blood all over his body is cold!

Director Zhao is looking forward to this money so much!

If he was told at this time that the six million yuan was all in vain, wouldn't Dean Zhao be mad?

When the time comes, it will be easy to fire yourself directly!

I'm afraid that Dean Zhao will hold a grudge and wear small shoes for himself every day!

Thinking of this, Zhou Jian was so frightened that he kept "bang bang" kowtow to Ning Tianlang:

"Mr. Ning, I beg you, as long as you don't take this sponsorship money back, you can ask me to do anything..."

As he said that, he was suddenly blessed. He knelt and climbed to the desk, and frantically found the contact manual for medical staff.

"Mr. Ning, this is Dr. Ke's contact information. The phone number and home address are here!"

He handed Ke Donger's information form to Ning Tianlang with both hands, and begged, "Can you let us go this time..."

Ning Tianlang took the information form, and said indifferently: "It's late." [Pocket Cloud Literature] official account, more good books are waiting for you to read!


Just two words!

Let Zhou Jian and Wu Yingjun sit on the ground at the same time!

His face was extremely pale!

It's as if the soul has left the body!

Gu Xingguo looked at the dumbfounded faces of the two of them, and quickly said to Ning Tianlang, "Good son-in-law, or else I'll call Dean Zhao!"

He was afraid that Ning Tianlang would soften his heart and take back the promise he had just made to himself, then his excitement would be in vain!

"Okay, you fight!" Ning Tianlang nodded, then walked towards the door and prepared to leave.

"You will take care of the follow-up matters. I'm going to the inpatient department to see if my eldest sister is awake.

Also, I take matters of the Feng family to heart, and I will take time to visit Mrs. Feng. "

Gu Xingguo promised again and again: "Okay, good son-in-law, go get busy, I'll leave this to me..."

Ning Tianlang left Zhou Jian's office, while on the other side, Zhao Xugang, the director of the Second Hospital, was on vacation at home. [Pocket Cloud Literature] pushes different types of book lists every week! He sat on the sofa in the living room, dangling his feet on the coffee table, watching TV leisurely.

When he thought that there would be 3 million gray income coming into his account soon, he felt so happy!

This is equivalent to five years of his salary!

The more Zhao Xugang thought about it, the happier he became, and he even began to hum a little song comfortably.

Just then, the mobile phone on the coffee table rang.

He poked his neck and took a look. Seeing that it was Gu Xingguo calling, he quickly cleared his throat, sat up straight, and picked up the phone.

"Hello, Patriarch Gu!"

Zhao Xugang breathed heavily in excitement!

Gu Xingguo had already decided to pay the hospital today!

"Dean Zhao, the Gu family decided to take back the six million sponsorship money."

"What... what?!"

Hearing Gu Xingguo's indifferent voice, Zhao Xugang froze!

It was like a basin of cold water poured over his head, directly pouring him a chill! If you like this book, please pay attention to [Palm Cloud Literature], the update speed is faster!

; "It's not...Dean Zhao... What's going on here? How can you take it back when you just say it back?!"

"You have to ask Director Zhou and Dr. Wu of the Cardiac Surgery Department!" Gu Xingguo said lightly,

"They insulted my Gu family's son-in-law, do you think I will donate money to your hospital?!"

"Insulting... the son-in-law of the Gu family...?"

Zhao Xugang was so stupid!

What are those idiots Zhou Jian and Wu Yingjun doing insulting the son-in-law of the Gu family? !

"That's right!" Gu Xingguo said in a cold voice, "My son-in-law's name is Ning Tianlang, you can ask Director Zhou yourself!"

After speaking, he handed the phone to Zhou Jian.

Zhou Jian was holding the phone as if he was holding a fire ring grenade, and his face was ashen ashes: "Hey...Dean Zhao..."

"Did you fucking insult the son-in-law of the Gu family?! Are you so full that you offend such a big man?!"

Zhao Xugang's angry roar came from the phone, which scared Zhou Jian and Wu Yingjun to tremble!

"Dean Zhao...I..."

Before Zhou Jian could finish speaking, Zhao Xu just yelled:

"I, you Mahler Gobi! I'm fucking warning you, hurry up and apologize to that son-in-law of the Gu family named Ning Tianlang!

No matter what method you use, I must obtain his forgiveness! Otherwise, you and Wu Yingjun will all fucking pack up and leave! "


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