Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 241

Huo Muchen took Song Ci's hand and walked towards the second floor, his voice was low and cold: "I'm going back to the company, you are at home..."

"No, I'll go with you! The photos sent by the people behind disgust me. I don't make sense. I'm still sitting still, waiting for others to laugh at me!"

Song Ci looked at Huo Muchen firmly, his voice full of determination.

Huo Mochen looked at her, and took out two sets of clothes from the cabinet: "Okay."

After Song Ci and Huo Muchen put on their clothes, they picked up the car from the garage and drove out!

The man in Ciyuan was still wearing the white shirt from last night, looking at the car leaving from Huoyuan with an elegant face, he sneered.


Song Ci has been looking at his mobile phone since he set off from Huoyuan.

The photo albums sent to them by the people behind them were also posted on the Internet, and now all the netizens' reviews have started to turn against them again!

"Huo Muchen and Song Ci showed affection in the morning, but now they are being slapped in the face!"

"Who says it's not? Maybe it's Song Ci who stole his man!"

"Song Ci is not a fun thing either. A few days ago, I seemed to see the Huo family and the Su family meeting near Huayanju! This is not a good thing, Song Ci is at most a cannon fodder!"

"Let's say Song Ci is an ignorant person, how can he compare to the daughter of the Su family who returned from overseas!"


Song Ci scanned the netizens' comments word by word. I can't tell how ironic he was in his heart, but his heart was very cold.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, as if a big hand had ruthlessly tore open her chest, tore her heart out heavily, and threw it into the meat grinder.

It hurts!


The people behind knew her pain best, so they directly stabbed her heart hard with a knife.

She knew that she couldn't bear Huo Muchen's making headlines with others the most, even gossips were not allowed, but Huo Muchen had gossips with others, and everyone would blame her for the fault!

"Xiaoci, listen to me and put your phone away."

Huo Mo's voice became tense, filled with a cold breath.


"Song Ci, be obedient."

Huo Mo looked sideways at Song Ci, seeing that she was plunged into gloom and coldness, her finger bones pinched the steering wheel, her wrists showed blue veins, and she was driving faster and faster on the road, until the car flicked to the door of M&R, only to realize that she was packed with people.

Through the car window, Huo Mochen scanned everyone with sharp eyes, and looked at the dead with cold and cold eyes.

"Xiao Ci, are you afraid?"

Song Ci shook his head: "Not afraid."

He firmly held her hand, hooked her neck, and kissed the corner of her lips.

Song Ci was taken out of the car by Huo Muchen, and was discovered just as he got out of the car.

"They are here!"

"We can't let them go!"

As soon as the words were spoken, two rows of well-trained black-clothed bodyguards quickly came out from the M&R and surrounded them. No outsiders could break in, so they could only stare sideways outside.

"Huo Mochen, you are the one who forced our family to die, you are responsible!"

"You want compensation!"

"How can you be so inhuman?"

Huo Muchen squinted his cold eyes, and the corners of his lips curled into a smile that was not a smile: "Want to make compensation?"

"Yes, you want compensation! Both of our companies were killed by you, and you will have to compensate us for all follow-up expenses and mental damage!"

Song Ci saw their relatives die, the first thing they did was not to offer condolences, but to take a huge amount of compensation, and sneered in their hearts.

How sad!

In her previous life, after she had an accident, the Song family didn't protect her immediately, but tried their best to separate the relationship!

She clenched her fists, leaned forward, and stood in front of Huo Mochen, and replied coldly: "What evidence do you have that we forced you?"

"If you hadn't bought our company, we would have been cornered and you would have to take full responsibility!" The woman's face was contorted ferociously, and her pupils almost popped out.

Song Ci sneered and clapped 'Papa'.

"What are you laughing at? Am I wrong?"

"Don't you think it's ridiculous for your relatives to ask for money instead of arranging the funeral as soon as they pass away?" Song Ci said disdainfully: "The tricks in the mall are life and death. Do we have to deal with you if we want to buy?" Say?"


"But what?

Don't forget that the ownership of the two companies is now in the hands of the Yan family, not in the hands of M&R.

Now come to M&R, are you not afraid that we will call the police and say that you have slandered our reputation? "

Song Ci drooped his eyes faintly, hiding his gloomy and gloomy eyes.

"You are the ones who framed the Yan family!

All of this is Huo Mochen's fault, a life for a life! "

Song Ci frowned, and his voice was suddenly Xiao Su: "I see who dares!

Who dares to touch my husband in front of me! "

"Mrs. Huo, you have acted enough, don't set up a good husband for Huo Muchen, who knows that Huo Muchen is going to marry the Su family, even if you don't want to do it for profit, you can You don't need to take the Song family to be buried with you!"

"The Song family's funding channel was cut off by M&R, who doesn't know!"

"You, Mrs. Huo, have done it right!"

"Are you courting death?"

Huo Mo Shen lowered his head and twisted the wedding ring on his left hand, staring at them with extremely dangerous eyes, strangled everyone's breath.

With an evil look on his brows, he put his arm around Song Ci's shoulder: "Mrs. Huo can only be Song Ci, who dares to say it again in front of me?"


Everyone lowered their eyes and shivered from the cold.

I don't know which man suddenly said something!

"Huo Muchen, you killed someone, and you have to pay for it!"

Song Ci tilted his head, a demonic smile appeared on his pure and innocent face, exuding the same hostility as Huo Mochen.

She said: "Who are you?"

The man was stunned: "?"

What is the problem?

"Are you from those two families?"


"You're not one of them, what right do you have to take care of them!" Song Ci's eyes sank, staring at him: "The means in the mall are going bankrupt every day, and don't forget that at the M&R celebration banquet Above all, it was your precious daughter who spoke rudely to me first, and said personally that as long as they say something wrong, we will let us deal with it.

My husband and I are kind, but we just took the normal business methods in the mall.

Why, you come here to beg us with licking faces, and if you can't beg for help, come and slander us!

Is it true that M&R's face is allowed to be stepped on the ground by you! "


Song Ci didn't give them time to retort, pointed at the man with his slender fingers, and said coldly: "If you really think that M&R did something wrong, why don't you go to the police?

M&R can do it for you, but I want to remind everyone, if this matter has nothing to do with M&R, but you maliciously cooperate with other companies to slander, then you will be implicated by him.

Maybe the rest of my life will be spent in prison! "

The tone of understatement made everyone stunned by coincidence!

Huo Muchen didn't stop Song Ci, but let her protect him in front of him. He said, "Huaibei, listen to your wife and call the police for everyone!"

Everyone was shocked!

They just wanted to ask for a sum of money, and they didn't think about getting involved in a lawsuit!

"Mrs. Huo, we don't know this person. We just wanted to ask for an explanation, but we didn't expect..."


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