Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 242

Song Ci looked back at the man coldly, and hooked his lips casually: "So you don't know him!"

After a pause for a second, Song Ci sneered again: "Then you come to pay for my husband's life one by one, what is it?

Oh, I forgot, didn't you come here on purpose to achieve the purpose of ruining my husband's reputation?

Now you have achieved your goal, but it is to implicate the two families and suffer together with you. "

"Mrs. Huo, this person has nothing to do with us! Both of our families were coaxed here without knowing it at all." Your Madam said in a panic, and the rest of the people quickly agreed.

Listening to everyone's flattering words, the man gritted his teeth and stared at Song Ci.

She actually put the flames on the Yan family's head in a few words, and even cut off her relationship completely!

Song Ci's mouth really wants to be torn apart!

"Mrs. Huo, you and Mr. Huo have worked so hard for everyone to see, okay?" The man stiffened his neck, not daring to lower his head.

He did intend to persuade the two families to go to the gate of M&R to target Huo Muchen. It would be best if Huo Muchen could be injured in the chaos, and then it would be logical to push Huo Muchen and Song Ci to divorce!

Unexpectedly, Song Cifei did not divorce Huo Muchen because of the incident in the photo!

Instead, he started to slap them with his own hands!

Completely out of the ordinary routine!

"It's none of your business! What are you, come to poach my private life! You've been bored all day, why should my husband and I tell you? Why don't you let us know when you eat and drink?

And who told you that the meeting between the Huo family and the Su family meant that my husband was engaged to someone else, did you see it with both eyes? "


"Since not, then how can you easily conclude that the meeting between the two families is an engagement, and it must be my husband?

You know that my husband is married, but you still spread rumors. You didn't do it on purpose. Could it be that you are full? " Song Ci said coldly.

The man was forced to blush and was so angry that he couldn't speak a word.

Song Ci held his swan neck high and sneered at the man: "Why, you can't explain why the Yan family united five companies to boycott us, so let's change the subject now?

The people behind you haven't said that your method of inciting people is simply... stupid! "

Song Ci pointed at the group of people, and said again: "They are not fools, they have been played around by you, and they still don't know what your purpose is?"


"You still expect everyone to come and play with you because of your skills, then you simply underestimate M&R!"

The people next to him seemed to understand it too!

After going through this time, they all know how ruthless Huo Muchen is, and they dare not offend Huo Muchen and Song Ci!

They immediately changed their minds and shared the same hatred with Huo Mochen!

"Mrs. Huo, we don't know what's going on! As soon as this person came here today, he said that our family was killed by Huo Shao, and it was all his instigation. Only now we see the news that we are wrong to blame Huo Shao. Yes, everything belongs to the Yan family!

If the Yan family hadn't encouraged us, we wouldn't have bumped into each other so stupidly!

Mrs. Huo, it's all our fault! "

Song Ci raised his eyebrows in satisfaction, and immediately echoed: "I forgive you all!"

She didn't change her face, frowned slightly, showing regret, sighed, and said: "Hey, this matter was just an ordinary business project, but... I don't blame you, if you were not killed by someone with a heart If you are misleading, you will not do such a thing!"

"Yeah! Mrs. Huo, you really... think too much about us." The lady was relieved to see Song Ci forgive them. So far, Huo Shao hasn't done anything to them, so they don't dare to provoke Song Ci. .

Moreover, they realized after careful consideration just now: "The other three companies only declared bankruptcy after surrendering to M&R, and the Huo family has not dismissed them from their positions. Everything is just assigned to M&R and continues to operate.

Only the two of them were targeted by the Yan family and fought with M&R to the death!

So, everything is the Yan family's fault!

They really wronged M&R! "

Hearing this, Song Ci also nodded in agreement, forcing out the ridiculous affection in his heart, lowered his eyes, wiped the corners of his eyes with one hand, and comforted him: "Don't be too sad, people Death cannot be resurrected, if you are not...

We, M&R, have already given away the company. I didn't expect that they would still not let you go after they achieved their goal. After all, we were still one step too late! "

Song Ci's heartbroken look completely brought the two families back to their senses!

One of the noble ladies couldn't stand it on the spot, so she grabbed the man next to her and cursed: "It's all from your Yan family!

If you insist on cooperating with us, now that the company belongs to you, you still want to push us to a corner!

Your Yan family will pay with their lives! "

The man was suddenly strangled in the neck, and he staggered two steps backwards uncontrollably. However, there was a huge disparity in strength between men and women. He easily tore off the lady's arm and threw him over the head!

"What's the matter with our Yan family? Back then..."

The man's face suddenly changed, as if he realized something in an instant!

He suddenly turned his head to look at the corner of Song Ci's eyes that seemed to be smiling but not smiling. There was no tears, and he immediately came back to his senses: "She was just acting, she was lying to him!

Where did Song Ci feel sorry for them? He was provoking them to attack him! "

Song Ci glared provocatively, then retracted his gaze, turned his head and threw himself into Huo Muchen's arms, crying, and couldn't bear to say: "Husband, look at M&R who have worked so hard and are kind, how can you still be so kind?" Always be misunderstood and bullied!

At that time, the Yan family wanted to acquire five companies, and we all had good intentions to save them. What a pity, what a pity...we only saved three companies.

But M&R has used all our movable funds to rescue them, and also given those two companies to the Yan family. Why hasn't the Yan family let them go? "

"Hey, Xiao Ci, you are too kind."

Huo Mu deeply kissed her side face, the tip of his tongue rolled over a drop of clear tear from the corner of her eye, the bloodthirsty and murderous look brushed across her eyes, and she pressed against her ear, his sullen voice was enough to make everyone's spine tremble .

"Don't cry, my husband will vent his anger on you, and will never let anyone who hurt you go!"

After hearing the words, everyone heard Song Ci throwing herself into Huo Mu's arms, seeming wronged and crying sadly, it didn't seem like she was just acting!


It's true that the Huo family intended to save their five companies. The two of them didn't know what to do, and they were played around by the Yan family, and finally forced to death by the Yan family!

"Killing a thousand swords, your Yan family actually lied to us!

He lied to our two companies and all our properties, and even used us to jump off a building to frame Mrs. Huo and Mrs. Huo! "

One of the wives couldn't bear the tense body, so they cursed and cried bitterly in front of everyone!

Someone else took the initiative to comfort Song Ci: "Mrs. Huo, you are just too kind. We...we just blamed you by mistake."

"That's right, Mrs. Huo even subsidized the medical expenses of a child with heart disease a while ago, and built a reputation for the doctor. How could such a little fairy do such a thing? It is clear that the Yan family is throwing dirty water into the hospital. Fall on M&R!"

The man was so condemned by everyone that he couldn't stop trembling.


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