Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 243

Are these women idiots!

Song Ci is clearly lying, it is Huo Mushen who is cruel and ruthless and wants to buy five companies and force them to go bankrupt!

Their Yan family just wanted to reap the benefits of being a fisherman, but Song Ci actually poured all the dirty water back!

I've seen someone who beat you up, but I haven't seen someone who is justified and pretends to be aggrieved and sympathetic!

Song Ci said: "Today I will let you see and see!"

Song Ci had red eye circles, and tears filled her lustrous eyes, swirling in her eye sockets, and she was determined not to drop them.

"I understand everyone's feelings. M&R has spent a lot of money to save various companies. Now M&R can't protect itself. Everyone...we..." Song Ci pursed his red lips, leaned on Huo Mochen, and let Huo Mochen Her strong arms held her slender waist that was half-disabled from exhaustion last night.

Everyone felt even more guilty when they saw that Mrs. Huo was exhausted from anger.

"Mrs. Huo, it's because we didn't know good and bad, and wrongly believed in villains, that made people with good intentions succeed. Don't worry, we will never let Yan's family go. Today, our two companies issued a statement saying that this matter has nothing to do with M&R! "Someone stood up and said incomparably 'just'.

After Song Ci heard this, she frowned, her nose was sore, she nodded vigorously, and replied with a choked voice, "Then... trouble everyone."

Look, Mrs. Huo is so polite, kind, and caring, she is simply a little fairy!

They were blind, so they were tricked by the Yan family into a desperate situation!

"It's us who are causing trouble to Huo Shao!"

The man stared at the media lurking in the dark, his eyelids twitched.

He accused and asked: "Mrs. Huo, you love acting, why don't you explain the marriage between the Huo family and the Su family?"

"It's really stupid to say that you are stupid, and you dare to embarrass me in front of me with a little trickery!" Lu Ziyan came out from the door of M&R at some time, with a chill in his fox eyes and a sly look on his brows, and said indifferently: "I Don't you know that my fiancée will be snatched away by each of you?"

"Your fiancée?"

Didn't they get the news that Su Xuening was going to be engaged to Huo Muchen?

The Lu Ziyan in front of the adopted son of the Huo family!

Then, the person who is engaged to Su Xuening is not Huo Muchen, but Lu Ziyan, the adopted son of the Huo family!

Everyone also exclaimed: "It turned out that the person who married the daughter of the Su family was not Huo Muchen, but Lu Ziyan. What about the photos on the Internet?"

"Why, do you want it? I'll go visit the Su family first, and have a blind date, so you can pass it on like this?" Lu Ziyan had a sinister face, and bit the tip of his teeth with evil spirits: "You look like You are very dissatisfied with my engagement with the daughter of the Su family, how about I be the master and give the daughter of the Su family to your Yan family?"

The man's facial muscles twitched twice, and after a few seconds of reaction, he sarcastically said: "My brother picks up the woman I played with, and Huo Shao is planning to let the new love and the old love under the same roof?"

What he said became less and less popular, even misleading!

Song Ci also admired a man's ability to open his eyes and tell lies.

Well, well, well, she understands that Yan Baichuan just doesn't want her to have a good time, that's why she helps Su Xuening to target her everywhere!

In two lifetimes, Song Ci didn't know where to offend Yan Baichuan, and Yan Baichuan would target him everywhere the first time he saw him!

Yan Baichuan, really angered her, stepped on her bottom line!

Song Ci thought, if she didn't drag him to hell, she would feel sorry for herself who crawled out of hell!

"Your tone seems to be that you don't want to see us well!" Song Ci's voice was low, and he looked at the man coolly.

For a moment, the man had a sense of being stared at by the god of death, and shuddered all over his body.

Song Ci put on an aggrieved look, facing the dark media with a tear-stained face, and burst into tears: "I just want to ask, how can I, Song Ci, offend your Yan family? Just guess at will, or say, your Yan family likes to slander me and deliberately separate me and my husband!"

The more she talked, the angrier she became!

"Your Yan family really bullies me in every possible way, isn't it because you didn't give all five families to you, we give you all, isn't that okay?"

Want to change the subject, but no way!

Her husband was the only one from the beginning to the end!

The man's chest heaved with anger from Song Ci's "image of the weak", and the corners of his lips twitched: "Mrs. Huo..."

"You say," Song Ci took the lead, bit his lips, and said in a particularly aggrieved way, "Everything you say is aimed at me and my husband!

I celebrated my husband's birthday in the morning, and you said we were acting.

Inexplicably, he was sent a photo, and before he had time, he was completely hacked!

Everyone in Huacheng knows that my husband and I are childhood sweethearts, my husband has always been the only one, and I have only my husband, and I have only had new and old loves! "

"Mrs. Huo, haven't you forgotten that Mr. Huo has been abroad for a few years?" The man calmly reminded, trying to provoke Song Ci.

Song Ci smiled instead of anger, and replied quietly: "What are you trying to remind me of?

How do you know my husband so well? People who don't know think you like my husband and follow him? "

Huo Muchen listened to her misfortune, and pinched the fingers around her shoulders to express his dissatisfaction.

Song Ci groaned in pain, and kept apologizing in his heart: "My husband, I'm sorry.

Who made you look like a man and woman? "


"How can I be sorry to your Yan family? You insist on buying navy to blackmail us, and even force their company to go bankrupt and jump off a building!

Are you going to force our family to be ruined! "

As soon as the words fell, everyone fell silent again!

The Yan family's thoughts are so vicious. M&R kindly helped the five companies to tide over the difficulties, but was forced by the Yan family to be misunderstood by everyone. M&R kindly refused to explain, and thoughtfully sent the two companies that the Yan family liked to their door.

Unexpectedly, after the Yan family got the company, they would turn around and deny anyone!

The man was completely impatient to deal with Song Ci's upside-down.

Song Ci returned to the topic after a few words, completely forbidding outsiders to dig up the photos.

He can only find an opportunity to leave!

Song Ci saw his evasive and flinching eyes, and shouted loudly: "You bring someone to your door today to provoke you. If you don't give an explanation, don't try to escape!"

After finishing speaking, she raised her head, looked at Huo Muchen, and rubbed against his chest aggrievedly: "Honey, I'm afraid, you have to protect me."

Huo Mu lowered his eyes, stared at Song Ci, and interlocked her fingers and palms together: "Well, I will protect you."

He will no longer tolerate Yan Baichuan getting closer to her!

After Song Ci got a satisfactory answer, he closed his eyes and buried him in his chest, pretending to shrug his shoulders and 'cry', so that outsiders could see that Song Ci was being bullied!

Everyone felt the cold and cramped atmosphere in the air, and looked at Huo Mu's frosty face, they all knew that the boss was angry!

And she was very, very angry!


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