Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 244

The Yan family poured dirty water on him and damaged his reputation. He didn't even make a move, and even let them completely destroy his reputation!

However, the Yan family's secret tricks to get the husband and wife to divorce is completely stepping on the boss's bottom line!

Everyone in Huacheng knows that Mrs. Huo is Mr. Huo's favorite.

Mr. Huo couldn't stand Mrs. Huo being bullied by outsiders!

The word that Huo Shao dislikes the most is 'divorce'!

The Yan family wanted Huo Muchen to get divorced!

Huo Mushen's slender fingers gently rubbed the teardrops at the corners of Song Ci's eyes, Yingyi's brows shrunk slightly, his black eyes were filled with treachery, showing a strong bloodthirsty murderousness, his eyes swept over everyone like Ling Chi, and finally fixed his eyes on the man !

"Looking for death, I will help you."

The hidden sharpness and gloom broke through the man's expressionless mask at once, and instantly transformed into the coldness and chill he should have!

With evil spirits in his eyes, he raised his feet and was about to walk over with his long legs.

Song Ci raised his head with a frightened expression, firmly trapped Huo Mochen's thin and strong waist, and hugged Huo Mochen from the bottom.

She kept her eyes open in front of his throbbing chest, not daring to move, and muffled and said in a low voice: "Husband, let's not go over there. Handling this kind of person will only dirty your hands!"

If we do it now, it will be like his plan!

Even if you want to beat him, you have to beat him secretly!

Xiao Ci, you have been taught badly by Huo Mochen.

Huo Mu's dark eyes looked at Song Ci who was innocently begging him, half-closed his eyes, with hostility engraved on his face, and said in a deep voice: "Xiao Ci, you know, I never cared about what other people said! "

"I understand, but I don't want the Yan family to instigate us to divorce." Song Ci blushed.

"Are you angry here?"

Huo Mochen spoke lazily, the corners of his mouth curled up.

Song Ci nodded as it should: "Then what else?

You don't think I'm going to save your reputation that you've managed to destroy yourself, do you? "


Huo Mochen put away his anger unnaturally.

Song Ci hummed, and said no, but there is!

Well, she admitted that there was!

Huo Muchen has already taken action against the Huo family, even if they try to save him, it will be of no avail.

Since the Yan family is scheming against them, why can't she lie without changing her face, and then induce the public, besides, it was the Yan family who attacked them first!

She just retaliated against others in her own way, allowing them to experience the feeling of being misunderstood by public opinion. By the way, she could also establish an image for M&R so as to prepare for her future charity projects.

As for Mr. Huo's reputation, it's gone long ago, so she doesn't care about it!

After Song Ci figured everything out, he heard scolding sounds one after another behind him, mixed with chaotic punches and kicks.

She didn't look up, and lay in Huo Muchen's arms with a beautiful mood of success in calculation.

Huo Muchen was hugged tightly by her, and he didn't make a move, but clasped Song Ci's ear with his big palm.

He glanced around with cold and menacing eyes, and immediately made everyone understand the fact: "Mrs. Huo is an angel, and Mr. Huo... is the devil!"

He said: "Do it, don't hold your breath!"

Hearing this, they all understood how much Huo Muchen doted on his wife, so they worked harder to greet the man.

You punch, I kick, wherever it hurts or if it hurts, they greet you wherever they are, and they didn't stop until the police came.

The man was kicked to the ground, his face was pressed to the ground, his skin was scratched, and the corners of his lips were bloodshot. He lay on the ground and screamed and struggled: "What reason do you have to beat me?"

"Bullying Mrs. Huo so much, and even trying to drive her to ruin her family, if she didn't beat you to death, it would have been better for you, and you still ask why, it's really shameless!"

"You are breaking the law! Intentional injury!"

"You took the initiative to come to the door to provoke, we call this self-defense."

Lu Ziyan sarcastically sneered, and in the confusion, he stomped on the man's face with the sole of his shoe a few times before taking the shoe back as if enjoying himself.

"It's really cheap for you, to stick your dirty face on my expensive shoe soles!"

Just after he finished speaking, Jiang Jingxing brought people here.

Jiang Jingxing glanced at the chaotic scene, and finally fell on the man who was beaten to the last breath, and frowned: "Take him away."

He turned his head again and ordered, "You two, clear up the situation, and I'll take someone back for interrogation first."

"Leave it to us, boss."

After receiving the order, the two police officers began to investigate and deal with it.

And Jiang Jingxing opened the car door, squinting at Huo Mochen, who was stuck in place, and Song Ci, who was pressed against his chest like his eyeballs, he couldn't get angry!

If he hadn't seen the live broadcast, Jiang Jingxing wouldn't have known that Song Ci's ability to tell truth from wrong could be so strong!

He looked at them with stinging eyes, and growled: "What are you still doing there, go back to the police station and make notes."

"Oh, big brother, I'm here."

Lu Ziyan put on an indifferent attitude, Youzai Youzai, with long legs, sat on the co-pilot, reaching out to pull the car door.

Jiang Jingxing clasped Lu Ziyan's wrist with his backhand, struck like lightning, and punched Lu Ziyan hard on the back: "Hippie smiling face! Just now, did you get ahead?

When you marry Su Xuening, don't come and beg us! "

Hearing this, Lu Ziyan's face collapsed, and he said helplessly, "Brother, I can't help it!

Look at the kid who came out of Yan's family, he can't talk about the third sister-in-law, so he brought up the topic of the third brother's private life. If I don't come out to help the third brother clear the relationship, the media will definitely write nonsense! "

"Get lost!" Jiang Jingxing kicked Lu Ziyan hard on the calf bone again, causing him to grin his teeth in pain: "You think the third child won't handle it well, you're the only one who is troublesome!

Your brain is not as good as Song Ci! "

When Song Ci heard this, should he be happy or... happy?

How could she hear the sarcasm?

"Brother, if you have the ability, you can bully the third brother!" Lu Ziyan suppressed his anger and arrogance, and said resentfully.

Hearing this, Jiang Jingxing's gaze was cold, and he slapped the couple who couldn't get in by outsiders twice. Unfortunately, they formed a protective shield automatically, and they were not affected by Jiang Jingxing's anger at all, and they were still hugged by you and me.

The corners of Jiang Jingxing's lips couldn't help twitching, and he growled in a low voice, "Third son, take your wife to the car and take notes!

I have some clues about what happened last time, let's go back together! "

After hearing what happened last time, Song Ci reluctantly moved his head.

"Don't move around, let me hug you for a while."

Huo Mo made a low and hoarse voice.

Hearing this, Song Ci smiled: "Then let's hug for a while, my Mr. Huo."

Jiang Jingxing was watching from the side, burning with anger, and roared angrily, "How long are you two going to hold each other? Do I need to carry you two to the police station?"

No one responded.

The corners of Jiang Jingxing's eyes twitched.

Until a few minutes later, Huo Mo pressed down his dark eyelashes and hooked his thin lips.


Huo Mushen replied to Jiang Jingxing's words, and took Song Ci to the back seat of the car.

Jiang Jingxing watched Huo Muchen and his wife walking past him, without glancing at him from the corner of his eyes, his sharp jaw line tightened a bit, he slammed the car door, started the engine, whizzed drive out.


In the cramped carriage, it was quiet and oppressive.

If no one spoke, Song Ci didn't dare to speak, and Lu Ziyan didn't dare to speak up.

Song Ci and Lu Ziyan suddenly hoped that Bu Yan would be in the car. If he was there, the car would not be so dull that they would almost lose their breath. much better.

"Cough!" Jiang Jingxing coughed heavily, cleared his throat, and said, "It is true that the person who is doing evil things to you is related to the Lu family, but the Lu family is also under orders from someone. It is still up to you to see who it is."

"Well, don't rush, take your time."


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