Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 245

Huo Mushen rubbed Song Ci's little hands, and smiled: "I can wait until the fish take the bait."

"You are so calm and angry. It's still the same as before. You can bear the Huo family's attack on you." Jiang Jingxing drove the car, his brows were full of violence: "The methods used by the Yan family against you are really one-stop. One ring."

"The Yan family is really not a good thing. If you want to use two small families to bring down M&R!" Lu Ziyan also echoed, sneering: "Overestimating one's abilities!"

"His purpose is not M&R." Huo Muchen looked down at Song Ci with a half-smile, but didn't say the second half of the sentence.

Jiang Jingxing and Lu Ziyan were stunned by coincidence.

If the purpose is not M&R, then according to what Huo Muchen said, Yan Baichuan's plan is to use the marriage between the Su family and the Huo family to make Song Ci jealous, and then use photos to smash them into stone hammers, which makes Song Ci completely give up!

If Huo Muchen cared about his reputation, he would be so busy that he couldn't take care of Song Ci in the end, or when the two families came to threaten and lure Huo Muchen just now, Song Ci stood cowardly at one side, then Huo Muchen will be hurt.

Yan Baichuan calculated every step to the last detail, it was perfect!

But he only missed one thing!

Huo Muchen can do nothing for Song Ci, and he can even go against the huge Huo family by himself!

And Song Ci, who he wanted to calculate, only believed in Huo Muchen from the beginning to the end!

Whenever Song Ci's heart was a little shaken from the beginning, it would affect Huo Mu's moody mood, but Song Ci not only didn't take the bait, he even plotted back to Yan Baichuan!

It's just... why did Yan Baichuan find Song Ci as soon as he returned to China?


There was no sound in the car. Huo Mochen just patted Song Ci's back and played with her fingers. From time to time, Song Ci's slight laughter could be heard.

"Mrs. Huo."


"Mrs. Huo."


"Mrs. Huo."

Huo Muchen called again, as if he liked to hear him calling her, and she was by his side to respond.

"Mr. Huo, I'm here."

Huo Muchen raised his hand to stroke her soft hair, and patted her head: "Mrs. Huo, when you grow up, you know how to protect your husband."

"I have always known how to protect my husband, my husband can only be bullied by me!

No, no, I can't bully my husband either! "

The key is that she can't afford to be bullied. Huo Muchen often teaches by example to the point where his body loses distance. Song Ci doesn't dare to bully the boss!

"Mrs. Huo, you are very brave today."

"Thank you, Mr. Huo, for your compliment. Then, Mr. Huo, after recording the statement, can we..."

"No!" Huo Muchen directly cut off her thoughts, making Song Ci's cheeks bulge with anger.

Song Ci hummed, sat upright on the back seat, looked straight ahead, and said to Jiang Jingxing in a cold voice, "Brother, I've drawn all the portraits, can you help me take care of your third brother."

The corners of Jiang Jingxing's mouth twitched, and he clenched his hand holding the steering wheel. His eyes were dark and heavy, his thin lips were tightly pursed, and his cold and hard face was tense.


Lu Ziyan saw Song Ci's quiet eyes turn, and hurriedly stopped Song Ci's chance to speak: "Sister-in-law, don't even think about it, I'm more afraid of third brother than you."

Song Ci looked away, hugged Huo Muchen, and asked angrily: "I just want to ask, can we go home for our birthday? If you don't want to go home, it's fine, go back by yourself."


The corners of Huo Mochen's lips curled into a smile that was not a smile, and he raised her small face: "Are you sure?"

Song Ci leaned in his arms, wrapped his two small arms around his waist, like a cuddly kitten, and said softly, "Of course I'm sure."

"Little slick."

Huo Mochen took the playfulness in her eyes into his eyes, looked at her white and tender face, a hint of doting flashed across her cold eyes, and quickly melted into the gloomy eyebrows.


Jiang Jingxing and Lu Ziyan were so angry that they slammed the accelerator and brake to the entrance of the police station when they heard the shallow laughter behind them, slammed the car door and stepped into the door.

When the people at the door saw Jiang Jingxing coming back angrily, they all backed away.

"Where are people?"

Jiang Jingxing took out a cigarette and lit one, put it to his thin lips, and took a deep puff, the anger pent up in his chest eased a bit.

"People... are in the interrogation room."

"Well, call out the three people behind."

Song Ci sat in the car, still in shock.

The car slammed on the brakes just now without giving them any time to react. She leaned forward and almost hit her forehead on the front seat. Fortunately, Huo Mochen grabbed her forehead with his palm in time.


Song Ci supported his body with his elbows, pulled the wound, gasped in pain.

"Did it touch the wound?"

Huo Muchen supported her arm and saw that it was not broken, so he frowned slightly, looked up at the man who was smoking at the door, his facial features were hidden in the shadows, his eyes glanced darkly and then retracted.

"get off."

Huo Muchen took Song Ci out of the car, Lu Ziyan didn't say too much, and followed with steps.

It wasn't until the door that Jiang Jingxing snuffed out the cigarette butt, threw it into the trash can, and raised his tense jaw line: "Third brother, you and I go in."

Taking a glance, he said again: "Lao Liu, take Song Ci and wait outside."


Lu Ziyan realized that Jiang Jingxing must have thought of something when he was angry just now, so he didn't dare to say another word, but took Song Ci to the lounge.

Song Ci followed behind Lu Ziyan, but looked back at Huo Muchen and Jiang Jingxing standing in the same direction three times a step at a time, his elegant little face gradually sank.

In fact, she wanted to follow in, because she was eager to know what enmity Yan Baichuan had with her back then, and what kind of grievance she had, so she would attack her again and again.

"Sister-in-law three, don't look around, this place is unusual and dangerous."

Lu Ziyan was told to protect Song Ci, so he couldn't take it lightly.

Besides, he also found that Song Ci was full of fear here, not the fear of ordinary people, but the fear from the bottom of his heart.

Song Ci's gaze shifted from Huo Muchen's body to Lu Ziyan's face: "En, good."

Immediately, Lu Ziyan saw Song Ci walking to the lounge with ease, even more familiar than him.

And Jiang Jingxing saw the man who was still standing there looking at Song Ci's back, and frowned angrily: "Third brother, let's talk now."

"say what?"

Huo Mochen twisted his cuffs, pushed them to his elbows, exposing his strong and strong arms, and walked towards the interrogation room with a leisurely pace.

Jiang Jingxing bit his back teeth, raised his long legs and followed him: "Don't pretend to be confused, you know what I want to ask you? The Yan family, do you know what the relationship between that kid from the Yan family is and Song Ci?"

"Brother, as I said, they are fine." Huo Muchen said expressionlessly.


Jiang Jingxing sneered in his heart.


Jiang Jingxing raised his long arms quickly, and twisted the doorknob as fast as lightning, preventing Huo Muchen from pushing the door in.

"Brother, what do you want to do?" Huo Muchen asked in a cold voice, squinting the corners of his eyes and raising his eyebrows solemnly.


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