Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 247

The man was awed by the pen tip that would penetrate his pupils anytime and anywhere.

He widened his eyes, and saw the tip of the pen that was almost a tenth of a centimeter in front of his pupils, and his breathing was so frightened that he stopped breathing.

Huo Muchen's hands were too ruthless.

The man's face turned pale with fright, his eyelashes trembled, and he said tremblingly, "I know... I know."

Huo Mu smiled lightly, took the hand holding the signature pen back, and pressed it against his temple: "Then tell me, well said, that's it for today."

"Then it not good?" The man panted roughly.

"Then I'm afraid, this is the last time we meet."

The man in his hand trembled, choked and coughed a few times, explained little by little, trembling: "Yes... Our goal is not Mrs. Huo, but you.

The photos were also released by our Yan family in order to disappoint Mrs. Huo, but we never thought that the netizens would turn their heads on Mrs. Huo.

If we knew that things were happening like this, we wouldn't dare to have such thoughts no matter how many tricks we played. "

When he received the mission, he only aimed at Huo Muchen and made the husband and wife separate. He didn't expect that the flames of war would be extended to Song Ci!

If he knew that this would happen, he would never use this method. I am afraid that the husband will really treat him as an abandoned son!

"Every sentence is true. It's a trick played by the big house of the Yan family. He wanted to make meritorious deeds and kicked Yan Baichuan out of the Yan family, so he united with five companies to boycott you, but you were the first to..."


Huo Mu let go of his hands, straightened up, looked at the man's finger bones with some disgust, and frowned coldly: "You know that the last liar was right next door, and I cut off his hands and feet."

The man felt a 'thump' in his heart!

"Who are you from?"

"..." The man bit his lip, not daring to raise his head, so he pressed his face against the cold table.

"Don't tell me?" Huo Mochen's slender fingers manipulated the signature pen, as if playing with a dagger.

"You... this is just a commercial means. If I say so, I will die too."


Huo Mochen raised his finger, and shot the black signature straight into the man's eye socket, but at a critical moment, Jiang Jingxing stopped him: "Third brother, you already know the answer you want, if you continue, people will die, and the rest of you will die." It is enough to go through the process. The Yan family is still there, it has not collapsed, and it is still valuable for him to keep it."

Huo Mochen raised his head to look at him, and twitched the corners of his lips: "Hold your breath, and send him to Yan Baichuan, otherwise, I don't mind sending him to the crematorium."

As soon as the word Yan Baichuan appeared, the man's face immediately turned pale. Obviously, Huo Mochen knew who was behind him, but he was just testing him all the time!

All the questions I asked just now were just Huo Mochen playing with him like a trapped beast!

So, he gritted his teeth just now and didn't say that the mastermind was Mr. Huo Mchen, which completely offended Huo Mchen's bottom line!

After thinking everything through, the man's body was completely drained of strength. He lowered his head and hung half of his wrist in the air, waiting for his fate to come!

When Jiang Jingxing heard the word 'Yan Baichuan', he had already made up his mind: "Huo Mochen knows who is behind it, and the two of them are against each other!

Huo Mushen is not angry until now, but he only started to get really angry when he heard that the people behind him were not thinking about Song Ci, but about his own future goals, and suddenly became violent all over his body! "

Jiang Jingxing understood very well that Huo Mu loved Song Ci so much that he could give up his life.

What is a mere reputation!

That is to say, Huo Muchen's anger is the real intention of the manipulator behind the scenes?


Huo Mo pursed his lips deeply and asked.

Jiang Jingxing responded immediately and said, "I understand."

He called in two policemen, took him away, then grabbed Huo Muchen's wrist, looked up at the man with a cold and arrogant face, and said, "Now we can say why you insisted on doing your own thing?

Song Ci is only twenty years old, you can't wait to marry back, even force someone to marry you!

Third child, I don't believe that after waiting for twenty years, you are still in a hurry for those few days! "

"If Xiaoci goes abroad, she won't be by my side. Big brother understands now." Huo Mu smiled lightly.

Jiang Jingxing frowned: "You mean, Yan Baichuan is still manipulating Song Ci's whereabouts abroad, and he wants Huada to personally send him to him. Could it be that Yan Baichuan doesn't care about your relationship?"

"Did you see that the Huo family took care of it?" Huo Mu raised the corners of his lips coldly, looking at Jiang Jingxing who saw through everything bit by bit.

After a few seconds of silence, Jiang Jingxing's violent temper suddenly surged up, he raised his foot and kicked over the stool: "The Huo family really didn't take care of it, they shot you and then shot Song Ci, no wonder you can't wait to go back to the country?

If Song Ci was really sent abroad by Huada, she would be Yan Baichuan's fucking wife now, right? "

At the beginning, they were out of state after receiving the wedding notice overnight. Everyone booked an early flight ticket, put down their work, and rushed to Huo Mochen's wedding.

Huo Muchen and Song Ci's wedding was a short-term notice, and even the Huo family and the Song family were out of the situation. Everything was dominated by Huo Muchen.

From now on, the wedding turned out to be a contest between Huo Muchen and Yan Baichuan!

"No wonder you are in such a hurry!

Song Ci was tortured by the Huo family to the point where she didn't remember anything, and would only avoid you.

Yan Baichuan took the opportunity to let her go abroad to come to him, and then approached him step by step, and finally waited until everything was done, and let the Huo family not marry one..."

"Brother." Huo Mu's deep voice was piercing, and he mercilessly interrupted all Jiang Jingxing's conjectures, exuding hostility all over his body: "It will never happen."

Jiang Jingxing: "I'm just assuming."

"No assumptions!

No matter where Xiaoci is, she can only be my wife! "

Huo Mu Shen frowned into the word 'Chuan', and glanced at it coldly, silently and full of shock.

"Suppose people are really sent abroad, what are you going to do!" Jiang Jingxing admired Huo Muchen for being able to create a wedding overnight and make the wedding preparations so grand, which is beyond the reach of financial and material resources .

Jiang Jingxing had seen the layout of the wedding scene, and he even deliberately took one day off of his annual leave just to attend Huo Muchen's wedding.

The wedding was decorated beautifully, low-key and introverted, full of connotations, full of simplicity, not high-profile and luxurious, and even followed the style of the last century, as if commemorating.

No matter how you look at it, it seems that it took several months to plan it out, and it took a week to prepare and build it.

But I really didn't expect that it was arranged overnight!

Huo Mu's brows were filled with laziness and evil, and he asked back: "Brother, do you think I only arranged a wedding scene?"

"You arranged two in one night?" Jiang Jingxing raised his eyebrows.

"More than that." The low and hoarse dark lines in Huo Mu's voice made people panic and terrified. He said, "Where there are Xiaoci, there are always my people. All the airports, domestic and foreign are under surveillance by me. She leaves Yan Baichuan can't get close to her without taking a single step, so no matter where I hold the wedding, she will always be my wife.

Moreover, on the day of Xiaoci's birthday, we received our marriage certificate. "


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