Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 248

"So the wedding is just you warning Yan Baichuan, and those who secretly don't have eyes.

People are yours, don't think about the rest. "Jiang Jingxing raised his voice at the end, looked at him jokingly, and then said: "After all, it's better to protect your wife openly than secretly. "

You know, Huo Mochen has been secretly guarding her for twenty years!

It's time to rectify!

But Huo Muchen is overbearing enough, the whole Huacheng knows about the wedding arrangement, so when he makes a fool of himself at the wedding, the whole Huacheng also knows about it!

The corners of Huo Muchen's lips deepened: "I have been planning to marry her for twenty years, and I have been thinking about marrying her every day. I was in a hurry and wronged her."


The corners of Jiang Jingxing's lips twitched.

"It's just Mrs. Huo, it's not enough."

Huo Mu smiled deeply, smiling indulgently, hiding it very deeply: "There are still many, I will give her the rest of my life slowly."

"Okay, it's not in vain that Song Ci will marry you when he turns twenty, and be protected by you.

Fortunately, Song Ci's conscience is still there, and your pain was not in vain. "

A look of astonishment flashed across Jiang Jingxing's eyes, and it was fleeting, and he said coldly.

Immediately afterwards, he shook his head again: "However... Yan Baichuan also picked a day to do it, I'm afraid it's on the same mind as you!

If you can't grab it, you will become 'Mrs. Yan'!

I didn't expect that a notorious Song Ci could be robbed by you and Yan Baichuan at the same time? "

Huo Muchen married his wife, but he wanted to rob him!

"I don't blame her for everything in the past. I didn't protect her well." Huo Muchen blamed himself, narrowed his eyes, slowly raised his head to look at Jiang Jingxing, stared at Jiang Jingxing for a while, and then said: "She is the person I believe, big brother, you Understand?"

"Understood, I promise to take care of it for you. I won't threaten you, and you will squeeze out the last bit of residual value." Jiang Jingxing couldn't stand Huo Muchen's threat, so he changed the subject calmly: "It's just, how did Yan Baichuan know? Domestic trends?

Yan Baichuan has been abroad all year round. He is afraid that he has deployed all the forces abroad, and he is waiting to come back and take away the position of the top decision-maker of the Yan family.

All the Yan family members are just his foil. "

Jiang Jingxing said as he walked, and edited the text messages by the way, so that the people in Jiang's group should pay close attention to the recent domestic and foreign trends, and don't treat them like a group of idlers!

"Hehe..." Huo Muchen sneered: "Brother thinks that I can't even protect the girl I raised with my own hands?"

"That's not what I meant.

People were raised by you and eaten by you, so naturally there is no problem!

It's just that Yan Baichuan suddenly came out and robbed you, which is incredible! "

Jiang Jingxing's temper was not as tolerant as Huo Muchen's, he was more violent and violent, and his methods of handling things were more brutal and decisive. He often killed everything without giving the enemy a chance to use his mobile phone.

"Then wait for Yan Baichuan to come in and tell you personally."

Huo Muchen stopped answering Jiang Jingxing's redundant questions, which made Jiang Jingxing's expression turn cold immediately.

Yan Baichuan came in and talked to him personally?

He barred people in because he wanted to know who was behind it, but Huo Mochen obviously already knew that it was Yan Baichuan!

However, according to Huo Muchen's character, he would never let Yan Baichuan go, let alone ask him to detain someone just to ask a question that he already knew the answer to. Therefore, Huo Muchen was waiting for an opportunity...

Jiang Jingxing tugged at the corners of his lips and slandered, "You are as black-bellied as Huo Muchen, and you are secretly playing tricks. Who knows what opportunity you are waiting for?"

That's right, Huo Muchen must take revenge, he is ruthless!

Whoever offends him, he will come back with revenge, even after many years, just like the second wife of the Huo family...

But if you offend Song Ci, you usually report it on the spot!


After Huo Mchen left the interrogation room, he took out a disinfectant wipe and dried every part between his fingers before going straight to the lounge.

Through the glass mirror in the rest room, it was clearly visible that Song Ci had fair cheeks, and was sitting obediently on the black chair in the rest area, with his head down, doing nothing, not even noticing that Huo Mchen was walking towards her.

"Xiaoci, we're going home."

With that said, Huo Muchen raised his hand to rub Song Ci's head, and looked down at her, his eyes full of doting.

Hearing the sound, the corners of Song Ci's lips curled up a little bit, and he looked up at Huo Muchen, his mood became cloudless in an instant.

Happy on a sunny day.

"Are you in a hurry?" Huo Muchen's tall body squatted in front of Song Ci, and raised his hand to rub his slightly frowning eyebrows.

Song Ci opened his eyes and just met Huo Mu's dark and deep eyes, bit his lips sweetly, and shook his head: "There is no hurry."

Lu Ziyan next to him had black lines all over his head: "..."

The duplicity third sister-in-law!

There is also the double-standard third brother!

Just now he saw that the third sister-in-law looked at her watch at least a dozen times, exuding a cold aura that strangers should not get close to. When the third brother came, he was like a big sunflower.

"Let's go."

He said to Song Ci.

When Huo Mu stood up, he brushed Song Ci's eyes and took her hand hanging by her side.

The man's palm was thick and gentle, holding her hand, the skin was rubbed gently and throbbed, and the blood flowed along the skin between the wrists and rushed straight to the heart, and the reassuring breath of heavy wood rushed to the face.

Song Ci settled down and asked, "Why does Yan Baichuan keep targeting me?"

"..." Huo Mu fell silent for a while, "Xiao Ci, you are fine."

Her goodness made Yan Baichuan pay attention to her early, and even the second wife of the Huo family wanted to reach out to Song Ci.

Song Ci followed Huo Mushen out of the police station.

Huo Muchen had never talked about Yan Baichuan with Song Ci, but Yan Baichuan shot several times in order to make Song Ci think of him a little bit.

He admits that Song Ci is his weakness. At the beginning, he will indeed worry about gain and loss, because he loves Song Ci carefully, but not now. Last night, Song Ci's firm and deep eyes shone with light, just like the sun shining The light illuminated him directly.

He held Song Ci's hand tightly, and walked a few steps faster than her, so that Song Ci could not see the expression on his face at the moment.

"Is it because Yan Baichuan wanted to snatch the E-star project, so he targeted me everywhere, and then used AK Su Xuening to disintegrate you and defeat us one by one?" Song Ci said.

Other than that, Song Ci couldn't imagine any other reason why Yan Baichuan, who had no connection with him in his previous life, would attack her again and again.

Huo Mu paused for a second: "Xiaoci, if you don't like the Yan family, trust me, give me some time, and I will make the Yan family disappear in front of you forever."

Song Ci didn't know how he felt when he heard these words. His body seemed to have fallen into a cloud, limp, and he even floated when he walked.

She couldn't help but wanted to raise the corners of her lips, even the corners of her eyes and brows were stained with a smile, but she restrained her quickly.

She won't be proud, low-key, low-key, she wants to be low-key!


Song Ci wished that the whole Huacheng would know that her husband dotes on her!

But if you want to attack the Yan family secretly, you can't let outsiders see that she has won a battle, and she is about to fly with a smile!

The moment he walked out of the door, Huo Mochen turned his head: "Xiaoci, I'm here, you don't have to think too much."

Song Ci: "..."

At this moment, she saw killing intent in Huo Muchen's eyes.


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