Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 249

Huo Muchen took a deep look at her, raised his hand, and pulled Song Ci into his arms, and lightly touched her hair with his lips: "I don't want you to see it."


After a long time, Song Ci hugged Huo Muchen back and responded gently to him.

Huo Mchen doesn't want her to see his dark side, so she won't!

A few minutes later, Song Ci nestled in Huo Mu's arms, his body pressed against each other, feeling the scorching heat from his chest.

"Third brother, are you two going to slaughter all the single dogs in Huacheng in one day?" Lu Ziyan walked towards them with his mobile phone in his hands, and smiled mischievously: "The Yan family hired the media for the live broadcast, and they slapped themselves in the face." !"

He briefly stated the first-hand news that the M&R PR Department had just received.

"The third sister-in-law forced the Yan family to take the initiative to admit that the five companies also released at the same time that they were deliberately framed by the Yan family to frame M&R. Fortunately, M&R gave them a helping hand regardless of previous suspicions!

Moreover, M&R's image has now been established, but third brother, your reputation is completely ruined when you take action against the Huo family and the Su family. It just adds a good reputation of "only doting on your wife". "

"Oh, there is one more thing." Lu Ziyan said word by word: "Mrs. Huo is beautiful and kind-hearted, a fairy in the world, always considerate of others, Mr. Huo is a perfect match!"

Song Ci's reputation has been completely established, and he can be the M&R image spokesperson in the future!

And even if two of the five companies are lost, all resources and channels of the two in the hands of the Yan family have long been emptied by Huo Mochen, and they are just empty shells for the Yan family.

The Yan family recruited someone who was going to frame Huo Muchen, but they failed. Instead of affecting the M&R stock market by half, Song Ci said a few words and dumped all the mess on the Yan family's head!

Now, the Yan family is the one who takes the blame!

Huo Muchen couldn't help but smile, grabbed Song Ci's shoulders, pulled her out of his arms, and walked towards the phantom car driven by the assistant next to him.

He carried Song Ci to the co-pilot, adjusted the height of the seat so that she could lie on it more comfortably, adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner in the car, and took off his suit to cover Song Ci.

"Cover it first and sleep for a while."

After taking off the suit jacket, Huo Mochen was left with only a black shirt with the hem tucked into his trousers, perfectly outlining the man's strong and thin figure.

When he started the engine, Lu Ziyan quickly opened the rear car and sat in it awkwardly.

"Third Brother, didn't you expect to take me away?" He had the urge to vomit blood, and after talking with him for a long time, Third Brother probably heard the last sentence!

Huo Mo glanced sideways: "No, get out!"

"Third Brother, today is your birthday. I didn't even wish you a happy birthday. You can't just kick me off like this!" Lu Ziyan slammed the car door tightly without disturbing Huo Muchen and Song Ci at all. The consciousness of living in the world of two people.

"You take Big Brother's car." Huo Mu was very angry.

"Third brother, if the eldest brother finishes his work, I don't know when it will be?

You also know the workload of the elder brother's job, and I feel my heart tremble for him.

And just because I have been operating the stock market for two days from yesterday to today, take me to have a meal together. I promise to leave after the meal, so as not to delay your birthday. "

Lu Ziyan begged for mercy.

Song Ci felt the different deep meaning in Lu Ziyan's pitiful eyes, narrowed his eyes slightly, then retracted his gaze, put the suit on his body, and rubbed Huo Muchen's palm: "Maybe the sixth son has prepared something for you." It's a birthday gift, and it's very rich, so if you want to find an occasion and give it to you officially, it must not be less than tens of millions.

Maybe they gave us a free one-year job? "

"You said, didn't you?" Song Ci turned around and asked after finishing speaking.

With a dark face, Lu Ziyan gritted his teeth: "Yes, third sister-in-law, you are too smart, why do you know everything!"

"Then thank Lao Liu first." Song Ci held back his smile and raised the corners of his lips: "Honey, I'm hungry."

"What to eat?"

"You can eat whatever you want, you are the master." Song Ci's brows were filled with weariness.

She didn't sleep all night. She was indeed tired. She was so tired that she fell asleep when her face lay in Huo Muchen's palm.

Moreover, even if she wants to eat something, Mr. Huo is sure not to allow this or that. No matter how much he preaches like a patriarch, it is better to let the boss decide. Maybe the boss is happy and give her another piece of chocolate.

"Well, I'll take you there, we'll eat out tonight, and you're allowed to order."

Song Ci was as obedient as a cat and rubbed against his palm, making Huo Muchen's heart so soft.


She should.

Huo Muchen drove extremely smoothly, and Song Ci fell asleep naturally because he didn't sleep all night, and woke up again because he was kissed awake.

Her first reaction was: "Huo Mochen is kissing her!"

Sure enough, when he opened his eyes, he saw the face of Yingyi who was close at hand. Laziness was engraved on the face, and there was still a smile on the corner of his lips: "Are you awake?"

"No, I still want to sleep." Song Ci subconsciously reached out and hugged his neck, buried it in his neck, lazily and softly coquettishly: "Honey, I still want to sleep for a while, can I wait a little longer?" .”

"Lao Liu is about to starve to death."

Huo Mu laughed dumbly, and the two of them were so close that they could kiss each other with a movement of their lips: "Baby, please save face, huh?"

"Then can you hug me?" Song Ci's bones were so soft that he didn't want to move at all.

"Did you cheat?" Huo Mu narrowed his eyes, watching his little wife wake up with such a different aura!

"Then I'll wait here for you to finish eating." Song Ci bargained.

Huo Muchen smiled: "No, you must be with me, I will carry you there."

Hearing his tone was extremely tough, but he could only choose the former when bargaining with his little wife, and carried Song Ci out of the car even wrapped in a suit.

Lu Ziyan smoked a few cigarettes before seeing Huo Muchen coaxing him out, clicked his tongue, "Sister-in-law three, you finally woke up, you're starving me to death."

Song Ci: "..." His face turned red with embarrassment, he could only turn his head, pull his neck, and bury his face, without looking at anyone, he just hugged his husband!

Huo Mu frowned deeply: "Lao Liu, say one more word, go back!"

Lu Ziyan: "..."

He was here to get angry, if he hadn't asked Song Ci for help, he would have been wronged for a year's salary, and he would have been given dog food, although he really didn't really want to get married, especially knowing that his future engagement partner is... ...after Su Xuening!

After entering the restaurant, Huo Muchen had a separate box in the restaurant, and the general manager immediately led the way.

Song Ci was hugged to the seat by Huo Muchen like a soft bone. Looking at the menu handed over by the general manager, he felt that none of the meals cooked by Huo Muchen were as delicious, so he ordered a few at random, and Lu Ziyan ordered a few more at the side.

After the dishes were served, Huo Mochen helped Song Ci hold the dishes with his chopsticks, coaxing in a low voice, "Eat something, huh?"

"no appetite."

Lu Ziyan didn't even raise his head to eat, he ate like a hungry ghost.

After Lu Ziyan swept away a group of people, he raised his eyebrows faintly: "Third brother, do you want to take third sister-in-law to the hospital for an examination, she might be pregnant."


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