Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 250

Song Ci's eyes lit up when he heard the words.

She was lying on Huo Mchen's shoulder armor. The muscles on the man's arms were tense, and every inch felt powerful. She directly hugged the man from the stool to his lap.

"You are young."

The implication is that she is not pregnant.

Song Ci said dully, "Isn't there?"

"Mrs. Huo," Huo Mu smiled sullenly, tilted his head and kissed her earlobe, and said in a hoarse voice, "Are you blaming me for not working hard? Then I will definitely satisfy you tonight."

Song Ci's cheeks rose more than ten degrees: "No!"

"Then do you still want to have children?"

The man's tone was so doting, it made his teeth ache.

Song Ci took a deep breath, and the little angel on the left said: "If you want it, you can have a soft bun for you to bully at will in the future, how nice it is."

The devil on the right said: "What do you want? If the child is the same type as Huo Mochen, you will be laughed at by your son for the rest of your life."

Seeing that she was silent, Huo Mochen rubbed her little head, his voice was almost hoarse, "Have you thought about it?"

Song Ci frowned, with a tangled expression, and finally became cruel, and said: "You protect me well, I'm afraid."

The last time Huo Muchen and her wanted a son, Song Ci was really tempted, but the recent succession of events made her very anxious, and even spent the whole time in anxiety.

If after having a baby, Song Cidun felt that she was a useless person, and Huo Mochen needed to protect her, wouldn't her husband be too busy?

Song Ci felt distressed, very distressed.

"Okay, I'll protect you." Huo Mushen said, "When we Xiaoci grow up, we will have a baby and be a good mother."

"I will be a good mother." Song Ci spoke eloquently, shaking his little head, very cute.

"Well, it doesn't matter if you don't do well." Huo Mochen rubbed her fair earlobe, seeing her fair cheeks gradually flush, and said in a doting tone, "It's okay to be a negative model."

As he spoke, his long arms were rolled up, wrapping around her slender waist, and lifted her up a bit, making her sit comfortably.

Lu Ziyan, who was concentrating on eating next to him, let out a 'poof', and laughed unkindly!

Song Ci tilted his head abruptly, humming angrily, and glared at Lu Ziyan: "Is it funny?"

Lu Ziyan's lips were tense, and it was extremely painful to hold back the smile: "It's not funny, the third sister-in-law will be a good example."

"Lu Ziyan."

Huo Mu stared at Lu Ziyan quietly.

When the two cold gazes came over, Lu Ziyan immediately suppressed his smile, and sat up straight in a serious manner: "It's not funny, it's not funny at all. Third brother, you should put it on the agenda, maybe it will make your wedding anniversary, The third sister-in-law's birthday and the child's birthday combined into one day."

Huo Muchen and Song Ci's certificate collection date happened to be Song Ci's 20th birthday.


Huo Mochen didn't think about having a child too early, raised his eyebrows slightly, and said in a deep and hoarse voice, "Xiaoci, I'm still quitting smoking."

Hearing this, Song Ci raised his head, touched Huo Mu and Shen Yingyi's facial features, couldn't stop laughing, his eyes were bent into crescents: "Mr. Huo, we have to quit smoking in order to have a baby."

"Yes." Huo Muchen deserved to be pampered and seductive, and said lightly in his heart: "Silly girl, you are so good.

The girl he has loved for twenty years is willing to marry him and have children for him! "

Song Ci smiled very brightly. He raised his head, his eyes were full of admiration for Huo Muchen, and he couldn't stop the deep love from rippling out.

"My husband is the best. From today on, husband, you should obediently quit smoking. We will have a baby sooner."

She couldn't wait to see the baby.

"Okay, listen to my wife." Huo Mochen lifted her chin and kissed her lips naturally.

Lu Ziyan looked at the two people who were glued to each other, and didn't give him a chance to talk to Song Ci alone. He could only watch from the side, looking for Huo Muchen to let Song Ci go for a while, and then he continued to talk about the M&R spokesperson. thing.

This idea was also Lu Ziyan's sudden decision when he saw the news turn the tide.

Song Ci is now completely cleansed, and has an excellent reputation in Hwaseong, and has a good appearance. If he can be the spokesperson of M&R, he will definitely establish an excellent image for M&R.

It must be impossible for him to count on the third brother to establish an image.

Huo Muchen's idea is: "He doesn't want fame, as long as he messes with his wife, no matter who the other party is, he will be KO!

Going crazy, even hurting himself! "

Lu Ziyan decided that if Song Ci was used as the image spokesperson, it would save money, contacts and traffic.

It's just that Song Ci's photo will be seen by many people at that time. If the third brother knows that he came up with the idea, he will probably spend the rest of his life lying in a hospital bed.

"Third brother, the eldest brother will finish the confession in a while, and then give it to us. When the time comes to put it on the Internet, the Yan family will suffer a big loss. I will take the opportunity to buy him a few more channels, how about it?"

Lu Ziyan's fox eyes are full of calculations, as long as he can exchange the least cost for the greatest benefit, what can't he do?

Reputation is not a useful thing for Young Master Lu in Hwaseong. Just ruining the Yan family's reputation is of no use. They must be made to bleed.

"No, wait for the Yan family to personally deliver it to you, and you will accept everything directly." Huo Mu replied with a cold face.

"Will the Yan family send us?" Lu Ziyan raised an eyebrow: "The Yan family won't want to play the same trick, send us two channels, and then frame us."

M&R has played the same method once.

And this time, the 'crime' of M&R forcing the five companies to go bankrupt was thrown on the Yan family's head!

The Yan family will not resort to the same method in a short time.

"I will give it away, as long as the eldest son of the Yan family wants to live." Huo Mu said solemnly.

"Isn't the eldest son of the Yan family leading this?"

Huo Mu said coldly: "No."

"Third Brother..."

"Now, immediately, immediately, get out!"

Disgust flashed across Huo Muchen's eyes, and he directly forced Lu Ziyan to swallow all the following words.

Lu Ziyan took a long breath, and finally swallowed it heavily. He could only eat a few more mouthfuls in desperation, and hurriedly left the box.

Song Ci looked at Lu Ziyan's eyes that were hesitant to speak, and knew that he hadn't finished speaking. He frowned and asked lightly, "Didn't Yan Baichuan do this?"

"Not in name." Huo Muchen took out a tissue and wiped her lips, smiled flirtatiously, leaned back slightly, supported her waist, and entangled her black hair with his finger bones: "Xiao Ci, do you still want to eat?"

"I won't eat, I don't want to eat." Song Ci lazily nestled into his chest.

"Since we don't want to eat, let's go back." Huo Muchen's eyes turned deep, as if there was a gloomy light and shadow passing by, he smiled lowly, and directly hugged Princess Ren out.

Along the way, many women looked at Song Ci and Huo Muchen enviously.

They all saw the news on the Internet that Huo Muchen was against the Huo family and the Su family because of Song Ci, and was on the opposite side with the whole world!

Song Ci sat in the car, gaining sharp eyesight, pondered for a moment, and seriously commented: "Mr. Huo, I think you should stop hugging me when you go outside."


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