Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 2: Kneel or Die!

"""Blocked ...... blocked?""

Seeing Wang Sanheng's thigh-thick arm, which had been steadily caught in Ning Tianlang's hand, everyone couldn't help but suck in a breath of cool air.

Unexpectedly, this young man was able to erupt such appalling strength from his thin and skinny body!

Wang Sanheng was even so shocked that his pupils fluttered.

He vigorously moved his arm, but he was shocked to realize that under Ning Tianlang's vice-like grip, he couldn't move the slightest bit at all!

""What's going on? What the hell have you gotten yourself into?!""

Wang Sanheng was ashamed and annoyed, his face suffocatingly red.

In desperation, he swung his left fist at Ning Tianlang again!

In the face of this sudden attack, Ning Tianlang sat steadily, his body not even shaking a bit.

Directly holding Wang Sanheng's right arm, he pressed his left arm against the backrest of the front row of seats and said in a flat tone:

""If you still have a third hand, feel free to hit it over.""

At this moment, Wang Sanheng's two arms were folded together as if they were poured with cement.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get out of Ning Tianlang's hands!

Before long, bean-sized beads of sweat rolled out from his forehead.

He gritted his teeth and said, ""I didn't expect that I, Wang Sanheng, would look away today, brother, draw the line.""

""Two choices."" Ning Tianlang said in an indifferent tone.

""One, like your woman said, the two of you will be thrown out of the window by me.

Two, kneel on the ground and kneel until the end of the line.""

At those words, Wang Sanheng turned around and glared viciously at the woman.

A flash of green and white came over his furious face.

Right now, the bus was traveling on the highway, if this was thrown out, I'm afraid that the next second, he would be smashed into bits.

But, he was more reluctant to choose the second path!

""Brothers, do things to leave a thread, meet in the future, I see that you are also heading to Qing'an City, don't do things so absolutely, maybe we will meet again in the future!""

Wang Sanheng's eyes narrowed slightly, threatening sorrowfully.

""You'd better pray that you never meet me in Qing'an City in the future."" The corner of Ning Tianlang's mouth hooked up into an arc, and he faintly said.

""I'll count to three now, if you don't make a choice, I'll choose for you.""

""You ......""

Wang Sanheng didn't expect that Ning Tianlang would throw the original words back in his face.

This simply humiliated him more than slapping him in the face!



Ning Tianlang didn't give him any chance to think.

A countdown, like a life-suppressing magic spell, came out gently from his mouth.

""I ...... apologize!""

Oppressed by Ning Tianlang's aura and unable to catch his breath, Wang Sanheng hurriedly said, ""I apologize, I won't sit here ......""


Ning Tianlang slowly spat out the last number and indifferently said:

""As I said, there are only two choices.""

With the sound of his words, his five fingers slightly exerted force.

Wang Sanheng's right arm began to become twisted with an amplitude visible to the naked eye.


A chilling sound came from Wang Sanheng's small arm bone.

In an instant, Wang Sanheng's miserable howl even overshadowed the music playing in the car.

It was as miserable as if it came from the hell of tongue plucking!

""Ah!!! It hurts!!!"" As soon as Ning Tian Lang let go of his hand, Wang San Heng rolled on the ground holding his arm.

The appearance was as wretched as a wild dog that had mistakenly eaten rat poison.

Miserable to the extreme, but no one was willing to take a second look.

""I ...... choose the second one, I kneel ......""

The tangible pain made Wang Sanheng realize that the young man in front of him was definitely not the kind of incompetent person who would let him knead him.

If he does not make a choice, the other party may really throw him out of the window!

With a secret cry of ""A good man is not a good man,"" Wang Sanheng forced himself to endure the pain and climbed up from the ground.

Turning over, he knelt directly in front of Ning Tian Lang!

The enchanting woman standing next to him saw the situation and also hurriedly knelt down shivering.

She didn't even dare to let out more air.

No one disturbed again, Ning Tianlang smiled faintly and directly turned his head out the window, starting to enjoy the long-lost scenery of his hometown ......

""Hiss ...... Wang Sanheng actually really knelt ......""

""Truly one thing leads to another, I didn't expect the lawless Wang Sanheng to have such a day ......""

Ning Tian Lang didn't bother to take care of Wang San Heng and the two of them, but the others were still in the afterglow and started whispering.

Listening to these murmurs, Wang Sanheng's back teeth were all about to be clenched!

He had been arrogant all his life, had he ever been so humiliated?

He secretly swore in his heart that when he returned to Qing'an City, he would definitely yard all his manpower and kill this son of a bitch who dared to insult him alive!

""Please take your luggage items and get off the bus in order ......""

As soon as the bus arrived at the station, Wang Sanheng directly got off the bus and ran away with the woman like a lost dog.

Ning Tianlang was too lazy to waste time on him, so he ignored him.

He casually stopped a cab and arrived at the Airen Orphanage.

The Airen Welfare Center was located in the old city center of Qing'an City, which hadn't been newly developed for more than ten years.

Therefore, the street scene at this time hadn't changed much from when he left ten years ago.

Ning Tianlang took a deep breath and came to the large iron door that had already been stripped of its skin.

""With a creak, he pushed open the door and whispered excitedly to himself, ""Grandpa Qiao, sisters, I'm back!""

In the yard, there were a few skinny children squatting on the ground playing with ants, as soon as they saw someone coming, they immediately screamed and scattered.

There was a little boy who even ran while yelling loudly, ""Grandpa Qiao, Grandpa Qiao, someone is coming!""

Not much later, an old man in a white Tai Chi suit walked out from the ancient little second floor, blowing his beard and glaring:

""Little brat, old man can't stop taking a nap!""

Seeing this old man again, Ning Tianlang only felt his eyes a little sore, his voice choked as he called out, ""Grandpa Qiao.""

Qiao Shouduan looked at the upright young man standing at the door, his white beard twitching.

He couldn't believe it and quickly stepped forward, rubbing his eyes and trembling, ""Are you ...... you Little Tian Lang?""

""It's me, Grandpa Qiao!"" Ning Tianlang hugged him and said excitedly, ""I'm back!""

""Good good good, it's good to be back ......""

Qiao Shou Chen patted Ning Tian Lang's sturdy back and was just about to say something else, when suddenly a little boy ran over and said with a crying voice:

""Grandpa Qiao, Bai Xiao Bei fainted!""

""Oh no, that child has a heart condition, he must have just played around too much and fell ill again!""

Qiao Shou Duan anxiously said, ""Tian Lang, I'll send him to the hospital first, and tell you about your seven sisters afterward ......"""


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