Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 111

Ke Bei walked up to the flustered Di'e and said, "Mrs. Hua, please come with us."

Di'e kept shaking her head, "It's not me! You can't catch me!"

Almost everyone who was arrested had this kind of rhetoric.

Ke Bei has long been familiar with the strangeness.

He said calmly and dignifiedly: "Your driver asked the cleaner in Tianshou Pavilion to do something. She was afraid that something would happen in the future, so she secretly recorded the audio with her mobile phone. In the recording, your driver taught her, How to destroy the details of the monitoring in the store. Your driver has also been arrested, and all the evidence has been recruited. The witnesses and evidence are all there. For the sake of Mr. Hua, we will save you a face, wait for the police car, and then give it to you Handcuffed."

Heard the driver was also arrested.

Di'e's face, covered in blood and scratches, suddenly turned gray.

Couldn't say another word.

Desperately, she followed Ke Bei out of the Washington gate and walked towards the police car.

Chu Suosuo hurriedly chased after him, crying and shouting: "Grandma, grandma, I will definitely find a way to rescue you!"

Di'e drooped her head and said nothing.

When I was young, I sang on the stage.

She played a female role, sang palace fighting dramas and house fighting dramas, and staged dramas in which empresses, concubines, wives and concubines compete for favor.

It has been sung so many times and performed so many times.

In and out of the play, I have never lost.

When he was old, he ended up like this.

By now.

She only hated that stupid cleaner.

Whenever she took the leftover flower and fruit tea dregs from Su Hua's drinking, she threw them in another place.

The police will not solve the case so quickly.

As long as it lasts until dawn, the garbage truck will collect the garbage and transport it to the garbage dump for crushing and incineration.

The evidence is gone.

Without physical evidence, the police can't arrest people.

This matter passed without anyone noticing.

Just because of such a small detail, she was not reconciled to the fact that all previous efforts were wasted.

Di'e was pushed into the police car by Ke Bei.

The siren sounded again.

Chu Suosuo stared blankly at the police car and gradually disappeared.

Suddenly remembering something, she hurried to find Hua Tianshou.

Come to the room.

I saw him sitting in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the bedroom on the second floor, staring out dully.

There happened to be a scene where Di'e was taken away.

Chu Suosuo grabbed Hua Tianshou's arm and shook it, "Grandpa, go and save grandma, go and save her."

Hua Tianshou slowly pushed her hand away.

He stood up, turned his back to Chu Suosuo, and said in an old and hoarse voice: "I warned you a long time ago, don't take revenge behind your back, don't take revenge, you just don't listen. You think Suhua's child is really gone, can you How about it? Just now, Gu Beixian killed two birds with one stone, and played tricks on both of you grandma without a single soldier. If he is really ruthless, it must be more ruthless than you can imagine."

Mention Gu Beixian.

The pain in Chu Suosuo's back was unbearable.

He is really ruthless!

Chu Suosuo pursed his mouth, endured the pain and said, "Are you really going to watch grandma go to jail and leave her alone?"

Hua Tianshou said slowly: "She has such a poisonous mind, let her go in and reform."

"But grandma is in her sixties, so old..."

"Okay, don't talk about it." Hua Tianshou interrupted her irritably, "This time she did something wrong. If she did something wrong, she will be punished."

Chu Suosuo left disappointed.

Go home and find Hua Qirou.

Tell her the ins and outs of the matter.

finished listening.

Hua Qirou complained: "Why didn't you discuss this with me? I know someone from the police system. Last time, with his help, what happened when Su Wei went to Longyao Village ended up being nothing."

"Grandma patted her chest and said it would be a piece of cake, wrap it on her body, I thought she could handle it."

Hua Qirou smacked her lips, "Your grandma is too confident. You don't have to worry about this. I'll call someone and see if I can get her out."

See her say that.

Chu Suosuo's tense heart relaxed.

This slack.

I just felt a burning pain in my back.

She lifted up her clothes and said, "I was stabbed in the back by a prickly prickly pear. Take me to the hospital quickly. Remember to call and tell Uncle Gu."

Looking at her fair back, it was stained with blood.

Hua Qirou's heart ached terribly.

Immediately arrange a driver to take her to the Municipal People's Hospital.

Su Hua also lives in this hospital.

Early the next morning.

Hua Tianshou came to visit Su Wei with two boxes of high-end nutritional products.

Su Hua was still taking birth control pills.

The originally fair and bright little face was pale and haggard.

After this incident, she was seriously injured.

Hua Tianshou died of guilt.

Good intentions to do bad things.

"Master, why are you here?" Seeing him, Su Wei tried to sit up.

Hua Tianshou pressed her shoulders and hurriedly said, "Lie down quickly, lie down quickly."

Su Wei couldn't get up when he was holding her down, and she didn't have any strength, so she lay down.

Hua Tianshou's cloudy eyes were slightly red, and he said, "It's all my fault, because I fell for Di'e's tricks. We have been married for more than forty years, and I really didn't expect her to be such a person."

Gu Beixian stood aside, quite touched.

I have known Chu Suosuo for more than 20 years.

He didn't think she was that kind of person either.

There may be some people who are inherently different from what they appear to be.

One thing in person, one thing behind.

Hua Tianshou looked at Su Hua, hesitant to speak.

For a long time.

He said slowly: "I have already taught Di'e a lesson, scolded her, beat her, and drove her out of our house..."

Su Hua understood what he meant.

He wanted to intercede for Di'e.

But he felt guilty and couldn't open his mouth, so he turned around and said.

Su Hua didn't know what to do for a moment.

I hate Di'e, but I have to give Master face.

She looked up at Gu Beixian, wanting him to help out.

Gu Beixian said lightly: "Old man, you have lived your whole life, and you must understand the principle of 'tolerating and raising rape' better than I do. Unprincipled tolerance will encourage the spread and development of bad people and bad things."

He said so.

Hua Tianshou knew that there was no room for negotiation.

He coughed, stood up slowly, bent down suddenly, and bowed deeply to Su Hua, "Hua'er, Master, I'm sorry."

Su Hua hurriedly got up to help him, "Master, please don't do this."

"You take good care of it, I'm leaving."

Hua Tianshou turned and left.

He just walked.

Gu Nanyin came on his back.

Holding a bouquet of lilies in her hands.

Come in and hand the flowers to Aunt Liu.

She pulled a chair and sat beside the hospital bed, held Su Hua's hand, and asked, "Sister-in-law, does your stomach still hurt?"

Su Hua smiled lightly, "It's okay."

Gu Nanyin touched her face, smacking her lips in pain, "Look at your little face, it's so pale, there's no blood at all."

Su Wei told her: "Don't tell grandparents and mother, don't make them worry."

"Don't worry, my mouth is the strictest."

The two held hands and talked intimately.

Gu Beixian went to the company.

He was busy with work, and he was afraid that Su Hua would be bored in the hospital, so he called Gu Nanyin to accompany him.

Gu Nanyin is sweet-mouthed and playful, and she gets along well with Su Wei.

He was relieved to let her accompany Su Hua.

The aunt and sister-in-law talked and laughed for a long time.

Seeing that Su Hua felt sleepy.

Gu Nanyin told her to sleep, she got up and left.

go out.

Gu Nanyin called the driver: "Go and get me a bucket of paint. I need it urgently. I want black ones, 20 liters. Let the boss wrap it in colored paper and make it more beautiful."

Twenty minutes later.

The driver came with the packaged paint.

Gu Nanyin looked at the colorful packaging and nodded, "That's right, follow me."

The two turned around.

Came to the surgical inpatient department.

Push open the door of a ward.

Chu Suosuo was lying on the hospital bed, hanging on glucose.

When she was stabbed by a cactus, she only needed to pick out the thorns. In fact, no infusion was needed, but she wanted to be hospitalized.

Because of the hospitalization, it seems to be a big deal.

She can even call Gu Ao Ting over to let him know that she has been greatly wronged.

Seeing Gu Nanyin come to see her, she asked the driver to carry a gift.

Chu Suosuo was flattered.

Thought the sun was coming out from the west.

She hurriedly sat up from the bed, and asked with a smile, "Nanyin, why are you here?"

Gu Nanyin raised a professional smirk, "I heard Brother Mo Chen said that you were hospitalized, so let me come and see you."

Looking at the gift box in the driver's hand, Chu Suosuo smiled all over his face, "Come on, come here, and bring any gifts, we two sisters, whoever is with whom."

Gu Nanyin turned her head and said to the driver: "Open the gift and let Sister Suosuo see if she likes it?"

The driver unpacks the outer packaging.

Reveal the paint bucket inside.

Chu Suosuo's expression suddenly changed.

The driver quickly took apart the paint bucket.

It's too late to say it!

Gu Nanyin bent down to pick up the paint bucket, and slammed it down on Chu Suo's head.

Caught off guard!

Chu Suosuo was poured all over his face!

The pungent taste is too spicy for the eyes!

Chu Suosuo was so smoked that he vomited straight away!

The sticky discomfort was overwhelming, it was so uncomfortable to die!

Chu Suosuo yelled, and hurriedly pulled the quilt to wipe his face!

But the paint is too sticky, no matter how much you wipe it off!

Her beautiful long hair is formed into pancakes!

Her charming little face was painted like black impermanence by the black paint!

Gu Nanyin threw the paint bucket and clapped her hands.

Looking at the embarrassed Chu Suosuo.

She said crisply: "This is what happens when you bully my little nephew! You don't even look at who his aunt is! How dare you plot against my little nephew, Gu Nanyin! Are you tired of work!"


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