Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 112


The door was pushed open.

Hua Qi and Gu Aoting walked in from the outside talking and laughing.

Chu Mochen followed behind.

As soon as they entered the door, the three of them were stunned by the picture in front of them!

From head to toe, Chu Suosuo was covered in black paint.

Hair, face, hospital gowns and sheets, all over the place.

Chu Suosuo was wiping his face with a towel in a hurry.

"Suosuo, who made this?" Hua Qirou ran to the hospital bed in three steps at a time, trying to help her, but couldn't do anything.

The pungent paint made her want to vomit.

Chu Suosuo looked up at Gu Nanyin, but said nothing.

Gu Nanyin raised her chin and admitted loudly, "It's me."

Gu Aoting's face darkened, and he raised his hand to hit Gu Nanyin, "You damn girl, why are you splashing paint on Miss Suosuo?"

Chu Mo Shen strode forward.

Pull Gu Nanyin behind her to protect her.

He said: "Uncle Gu, calm down, talk well if you have something to say, don't do anything."

Chu Suosuo looked at Gu Aoting aggrievedly, "Uncle Gu, don't blame Nanyin, she is young and ignorant."

Gu Aoting's face darkened, "Why is she so young? She's only a month younger than you. Seeing how sensible you are, she's just so naughty!"

Chu Suosuo retched while covering his mouth, and said weakly: "I'm fine, Uncle Gu, don't worry, don't hit Nanyin, and don't scold her. She's a nice person, but she misunderstood me a bit. "

Gu Nanyin sneered.

"What a misunderstanding! You and your grandmother teamed up to give my sister-in-law something to drink and saffron to make her have a miscarriage! It would be easy for me to splash your paint today! Next time you try to play tricks, I'll just pour sulfuric acid on you! "

Gu Aoting scolded: "Nan Yin, shut up!"

Gu Nanyin sneered, "Dad, are you still a human being? My sister-in-law is pregnant with your own grandson!"

She raised her hand and pointed at Chu Suosuo, "This woman is going to kill your grandson, yet you still favor her? Her grandmother was arrested by the police! The police will not arrest people for no reason!"

Gu Aoting stared at Chu Suosuo with an uncertain expression on his face.

Chu Suosuo felt guilty when he saw it.

Rolled his eyes slightly.

She explained: "Uncle Gu, I really don't know. According to my grandmother, she bought a box of flower and fruit tea and was given to Su Hua by my grandfather to drink. Su Hua was hospitalized that night and said there were signs of miscarriage. Good." How can a person who drinks flower and fruit tea have a miscarriage? I remember that in history, there was an empress named Wu Zetian who strangled her own daughter to death when she was young in order to pull the queen from her horse."

That meaning couldn't be more obvious.

Su Hua wanted to frame her and her grandmother.

Deliberately masquerading as a miscarriage.

Gu Nanyin was out of breath.

She poked Chu Suosuo's nose and scolded: "Chu, can you show some face? My sister-in-law is upright and upright, she is not as dirty as you, she knows that she is playing tricks behind her back, and she is full of bad water! The police arrested many people, They are all recruited! You are still running the train with your mouth full of words, so you are fooling my dad."

The more she talked, the angrier she became.

He rolled up his sleeves.

I really want to rush up, press Chu Suo, and beat him up.

Chu Suosuo was choked by her words.

She quickly changed her words and said: "Uncle Gu, Nanyin and Sister Su Wei have a good relationship, so they will naturally favor her. I won't say anything, my face hurts to death."

She jumped off the bed, with a dark face on her face, and ran towards the bathroom.

Hua Qirou hastily rang the bell beside the bed.

Call the doctor over to help with the paint on Chu Suosuo's face.

Gu Aoting said to her: "Mrs. Chu, I'm really sorry."

Hua Qirou pretended to be generous, "Kids like to make noise, so don't scold Nanyin when you go back."

Gu Aoting said sincerely: "You and Suosuo are really reasonable."

Hua Qirou smiled, "The two children grew up together, and it's okay to play childish temper occasionally."

Gu Aoting grabbed Gu Nanyin's wrist and said coldly, "Come out with me!"

Afraid that Gu Nanyin would be beaten, Chu Mochen followed, and said, "Suosuo's grandma has really been arrested. Uncle Gu, you must not listen to one-sided words. Nanyin has always had a clear love and hate, and she is not a messy child. "

Gu Aoting was silent, let go of Gu Nanyin, and said sharply: "For Mo Chen's sake, I will spare you this time!"

Gu Nanyin smiled sweetly at Chu Mochen, "Thank you Brother Mochen."

Chu Mo raised the corners of his lips.

ten days later.

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Gu Group.

that night.

The group booked the entire top floor of the Kyoto Hotel to celebrate.

The huge banquet hall is magnificently and magnificently decorated.

All the high-level and local staff of the company came to participate.

When the celebration ceremony is about to begin.

The door of the banquet hall was pushed open from the outside.

Chu Suosuo was dressed in full makeup, wearing a nude dress studded with artificial diamonds, stepping on 12cm high heels, and walked in shiningly.

The timing of her arrival was just right.

It was the quietest moment in the entire banquet hall.

Everyone looked at her one after another.

She managed to get the spotlight.

As if enjoying the feeling of being watched by all the people, Chu Suosuo stretched out her chest and tucked in her belly, twisted her slender waist, and walked gracefully towards the seat.

Gu Nanyin saw it in the crowd.

She curled her lips and asked Gu Beixian who was sitting beside her: "Today is the anniversary of our Gu Group, who called this guy? Is it you?"

Gu Beixian raised his chin, pointed to Gu Aoting who was speaking on the stage, "I can't think of anyone except your father."

Gu Nanyin snorted softly, "I think it's him too."

After finishing speaking, he added, "He is the only one in our family who is blind."

Gu Beixian grinned sullenly.

Gu Lin next to her covered her lips and coughed dryly, and said, "Miss Chu was invited by me. At the beginning of the year, I heard her mention that she wanted to come to our company's anniversary celebration. Thinking of the good relationship between the Gu family and the Chu family, I invited her to come. gone."

Gu Lin is the son of Gu Aoting and his ex-girlfriend Lin Niaoyou before their marriage.

He grew up in Lin's family.

Gu Nanyin didn't know him well, so he didn't answer.

There are so many people sitting in the banquet hall, it is crowded.

But Chu Suosuo still saw Gu Beixian sitting in the crowd at a glance.

He was dressed in a dark blue haute couture suit.

The sitting posture is elegant and dignified, and the skin is cold and fair, with its own light. New Pen Fun Pavilion

The sharp-edged face shape is matched with sculptural and delicate facial features.

With an inadvertent smile on the corner of his lips, a humanoid drug exploded in an instant.

Make everyone look dull.

If it wasn't for the car accident three years ago, she and him would be a match made in heaven.

Even though she was so disgusted and disgusted by him, she still couldn't help walking towards him with her feet.

When approaching.

Gu Lin beckoned to her and pointed to the empty seat beside her, "Miss Chu, sit here."

"Thank you Gu Lin."

Chu Suosuo obediently walked over to him and sat down.

His gaze always involuntarily passed over him, looking towards Gu Beixian.

But Gu Beixian didn't even look at her.

Gu Aoting, Gu Lin, Gu Beixian and other high-level leaders finished their resignations.

Invite a professional team to start performing on stage.

Because there are many people, the banquet is in the form of a buffet.

Like a butterfly, Chu Suosuo shuttled through the crowd, smiling sweetly, and greeted everyone warmly with a look of familiarity.

Because Su Wei and Gu Beixian are secretly married.

No wedding.

Su Hua hasn't been to the company either.

And Chu Suosuo used to come to the company to look for Gu Beixian as his girlfriend.

Everyone thought she was still Gu Beixian's girlfriend, and they were very enthusiastic about her, and they kept asking her, "Miss Chu, when will I have your and Mr. Gu's wedding candy?"

Someone else will definitely correct it.

But in order to satisfy his own vanity, Chu Suosuo didn't correct him, just laughed without saying a word.

Everyone thought she had acquiesced, and kept praising her, praising her and Mr. Gu for their talent and beauty, they were a natural match.

Gu Beixian stood not far away, taking a panoramic view of all this.

His eyes turned cold, and he picked up his mobile phone to call the driver Ah Zhong: "Send Su Wei to the banquet hall on the top floor of the Jingdu Hotel."

"Alright Mr. Gu."

half an hour later.

Su Hua is here.

Although she was only wearing a simple white shirt, which was tucked into a dark high-waisted dress, she had an elegant and elegant demeanor.

As soon as you enter the door, it attracts everyone's attention.

Even without makeup, she is still beautiful and compelling.

On the contrary, the well-dressed Chu Suosuo looks like a vulgar fan.

Gu Beixian stepped forward to meet her, held Su Wei's hand, stared at her tenderly, and said, "It's late at night, I asked you to run, don't you blame me?"

Su Hua smiled, "There's nothing important, and you wouldn't ask me to come over."

The two held hands, looking like a husband and wife.

Go to the middle of the rostrum.

Gu Beixian picked up the microphone and said to everyone: "Let me introduce, this is my wife. We got married three years ago."

Everyone was stunned.

There was silence.

Soon, there was thunderous applause in the banquet hall.

Everyone applauded.

Caught off guard.

Su Hua was startled.

Unexpectedly, he called himself to introduce her to the whole company.

I was pleasantly surprised.

She curled the corners of her lips, raised her face slightly, and looked at him delicately, her big eyes were wet and full of affection.

Gu Beixian looked down at her, and the love in his eyes was ready to come out.

He held her hand tightly and said to everyone: "I love my wife very much."

I love it.

He repeated it in his mind.

Chu Suosuo, who had always regarded himself as a girlfriend before, immediately pulled down her face with exquisite makeup, feeling ashamed and wishing to find a crack in the ground to sneak in.


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