Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 113

"Papa papa!"

In the huge banquet hall, there was endless applause like thunder.

Can't stop for a long time.

No one thought that this man who was usually unsmiling, cold and reticent, who looked like a god of abstinence, would be so romantic.

In public, he confessed affectionately to his wife.

It's really amazing when you don't usually shoot.

Some of the young girls present in the audience knocked on the CP of Gu Beixian and his wife on the spot.

With such a perfect appearance and such a perfect temperament, it looks like a pair of beauties made in heaven.

It's wonderful!

They believe in love again!

There are also those who have a crush on Gu Beixian, who feel dejected and feel that they have lost their love.

But they lost to that fairy-like person, and they were convinced.

The opposite mentality is Gu Aoting and Chu Suosuo.

Gu Aoting's old face stinks like rotten eggs.

He didn't say a word the whole time, just sat there stiffly.

At such an advanced age, not many dare to disobey him.

Even his own father had to give him three points.

But Gu Beixian disobeyed him again and again!

Not only did she not divorce Su Hua, but she also allowed her to conceive a child, and now she announced their marriage to the world!

This is not taking him seriously!

Chu Suosuo's expression became even uglier.

A second ago, she was lifted up to the sky by everyone, and she was proud of herself as Gu Beixian's girlfriend.

In the next second, he was slapped in the face by reality.

When the people around looked at her again, their gazes became strange, with naked mockery.

Her face was hot, she couldn't sit still anymore, she grabbed her bag and was about to leave.

Gu Lin, who was sitting next to her, raised her hand to block her.

"Give up so soon?" He lowered his voice.

So low that only two people can hear it.

Chu Suosuo was taken aback, and looked at him, "Brother Gu Lin, what do you mean?"

"I always thought that Ms. Chu was a very resilient person and would not give up easily. I never thought that such a small matter would make you give in."

Chu Suosuo heard something in his words and sat down again.

Moved to his side.

She leaned into his ear and said softly, "Brother Gu Lin, can you speak more bluntly? I don't understand."

Gu Lin smiled.

He glanced at Gu Beixian on the stage.

He asked Chu Suosuo: "Do you love him very much?"

One sentence pierced Chu Suosuo's heart.

She stared at the man on the stage who was staring at Su Hua affectionately, and said quietly: "My childhood sweetheart grew up together, and we have been in love for more than 20 years. How could we not love? If it wasn't for the car accident three years ago, we They're probably married long ago."

Gu Lin sighed softly, "Fatality tricks people."

"Who says it's not?" Chu Suosuo lowered his eyelashes and stared at the ground.

Look resentful.

She is such an excellent family, she must be good-looking, talented, able to enter the workplace, to be in love, to be coquettish, to be cute, to have stayed abroad, and to have seen the world.

Just like that, he lost to a country girl who crawled out of a ravine.

She is really dissatisfied!




She had a delicate appearance, with drooping eyelashes, a pointed chin, and a sad expression.

In Gu Lin's eyes, she just felt pitiful.

He said meaningfully: "Actually, it's not difficult for Ms. Chu to get her beloved."

Chu Suosuo suddenly raised his eyelids and stared at him, "Brother Gu Lin, what are you talking about?"

"The reason why Bei Xian likes Su Wei so much is because you left three years ago, and she took advantage of it. Young and vigorous men, who doesn't love the pleasure of the flesh? The so-called affection is just that they haven't slept enough. They Two, one for money, one for sex, just a transactional marriage, the relationship is not as strong as you think."

A few words made Chu Suosuo's eyes sparkle.

It had turned into a dead heart.

Gu Lin, the lighter, turned it on again.

But when I think of the recent days, Gu Beixian has ruthlessly manipulated her one after another.

She said dejectedly: "Brother Beixian has already started to hate me, I don't even have confidence."

Gu Lin dipped his chopsticks into the wine, and wrote four words on the table: Eating marrow to know taste.

Chu Suosuo stared blankly at these four words.


She raised her small face and looked at him, "Brother Gu Lin, what do you want to tell me, please tell me directly?"

Gu Lin pursed her lips and smiled intriguingly, "After sleeping, you will naturally know the taste. You don't understand such a simple truth, you are really a simple silly girl."

Chu Suosuo's eyes widened suddenly, and he looked at him in disbelief, "You let me, let me go to sleep with Brother Beixian?"

Gu Lin hurriedly stretched out his fingers to press her lips, and said in a low voice, "Be quiet."

look around.

Seeing that everyone was staring at Gu Beixian and Su Hua on the stage, no one paid attention to them.

Only then was he relieved.

He leaned close to Chu Suosuo's ear, and said in a very low voice, "Listen to my arrangement, and you will be satisfied."

Chu Suosuo still couldn't believe it, "Is this possible? I'm afraid Brother Beixian will hate me even more."

Gu Lin smiled strangely, "Don't worry, absolutely not, men know men best."

Chu Suosuo was dubious.

But seeing Gu Lin's confident appearance, she gradually became eager to try.

Anyway, he already hated it.

Just treat a dead horse as a living horse doctor.

Maybe it can be salvaged.

on the rostrum.

Gu Beixian handed the microphone to the host.

He took Su Hua's hand, walked off the stage, found a random place, and sat down.

He picked up a piece of tiramisu and handed it to Su Hua, "Are you hungry? Eat some."

Su Hua shook her head with a smile, "I've had a full dinner, I've already brushed my teeth before I came here, so I won't eat."

Gu Beixian brushed a lock of hair hanging from her ear behind her ear, and asked softly, "Are you sleepy?"


It's okay after finishing speaking, but Su Wei couldn't help but yawned.

She hastily covered her mouth with her hands.

It's almost nine o'clock now, and I'm sleepy again after pregnancy.

Gu Beixian smiled and said, "Then you go back first, and I'll take you downstairs."


The two stood up.

Su Wei smiled at everyone, paying tribute, which was farewell.

Then he and Gu Beixian walked towards the exit side by side.

All eyes were on her.

Most of them are curious and envious eyes.

In the eyes of everyone, Su Hua walked out gracefully with light steps and an elegant figure.

Everyone present, except Gu Aoting and Chu Suosuo, thought she was beautiful.

It is very beautiful and very comfortable.

It is the kind of beauty that will not make people jealous or slander.

Not ostentatious, not flattering.

Send Su Hua to the car.

Gu Beixian returned.

Because it is a senior leader of the company, there are managers from time to time who come to toast.

On such a big day as the anniversary, of course the subordinates should drink the toast.

In addition, he announced in public tonight that he was married, and he was in a good mood.

Gu Beixian's alcohol capacity is not bad, but he couldn't hold back the respect from everyone. After a few rounds, he felt a little dizzy.

On the way, he went to the bathroom and rinsed his face with cold water.

Come back and continue.

After sitting down, I drank two more glasses of wine.

He felt more dizzy, groggy, and double-imaged when he saw people.

If there is another toast, the assistant will block it for him.

Gu Beixian picked up the teacup and drank it to hangover.

After drinking a few cups of tea, I felt that my body temperature was gradually rising, and a male instinct surged up from the depths of my body, inexplicably excited.


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