Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 115

The person Gu Lin was looking for was very efficient.

In less than an hour, the news about the cheating of the second son of the Gu Group became a hot topic.

It's all over the internet.

Especially Weibo.

Spend money to buy a hot search spot, find a few marketing accounts, and help forward it.

It didn't take long for the heat to stir up.

Netizens are most interested in this kind of rich and bloody news.

Like playing chicken blood, rummaging around for more detailed content.

Although the face of the person concerned had a mosaic on the eyes, this couldn't be hidden from the sharp-eyed netizens.

It didn't take long.

Someone pulled out the photos of the ex-girlfriend and wife of the second son of the Gu Group.

Chu Suosuo's photo is easier to find because she has verified her real name on Weibo.

Usually good at showing off.

A name search, a bunch of photos.

Su Hua kept a low profile.

It took a lot of effort for netizens to search for her photos.

It was a photo taken with old experts when she went to the museum to help restore Wang Meng's hermit picture a few months ago.

Enthusiastic netizens, after searching the photos, are still full of ideas.

Compare the two with each other.

Compare which is more beautiful.

There was even a poll.

According to the results of the poll, men like Chu Suosuo more.

I think she is pure and lustful, with flirtatious eyes, and she must be very exciting to play with.

Women all like Su Hua.

I feel that Chu Suosuo is born with a small three-faced face, the tea smells like tea, and looks like a vixen.

Su Wei is gentle and generous, with an elegant and graceful demeanor. She is born with a dignified appearance, and she is comfortable to look at.

Chu Suosuo's real-name certified Weibo, the certified title is: Famous Jewelry Designer, Director of Chu Group.

There are selfies of her in various poses.

The comment area under each selfie is full of oceans.

All scolding her.

Scolding her for being so coquettish, no wonder she became a mistress.

Occasionally, someone praised her, and left a message saying: Miss Sister looks so sexy, do you want to date? You can also pay, is 300 a night enough?

There are even more ugly words, which are unbearable.

Even the official Weibo of the Chu Group was slaughtered, and there was a lot of scolding.

The corporate image plummeted.

Of course, Gu's Group's official Weibo is not much better.

The "scumbag" hat was properly put on Gu Beixian's head.

Chu Suosuo knew nothing about all this.

She delivered it to her door, but was ruthlessly rejected by Gu Beixian, she was very annoyed.

Lost, frustrated, sad as hell.

So I borrowed wine to relieve my worries, but I didn't expect to worry more.

It's boring to drink.

Before the Gu's Group's anniversary banquet was over, she left the Jingdu Hotel and went home.

The driver helped her into the house.

Once in the house.

Chu Yanru pointed his nose and scolded, "Look at the good things you have done! In private, you can make troubles as you like, but don't get involved in the company! I worked hard to run this company, not for you to ruin of!"

Chu Suosuo looked confused, "Dad, there is no reason, why are you so angry?"

Chu Yanru's face was livid with anger, he called up the news, threw the phone into her arms, "Look for yourself!"

Chu Suosuo opened the news in doubt.

one look.

The wine is all sober!

The overwhelming news is that she and Gu Beixian have a room together!

Suddenly my brain exploded!

I didn't eat the mutton, but I made a fuss!

She swipe the screen of her mobile phone with her fingers, desperately scrolling through Weibo, and murmured: "It's not like that, it's not like that, brother Beixian and I didn't have a room at all. I went in less than three minutes, and he kicked out. How can these people write indiscriminately? I'm going to sue them!"

"By the time you succeed, the company will have gone bankrupt! You idiot! You know how to get me into trouble all day long!"

Chu Yanru snatched the phone from her hand and called the manager of the PR department.

Let Lianye contact the relevant personnel and delete all news on the Internet.

at all costs!

at the same time.

Su Wei was sitting on the bed at home, waiting for Gu Beixian to come back.

Waiting and waiting, he just didn't come back.

Calling his cell phone, the assistant said that it is not convenient for him to answer the phone now.

Su Hua couldn't sleep, so she used her mobile phone to look up antique-related information online.

Open the browser and see the first news.

Ambiguous peachy photos with mosaics.

There is an exaggerated title on it: The second son of Gu has a wife and a concubine, hugging left and right, enjoying the blessings of being equal to everyone!

She smiled noncommittally.

I thought to myself, this society is really chaotic.

One wife and one concubine, hugging left and right, enjoying the blessing of being equal.

How many years has the Qing Dynasty been dead?

This feudal remnant still remains.

Out of curiosity, she clicked in and took a look.

Seeing this, the smile on her face froze.

It included photos of her and Chu Suosuo, as well as Gu Beixian's.

It turned out that Second Young Master Gu was her husband, Gu Beixian.

She and Chu Suosuo are monogamous and concubine.

It is inconvenient for Gu Beixian to answer the phone, so he is in the room with Chu Suosuo!

Su Wei's heartbeat suddenly became chaotic, thumping and thumping.

It seems that there are fifteen buckets fetching water, up and down.

The hand holding the phone trembled slightly.

My heart seemed to be strangled by a rope, and I couldn't breathe.

Never thought of that.

One day, she will become the heroine of this kind of gossip news, and what will be staged is a drama of one woman fighting for two husbands!

She thought about it needle by needle, and her heart ached terribly.

Just two hours ago, she thought she was the happiest woman in the world.

I didn't expect the slap in the face to come so quickly!

I do not know how long it has been.

Su Hua managed to calm down.

She took a deep breath, picked up her phone and dialed Gu Beixian's number.

She is not reconciled, and always asks clearly.

After connecting.

The assistant said apologetically: "Young Madam, it's really inconvenient for Mr. Gu to answer the phone right now. Wait a minute, I'll ask him to call you back, okay?"

Gu Beixian was doing gastric lavage in the ward.

The scene of gastric lavage was really uncomfortable.

He can't answer the phone.

Su Hua only thought that Gu Beixian and Chu Suosuo were having a room.

Hearing what the assistant said, she thought he was helping to cover.

She smiled coldly: "I have seen the news, you tell him, get a divorce, I will make way for them, there is no need to sneak around."

The assistant was taken aback, "What news?"

"The news about him and Chu Suosuo having a room is all over the Internet now!" Su Hua could no longer keep calm.

The assistant hurriedly opened Weibo.

A search, it really is.

There are overwhelming news about Gu Beixian and Chu Suosuo's house opening!

He quickly explained: "Young Madam, that's not the case. Mr. Gu's drink was tampered with, and I sent him to the hospital for gastric lavage. I'm afraid he won't let me tell you if you're worried."

Su Hua pursed her lips and remained silent.

My mind is messed up like a pot of porridge.

I don't know whether to believe the news or Gu Beixian.

After a few seconds.

She said: "Tell me the name of the hospital, the ward number, and I will go see him now."

seeing is believing.

She doesn't believe anyone's words.

You have to see it with your own eyes to believe it.

Seeing that the matter was getting serious, the assistant didn't dare to prevaricate, and hurriedly said: "We are in the emergency department of the Municipal People's Hospital. When you are about to arrive, call ahead and I will pick you up."


After hanging up the phone, Su Hua called the driver Ah Zhong.

Soon, Ah Zhong drove to pick her up.

Su Hua's face was still pale.

Although he didn't speak, his eyes looked very painful.

A sad expression is ready to come out.

Without saying a word, she bent down and got into the car.

Ah Zhong started the car and couldn't help asking: "Young Madam, are you okay?"

Su Hua didn't make a sound.

After a long time.

Only then did she speak: "You men, will you cheat when your wife is pregnant?"

Ah Zhong thought for a while, "It depends on the individual. During a woman's pregnancy, it is indeed the time when men are most likely to cheat, but some men can control themselves and feel that they have to be loyal to their wives, so they will not cheat."

"how about you?"

Ah Zhong smiled honestly, "My wife and I are classmates in elementary school, and we have a very good relationship. I can't do that kind of thing."

"What if the cheating partner is your ex-girlfriend?"

"My wife is my first love."

Su Hua fell silent.

Chu Suosuo is also Gu Beixian's first love, the first love of childhood sweethearts who grew up together.

First love, ex-girlfriend, etc. are really a ticking time bomb in a woman's heart.

It can explode anytime, anywhere.

It seems like a long time has passed.

The car arrived at the Municipal People's Hospital.

After getting off the car, Gu Beixian's assistant came to pick up Su Wei.

Came to the emergency department.

Gu Beixian had finished washing his stomach, and was lying on the hospital bed, his face was pale and abnormally red.

Paleness is caused by gastric lavage.

Abnormal redness means that there are still drug residues in the body.

Seeing the painful and anxious look in Su Hua's eyes.

His heart twitched, and he smiled weakly at her, "In the middle of the night, why did you come to the hospital to see me if you weren't at home to take a good rest? Just like me, can I fall in love with anyone else except you? Stupid .”

Su Hua's eyes turned red, and she walked towards him slowly.

Lean over and hug him.

She whispered in his ear: "If you dare to cheat, I will take the child to a place you will never find, and make you regret it forever."

Gu Beixian had a heart attack.

Cold white and slender fingers grasped her arm tightly, holding it tightly.

As if she was afraid that if she let go, she would run away.

"Don't leave me."

He said hoarsely, "If you dare to run and find Tianya Haijiao, I will also find you back."


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