Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 117

Early the next morning.

When Su Wei woke up, she found herself lying in Gu Beixian's arms.

Neck resting on his arms.

In this VIP ward, there are two beds.

When I slept last night, I obviously slept in the same bed.

Su Hua rubbed her sleepy eyes, raised her small chin, and looked at him, "Why did you run off to my bed?"

"I'm afraid you'll fall off in your sleep and hit my child again. I'll help you block it."

Su Wei smiled, and touched his heroic chin, "Do you feel better today?"

"Well, it's not that uncomfortable."

Two people, you support me, and I support you, and sit up from the bed.

One worried that the other was pregnant.

One was worried that the other party had just had his stomach washed last night, and his body was weak.

Su Hua burst out laughing, "Obviously we are only in our twenties, this looks like a husband in his seventies and eighties."

Gu Beixian pursed his lips, "After a hundred years, I will go first, and you will go later."


Gu Beixian pressed her into his arms, "If you leave first, I won't be able to bear the pain of missing you."

Su Wei smiled, and raised her hand to caress his sexy thin lips, "Your mouth seems to have been opened up recently, and it's getting better and better at speaking."

The corners of Gu Beixian's lips raised slightly. New Pen Fun Pavilion

In fact, what I said was from the heart.

In the past, even if he was killed, he would not be able to say such nasty words.

However, Su Hua is too straight, and no matter how straight he is, the two of them will become steel bars.

After washing.

Aunt Liu brought over soft and glutinous white rice porridge.

Su Hua scooped it up with a spoon and fed it to Gu Beixian.

Gu Beixian also fed Su Hua with a spoon.

Aunt Liu was standing by the side, almost unable to watch it any longer.

It is said that the pain of three years, the itch of seven years.

But these two couples have been married for more than three years, and they are more tired than newlyweds.

Tsk tsk, really nasty.

Mrs. Liu turned around and left.

after eating.

The assistant came and leaned over to Gu Beixian and whispered something in Gu Beixian's ear.

Gu Beixian's eyes were cold, and he asked, "Have all the monitoring been adjusted?"

The assistant replied: "It's all adjusted. The other party didn't do anything in the banquet hall. Only by monitoring, we can't find out who it is. When I called and sent someone to investigate, the tea cups and wine glasses were taken away by the waiter. Went to clean up. It took only ten minutes before and after. The speed is so fast, it shows that the other party has premeditated, and it is someone in the banquet hall. It is difficult to investigate who it is, because there are too many people that night."

Gu Beixian snorted a sneer, "I know who it is."

The assistant hurriedly asked, "Is it Miss Chu? I suspect it's her too."

A faint sneer appeared in Gu Beixian's eyes, and he said casually, "She's not that courageous, she's being used as a pawn."

"Then what should the subordinate do?"

Gu Beixian pondered for a moment, then said slowly: "Send a few people to watch Gu Lin, look for opportunities, and treat him in his own way."

The assistant's eyes moved slightly, "This subordinate understands."

"Be quick with your hands and feet, and don't leave a handle."

"Don't worry, Mr. Gu."

a week later.

Gu Lin entertained clients at the Tang Palace.

After drinking and eating.

His subordinates took customers upstairs for consumption.

Upstairs there are foot washing, massage, song and dance performances and special services.

All the staff in the Tang Palace, except the cleaning aunt, all wore women's clothes from the Tang Dynasty.

The Tang Dynasty was the most open dynasty in my country. Women's clothing in the Tang Dynasty was thin in texture and bold in design.

The overalls of the Tang Palace are improved Tang suits with a bolder design.

Red gauze, low cut, thin and transparent, looming.

Looking at it from a distance, it is a piece of snow-white, bright spring, and extremely enchanting.

This is also the reason why Tang Palace's business is better than other entertainment cities.

The "fascination" has been achieved to the extreme.

Gu Lin drank a little too much.

Wait for the client to have fun and go with them.

He was too lazy to go upstairs to play, so he lay down on the sofa in the private room to rest.

This private room is his exclusive suite, and usually no one will come in to disturb him.

Falling asleep, he only felt his body getting hotter and hotter, his heart beating faster, his face was hot and his ears were red.

The body gradually became excited and abnormal.

He used to be a nightclub cafe when he was studying abroad, so he understands this feeling very well.

Unexpectedly, he hunted geese all day long, but was blinded by geese.

He sneered, called his subordinates, and said, "The wine I drank or the food I ate was tampered with. Try to find out who is so brave to break ground on Tai Sui's head."

The subordinate replied: "Okay."

He looked at the dishes and wine glasses on the table, and they were all taken away by the waiter.

In order to respect the privacy of customers, this private room is not monitored.

If you want to check, you can only go out and tune the surveillance in the corridor, or go to the kitchen.

He turned and walked towards the door.

Hand just touched the doorknob.

Gu Lin's low and hoarse voice came from behind: "Don't forget to call two beautiful girls to come over and make them clean."

The subordinate was slightly taken aback, and quickly responded: "Okay."

After he leaves.

Gu Lin propped up the sofa with his palms and sat up in a lazy and uninhibited posture.

Holding his phone, he stared at Gu Beixian's photo, and said to himself, "You are so smart, you guessed it was me so quickly. Unfortunately, you are different from me. You are married and I am unmarried. No matter how crazy I am , and will not suffer moral condemnation.”

With a snort, he threw the phone on the sofa, his eyes full of disdain.

Not long.

There is a knock on the door.

Gu Lin thought that the two beautiful girls he wanted had arrived, put his hands on his forehead, and replied, "Come in."

The door opened.

It was Chu Suosuo who walked in.

She was wearing the latest haute couture summer dress from a big brand, a white short skirt with hips, and a small green suspender on top, revealing her delicate collarbone. She was delicate and beautiful, and she was carrying a Dior Dior bag in her hand.

The suspenders are extremely short, the navel and white waistline are looming.

Stepping on ten centimeter high-heeled sandals, the simple white strap bound her white, tender and sensual feet.

She twisted her slender waist and walked in gracefully.

Once in the house.

A fragrant wind came in.

The perfume she used added musk, which also has aphrodisiac properties.

When Gu Lin smelled the aroma, she immediately felt like adding fuel to the fire, her eyes were bloodshot and red.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, staring at her white swaying thigh, and said, "Why are you here?"

Chu Suosuo walked up to him, pulled up a chair, bent over and sat down opposite him, and said softly, "Brother Gu Lin, you are so noble and forgetful. Didn't you send your subordinates to call and ask me to come over? "

Gu Lin's medicine is getting stronger now.

Dizzy, a little unconscious.

He raised his hand and patted his forehead, "I'm dizzy, I can't remember clearly."

Chu Suosuo saw that his eyes were bloodshot, his Adam's apple was fluttering, and the skin on his neck was slightly red, so he hurriedly asked, "Brother Gu Lin, did you drink too much?"

Gu Lin said perfunctorily: "It's okay, but I'm not feeling well."

Chu Suosuo thought about asking him for help in the future, and said flatteringly: "Your eyes are so red, and your neck is also red, do you have a fever?"

She approached him familiarly, put her hand on his forehead and tried it, "Ah, why is his forehead so hot? Do you want to buy you antipyretics?"


Gu Lin happened to see the spring light on her chest.

Clothes are sparse and thin.

The exposed skin was so white that it made him dizzy.

He couldn't bear the charming meaty smell that kept coming from her body.

Hands grabbed her legs uncontrollably.

Chu Suosuo was taken aback for a moment, as if getting an electric shock, he stepped back, "Brother Gu Lin, what are you going to do? I will treat you as my elder brother!"

Gu Lin woke up with a start, and waved to her with the remaining rationality, "You go."

Only then did Chu Suosuo realize that beads of sweat began to form on his forehead.

The skin on the neck has turned red.

Thinking of that day at the Jingdu Hotel, Gu Beixian seemed to be in the same situation.

She hurriedly said: "Brother Gu Lin, have you been tampered with? Do you want me to help you find a woman? What flavor do you like?"

Her words sounded too provocative to Gu Lin.

Her delay in leaving was also a hint to him.

He couldn't hold back the lust in his heart anymore, he stood up slowly and walked towards her.

Grabbing her slender waist with his big hands, he pushed her down on the sofa, "I like your taste."

With a chirping sound, his iron-like hands tore open the tight wrap skirt covering her round buttocks...


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