Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 118

Chu Suosuo suddenly panicked.

He screamed in his mouth.

Covering the ripped hip skirt with one hand, he pushed and beat Gu Lin in a panic with the other hand, "No! Brother Gu Lin, what are you doing? Don't!"

Gu Lin has seen too many women who want to refuse and welcome.

He said no, but his body stuck to him.

He is now eager to get on top.

I don't have that much reason to analyze Chu Suosuo's so-called don't want it, whether it's really not wanted, or a woman's natural reserve.

Or deliberately playing tricks to increase the bargaining chip.

However, he is quite good at dealing with women.

He supported Chu Suosuo with one hand, resting the back of her head with his palm, with a gentle and hot voice, he whispered in her ear: "I will take responsibility for you, give it to me."

Chu Suosuo shook his head in a panic, "No, I like Brother Beixian!"

"I am no worse than him, but you have never paid attention to me. In fact, I have noticed you from a very early age. You are beautiful and delicate, like a proud little kingfisher. You are so cute and painful. Today Let me love you well, my little princess."

No woman can resist such gentle and hot love words.

Chu Suosuo is no exception.

Especially when she hit a wall one after another with Gu Beixian, she was rejected, loathed, and beaten.

But Gu Lin regarded her as a little princess.

She enjoys the feeling of being held in the palm of her hand and being a little princess too much.

A flash of God's kung fu.

Gu Lin put her earlobe in her mouth and kissed her familiarly.

His tongue was hot.

Kiss down her neck.

Chu Suosuo trembled like an electric shock, and the tip of his heart trembled.

She suddenly had a feeling that she didn't want to resist.

I really want to experience the refreshing feeling of indulgence.

But shame still made her push Gu Lin hard, muttering: "Brother Gu Lin, this is not good, this is not good."

However, Gu Lin is too good at touching and kissing.

With his experienced methods, Chu Suosuo's cries gradually became quieter, and his struggling arms softened.

In the end, she gave up her reserve and put her arms around his waist...

When his subordinates brought the two stunning top cards of Tang Palace, they pushed the door and entered the room.

I saw a messy spring in the house.

Chu Suosuo was lying disheveled on the sofa with watery eyes.

I don't know if it's wet or crying.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Gu Lin suddenly raised his head, and glared fiercely at the three people at the door.

The three of them were taken aback by that look.

That one look is enough to kill!

His subordinates hurriedly pushed the two beautiful girls out, closed the door, and hung the sign "Do Not Disturb" on the door.

After more than an hour.

Gu Lin let go of Chu Suosuo.

After tossing and tossing for a long time, most of the anger in my body has been vented.

My mind is clearer too.

He leaned over, kissed Chu Suosuo's blushing cheek, and said, "Sure enough, you are as hot as I imagined."

Chu Suosuo didn't say anything.

Just lying quietly on the sofa motionless.

The tide receded gradually.

She floated in the air for a while like floating dust.

After the indulgence, a great sense of emptiness descends.

Bare skin begins to feel ashamed.

My mind is in a mess.

She actually slept with a man she didn't love.

What made her even more ashamed was that she actually found this feeling very exciting.

After getting dressed, Gu Lin called someone to buy women's clothing suitable for Chu Suosuo.

He changed her clothes and fixed her hair.

I think it's almost there.

He arranged for someone to take her home.

When we parted at the door, he kissed her forehead tenderly, being extremely considerate, and handed her a box of contraceptive pills, saying, "What happened today was so sudden, I'm sorry."

Those who didn't know the inside story thought they were a couple who had been in love for many years.

Chu Suosuo didn't speak.

He took the box of birth control pills and got into the car.

go home.

It was almost ten o'clock.

Father has gone abroad.

Mother went to the dinner party and hasn't come back yet.

Seeing her unhappy look, the servant hurriedly took the slippers and handed them to her, saying, "Second Miss, please change your shoes."

Chu Suosuo changed his slippers, went straight into his room and lay down without saying anything.

She is in a daze until now.

She clearly loves Gu Beixian, but by accident, she has an intimate relationship with Gu Lin.

It's outrageous!


After lying in the dark for a long time, she remembered that she had to take contraceptive pills.

She got up from the bed, took the medicine, and pulled on her slippers, went downstairs to find a cup for water to take the medicine.

I happened to meet my mother who was returning from dinner.

Hua Qirou changed into her slippers.

As soon as he raised his head, he saw Chu Suosuo looking out of his mind.

She hurriedly asked: "Suosuo, what's wrong with you? You seem to have lost your soul."

Chu Suosuo suddenly felt aggrieved, and walked slowly to her side.

He threw himself into her arms and cried with a loud cry.

Hua Qirou became anxious, and patted her head, "Okay, why are you crying?"

"Mom, I just slept with Gu Lin."

Hua Qirou was stunned, "Didn't you always like Gu Beixian? Why did you sleep with Gu Lin?"

Chu Suosuo briefly told her the ins and outs.

Hua Qirou was also very angry at first.

But slowly, she calmed down, "Gu Beixian is the son of the Gu family, and so is Gu Lin. Since Gu Beixian doesn't care about you, it's fine to marry Gu Lin. Didn't he say that he is responsible for you? Then let him take responsibility."

Chu Suosuo frowned, "But, I love Brother Beixian."

"Silly girl, Gu Beixian doesn't love you anymore, there's no need to hang him on a tree."

"But Gu Lin said that he has someone in his heart."

Hua Qirou's face changed slightly, "Who is in his heart?"

"He didn't say his name, he just said he was dead."

"It's better to die, and it's quicker to die. As long as he is willing to marry you, why bother? After you marry Gu Lin, both Gu Beixian and Su Hua will have to call you 'sister-in-law' straightly, Just think about it and relieve your anger.”

Chu Suosuo covered his head, "But..."

"Not so much. When you are young, you may think that love is bigger than the sky. But when you reach my age, you will find that love is just like that, and men are all the same."

Chu Suosuo stopped talking.

She lowered her head and picked out a contraceptive pill, stuffing it into her mouth.

It was snatched by Hua Qirou.

"Since you are going to marry Gu Lin, what contraceptive pills do you take? It would be nice to have a child and get married. I was pregnant with you at the beginning, so your father was willing to marry me."

Chu Suosuo hesitated, "He was drugged, what if he gave birth to a deformed child?"

Hua Qirou thought for a while, "It should be fine. I was the same way back then. I secretly drugged your father to conceive you. Look at how smart and beautiful you are now. At that time, I was also afraid that it would affect the fetus, so I asked Several doctors. The doctors all said that as long as the man does not take the medicine all the time, it will not have much impact, just pay attention to regular checkups in the later stage."

Chu Suosuo was depressed, "But I don't want to have children, it's too sudden, I'm only twenty-two years old."

"Anyway, you have to give birth sooner or later, so give birth early and quickly."

"I obviously love Brother Beixian."

Hua Qirou poked her on the forehead with her index finger, "Why are you so stupid with your elm head? You have slept with Gu Lin, do you think there is still a possibility for you and Gu Beixian? Listen to what mom said. , Mom is someone from here, Gu Lin is no worse than Gu Beixian."

"Then, that's fine." Chu Suosuo reluctantly said.

"In a few days, when your father comes back, we'll find you, Uncle Gu, and spread the matter over. Then you and Gu Lin should get engaged and get married."

Chu Suosuo was not happy at all.

I'm almost dying of distress.

What is this called?

She obviously liked Gu Beixian since she was a child, but now she wants to talk about marriage with Gu Lin.

She really doesn't know him that well.

ten days later.

Chu Yanru came back from abroad.

Hua Qirou told him the matter exactly.

After hearing this, Chu Yanru was also furious at first.

But it was done, and there was no other way.

You can only make mistakes.

Arrange a marriage for the two as soon as possible.

After several people discussed.

Chu Suosuo went back to the bedroom to call Gu Lin, and said, "Brother Gu Lin, my mother said that our two families will meet tomorrow night to discuss our marriage."

Gu Lin looked cold, "What marriage?"

Chu Suosuo was stunned, "You said that day that you would be responsible for me."

"I said it, but I didn't say I want to marry you."

Chu Suosuo was annoyed, "If you don't marry me, then how can you be responsible to me?"

Gu Lin said lazily: "I will pay for the film repair."

Chu Suosuo was about to explode, "Gu Lin, you son of a bitch! You are a fucking beast! You bastard! You bastard!"

Gu Lin's mother, Lin Niao, died of dystocia when giving birth to him.

He had never even seen the face of his biological mother.

It was a scar deep in his heart.

What he can't hear the most is when others scold his mother.

Chu Suosuo called him a son of a bitch!

When he was in elementary school, a child scolded him for having no mother. He blocked him on the way home from school, beat him until his nose was bruised and his face was bruised, and he broke a rib. He was so painful that he couldn't get out of bed for half a month.

Gu Lin's eyes immediately became sinister, and he pinched the phone.

Block Chu Suosuo's number.

If Chu Suosuo hits again, he won't be able to get in.

In a fit of anger, she brought this matter to Gu Aoting.

Of course, she added oil and vinegar, and also added her nirvana, crying.


After Gu Aoting heard this, he was furious and immediately called Gu Lin on the phone.

Gu Lin said lightly: "I took the client to the Tang Palace that day, and the food was tampered with. I asked my subordinates to find two women who came to help me with the antidote. But Chu Suosuo came, and she deliberately wore She seldom shows up at me, touches my forehead, seduces me, and asks me what kind of women I like. I drive her away, but she won't leave. When she does that, she is also very active. If you don't believe me, ask her. "

How could Gu Aoting ask such a thing?

But after listening to Gu Lin's explanation.

Gu Aoting was not so angry anymore.

He thought for a moment and said, "Since it's done, you two should stay together and get engaged sometime."

Gu Lin smiled, "Dad, your old man values face the most. Chu Suosuo is Beixian's ex-girlfriend, and everyone in the capital knows it. If you ask me to marry his ex-girlfriend, aren't you afraid of being laughed at?"

Gu Aoting fell silent after listening.

It's really not very pleasant to hear about it.

He didn't want to be the laughing stock of everyone after dinner.

Seeing that he was silent, Gu Lin called up the call recording he just recorded.

Chu Suosuo's exasperated voice clearly came from the phone, "Gu Lin, you son of a bitch! You are a fucking beast! You bastard! You bastard!"

Lin Niaoyou is Gu Aoting's first love.

No one can mention the white moonlight in his heart.

Chu Suosuo yelled at her as a dog!

Gu Aoting's impression of Chu Suosuo is not as good as before.

He said to Gu Lin in a perfunctory tone: "You can deal with it according to your needs. Just don't affect the business cooperation between Gu Chu and his family."

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it."

On the same day, Chu Suosuo received a check sent by Gu Lin.

The amount is: two million.

In addition to the check, there is a note.

The note said: Tang Palace's stunning headliner is only tens of thousands of dollars a night, which is not less than two million for Ms. Chu. Please take the money and go for a repair operation, and we will not owe each other in the future. You had a good time that night too, didn't you?

Chu Suosuo's lungs were about to explode!

The anger went straight to the top of my head!

The hand holding the note was trembling!


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