Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 101

Do you really believe a child?

Everyone looked at each other, feeling a little ridiculous.

Lu Rongyuan nodded to the hotel manager: "Go and have a look."

"Yes, Mr. Lu."

Lu Rongyuan asked Xia Bao: "How can you be sure that the person is in the operating room?"

Lu Rongyuan just asked casually, and didn't really expect a child to answer.

Xia Bao is very clever, but this is not something that can be found out by being clever.

"It's very simple, just look at the monitoring." Xia Bao looked very contemptuous, pointing at more than a dozen alternate monitoring screens with his chubby finger, and said seriously: "The bad guys disappeared after they appeared in the storage room. The surveillance system was damaged, that person must have been to the surveillance room, or had an accomplice, and there must have been three surveillances from the storage room to the surveillance room..."

Xia Bao reached out and pointed out the three monitors, which were exactly the three monitors located between the storage room and the monitoring room.

This is unmarked, making it nearly impossible to spot at a glance if one isn't familiar with the monitoring setup.

This is Xia Bao's first time here, so he must not know where the surveillance settings are.

But he spoke exactly what he said, which surprised Lu Rongyuan.

Xia Bao continued to analyze: "There is no bad guy in the main entrance lobby and the back door monitoring. From the analysis of time and distance, then this person must still be hiding in the hotel after the incident was exposed. Judging from the alternation of more than a dozen monitoring information, it is located far away from the monitoring room. The furthest operating room is the most likely."

Such clear and logical words came from the mouth of a child.

The others seemed to understand, but Lu Rongyuan was secretly startled.

The childish voice is very convincing.

Su Qing was also shocked. She knew that Xia Bao was smarter than ordinary people before, but she never thought that Xia Bao was smarter than she imagined.

Wan Yang looked at Xia Bao, it was like seeing a piece of treasure, his eyes glowed: "Boss, this is a good seedling."

Even the island cannot find such a smart child, no, there is one, and that is Xia Tian.

It's a pity that Xia Bao's analytical ability and keen observation ability are not well cultivated.

Lu Rongyuan knew what Wan Yang was up to, and wanted to abduct him to the island.

This is unrealistic, Su Qing will not be able to pass that test.

Liu Xueqin and Li Kuihua didn't understand what they heard, they only knew that Xia Bao was very powerful, this child really didn't hurt in vain.

Xia Bao stared at the monitor, and added: "The operating room is the closest to the back door."

The implication is that it is conducive to escape.

Someone in the crowd dared to say: "What are you talking about? I can't understand it at all. I don't believe that a child can really say it right."

As soon as the man finished speaking, the manager came with someone.

"Let go of me, what did you arrest me for, and I didn't do anything wrong."

It was Zhuang Xiaomei who was struggling.

This time I really can't accept it.

Su Qing gave Xia Bao a thumbs up: "Xiaobao, it's great."

Xia Baochun smiled innocently, but looked at Lu Rongyuan, and said to himself, "It's just a trivial matter."

Isn't this the same sentence that Wan Yang praised Lu Rongyuan just now?

This kid provoked Lu Rongyuan.

"Boss Lu, the person is really in the operating room." The manager asked the security guard to escort the person to the front.

Lu Rongyuan looked at him coldly, and frowned coldly: "Search."

As soon as the words fell, someone came up and searched immediately.

Considering that Zhuang Xiaomei is a woman, she deliberately asked the female staff to search.

Zhuang Xiaomei panicked: "What are you doing, stop now, or I will sue you for violating human rights."

Li Kuihua sternly said: "If you really took the bracelet, what awaits you is a prison sentence."

"I don't have any bracelets, I don't know what you are talking about." Zhuang Xiaomei is still quibbling.

And sure enough, nothing was found on Zhuang Xiaomei.

Su Xue, who had been standing in the crowd, breathed a sigh of relief secretly. Anyone who could suppress Su Qing, she wished that Su Qing could never lift her head up.

As long as she can't find the bracelet, she can spend money to buy a navy black Suqing's charity dinner and fake it.

Su Xue even thought of the title.

This is a good opportunity to slander Su Qing, how could she miss it.

Su Qing was also surprised when she couldn't find the bracelet: "Zhuang Xiaomei, as long as you hand over the things, maybe you can reduce your responsibility."

"Su Qing, do you want to take revenge on me, just because I said bad things about you before, and you insult people like this." Zhuang Xiaomei broke away from the staff, and suddenly became very proud: "You donated a fake product yourself , want to rely on me and let me take the blame, don't you?"

Zhuang Xiaomei's words aroused many people's discussions.

Could it be that Su Qing really wants people to take the blame?

revenge on others?

Su Qing looked calm, but her words were sharp: "You said it wasn't you, so why did you sneak out of the storage room and then hide in the operation room?"

"What do you mean by being sneaky? I was in a hurry to go to the bathroom. As for why I was in the operating room, it was because my hairpin fell off and I went looking for something." Zhuang Xiaomei responded calmly, without the panic she had just now.

However, Su Qing smiled and looked at Lu Rongyuan, both of them wanted to go together.

"Go to the bathroom and search." Su Qing had a smile on her face, but the light in her eyes was cold: "Search carefully."

When she heard that she was going to the bathroom, Zhuang Xiaomei panicked completely.

Soon, the searchers came back and found the bracelet, which was identical in appearance to the fake bracelet.

"Miss Su, I found it in the water tank in the bathroom."

The video surveillance that returned to normal just now happened to show Zhuang Xiaomei going into the bathroom, and she admitted that she had been there, so this is solid evidence.

"It's not me. It has nothing to do with me. I just went to the bathroom. Should everyone who goes to the bathroom be regarded as suspects?" Zhuang Xiaomei refused to admit it.

"Isn't it you?" Su Qingyun said calmly: "Then take it to the police station and have your fingerprints checked to see who it is. No one else has touched this pair of bracelets except me and the staff just now. If there is a third set of fingerprints on it, then whoever is the thief, do you dare to test it?"

Lu Rongyuan said in a deep voice, "Send it to the police station."

With a cold voice, Zhuang Xiaomei's legs trembled in fright, and she knelt down on the ground with a plop: "Don't send me to the police station, I was wrong, I did it because I hated Su Qing, I really never thought of stealing, I I originally wanted to go back afterwards, but I just wanted to teach Su Qing a lesson."

Su Qing really learned this lesson.

Su Qing remembered Zhuang Xiaomei's harsh words when she left the company.

"Zhuang Xiaomei, you yourself have misbehaved and your intentions are not right. You are an adult, so you should be responsible for your actions." Su Qing said coldly: "It's not that I didn't give you a chance just now."

Zhuang Xiaomei knelt down and begged for mercy: "Su Qing, Su Qing, you just spared me for the sake of my colleagues. I really didn't mean it."

"Can sabotage the monitoring, hide things in the bathroom by slapstick, it looks like it's carefully designed, and you say it's not intentional, do you think everyone is blind or fool?" Wan Yang twitched the corner of his mouth coldly, and said to Li Kuihua: "Mr. Li, hurry up and deal with the traffic police station, don't waste everyone's time."

Because Zhuang Xiaomei stole the donation, it wasted almost an hour for everyone.

But everyone didn't think it was a waste of time. It was worth it to see Young Master Lu being so pampered and patient.

Zhuang Xiaomei was sent to the police station, and the charity dinner continued.

Then, what Lu Rongyuan did once again confirmed everyone's guess.

Lu Rongyuan bought back the bracelet donated by Su Qing with 50 million yuan, and donated all 50 million yuan to the children in the mountain area.

That pair of bracelets was only worth a million dollars, and it was obvious that Lu Rongyuan spent 50 million yuan to pamper Su Qing.

Su Qing got up and thanked Lu Rongyuan with a smile: "Thank you Mr. Lu for your care for the children in the mountains."

The auction is still going on, and it's the turn to auction the Hermès bag donated by Su Xue, with a starting price of one million.

Su Xue held up a sign: "One and a half million."

"1.8 million!"

"I offer two million."

"I offer three million..."

After the photo was taken, the price was getting higher and higher, and Su Xue became nervous.

It would be a shame if she couldn't take pictures of the things she donated.

Su Xue asked Chu Tianyi for help in a low voice: "Tianyi, I don't have enough money, can you help me take pictures?"


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