Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 103

Su Xue turned up the volume on purpose so that Su Qing could hear her.

She will never admit defeat in front of Su Qing.

Su Qing didn't even give Su Xue a look, she led Xia Bao, and left with Lu Rongyuan and his party.

When we arrived at the parking lot, Wan Yang tactfully put his arm on Lu Xingnan's shoulder, and said, "We both discussed the script of "Xuancheng Rivers and Mountains" at night, boss, we won't go with you."

Lu Xingnan glanced at Wan Yang, when are they going to discuss the script?

He also didn't say that he would take over the drama "Xuancheng Rivers and Mountains".

Wan Yang winked at Lu Xingnan, and the two winked.

Lu Xingnan's reaction was slow, but at least he came to his senses, with a dumbfounded expression: "Oh, yes."

Lu Rongyuan was quite satisfied with Wan Yang's awareness of current affairs, and nodded slightly: "Well, then you guys go first."

Wan Yang hooked Lu Xingnan's shoulder, and said goodbye to Su Qing: "Miss Su, see you next time."

Lu Xingnan also smiled and said goodbye.

"Well, see you later." Su Qing replied with a smile: "Xiao Bao, say goodbye to your uncles."

"Uncle Wan, Uncle Nan, goodbye." Xia Bao was still very polite.

"Little Fatty, next time uncle will take you out to play." Wan Yang stretched out his hand to pinch Xia Bao's cheek.

Xia Bao hid back: "Only my daughter-in-law can touch it."

Wan Yang was amused by these words: "Yo, I know how to find a wife at such a young age, the next generation is awesome, the next generation is scary."

Seeing that Wan Yang and Lu Xingnan were about to leave, An Ruo pointed to herself, then looked at Lu Rongyuan and Su Qing, and said awkwardly, "Then... should I go too?"

"Little Ruoruo, I'll see you off." Li Sen ran out from inside, smiling like a flower on his face.

"Just you? Forget it, I'll drive back by myself." An Ruo didn't like Li Sen anyway.

Who made Li Sen famous, and had a feud with An Ruo before, and now Li Sen has been blacklisted by An Ruo, if it wasn't for the fact that Li Sen became Su Qinggan's younger brother, she would hit her every time she saw her.

"Little Ruoruo, don't be like this. You are the guest, and I am the host. As a man, you must have a gentleman's demeanor." Li Sen went to open the door for An Ruo graciously, and said with a smile: "I am already in the house now." After working in the company, if you learn how to manage the company, you are no longer not doing your job properly, but only eating, drinking and having fun. "

"What does it have to do with me?" After An Ruo got into the car, she kicked the accelerator and drove out, and the car sprayed exhaust fumes all over Li Sen's face.

Wan Yang and Lu Xingnan also left, Su Qing, Lu Rongyuan and Xia Bao were left at the door, Li Kuihua and Liu Xueqin had to deal with the aftermath.

Lu Rongyuan raised an eyebrow at Su Qing: "Go to your place, or go to my place?"

Su Qing pursed her lips and smiled, Lu Rongyuan was still thinking about it.

"Everyone goes back to each house, each finds his own mother." Su Qing picked up Xia Bao, "I have to go to the hospital to see Su Jie."

In the past few days, she has been sticking to Lu Rongyuan and ignoring Su Jie.

Su Qing was still very sorry.

"Then I'll go with you." Lu Rongyuan took out the car key, pressed the button, and the door opened automatically.

Xia Bao hugged Su Qing's neck, pouted: "Uncle, you want to abduct my sister again."

"Brat, your sister is mine."

If it wasn't for the fact that he was still in a public place, he would have to pretend to be lame. He would have carried Xia Bao away long ago, how could Su Qing have been holding Xia Bao all the time.

"My sister is mine." Xia Bao snorted, and pressed his face against Su Qing, swearing his sovereignty.

Lu Rongyuan emphasized: "Mine."

The two disagreed.

"Childish." Su Qing hugged Xia Bao and got into the car with a smile on her face.

Just as Su Qing sat in, Lu Rongyuan said again: "Qingqing, come and drive, my feet hurt."

"What's wrong with your foot?" Su Qing was still a little nervous when she heard it: "Could it be that the leg injury from the previous car accident hasn't healed yet?"

Lu Rongyuan said solemnly: "It should be because I have exercised too much in the past few days and got hurt."

With a swipe, Su Qing's face turned red, and she glared at Lu Rongyuan.

Didn't Lu Rongyuan imply that she was squeezing him a bit hard these days?

Su Qing took the car keys and got into the driver's seat, she didn't even bother to look at Lu Rongyuan.

Seeing Su Qing's blushing and shy look, Lu Rongyuan's smile deepened.

After getting into the car, Lu Rongyuan took off his mask.

Xia Bao said contemptuously: "Uncle, you just want to separate me from my sister."

Lu Rongyuan really wanted to separate Su Qing and Xia Bao, so he lied that his leg hurts.

But how could he admit that he was competing with a brat, how much would it hurt his wisdom to spread the word?

Lu Rongyuan rubbed Xia Bao's hair: "Measuring the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a villain."

After Xia Bao's reminder, Su Qing also reacted, and couldn't laugh or cry at Lu Rongyuan's behavior: "Lu Rongyuan, you are really naive."

Xia Bao also made a face at Lu Rongyuan.

"Xiaobao, you are very smart. You have a keenness and observation ability that ordinary people don't have. It would be a pity to waste such a good talent." Lu Rongyuan calmly changed the subject: "Xiaobao, do you want to go to a place that can make you become a person?" stronger place."


Xia Bao refused very simply: "Uncle, you don't want to separate me and sister."

Lu Rongyuan really wanted to cultivate Xia Bao.

Su Qing was a little moved after hearing this: "Lu Rongyuan, where do you want to send Xiaobao? Abroad?"

"Hmm." Lu Rongyuan couldn't explain the matter of the Dark Night Organization to Su Qing for the time being, so he could only lie about sending Xia Bao abroad.

Su Qing drove the car steadily, and she also saw that Xia Bao's talent is very good, it's a pity to waste it.

"How long does it take?"

"It may take several years." Lu Rongyuan said after consideration, "If you miss Xiaobao, you can visit him anytime."

"Sister, I won't go." Xia Bao was particularly resistant: "Don't send Xiaobao away, Xiaobao will stay with her sister and won't go anywhere."

While talking, Xia Bao cried: "Bad uncle, I don't like you anymore, you want to separate me and sister, just like they separated Zhu Yingtai and Liang Shanbo."

Su Qing: "..."

Lu Rongyuan: "..."

Zhu Yingtai and Liang Shanbo both came out.

Xia Bao cried really sadly, and there was fear in his voice.

He finally found someone who loves him and has a home, which he doesn't want to lose.

"Sister, I can't bear you, handsome grandpa and beautiful grandma, uncle, don't send Xiaobao away."

Su Qing was so distressed when she heard this, she quickly said, "No, my sister promises you that she will never send you away."

Because of the driving, Su Qing couldn't coax Xiaobao, so she had to pretend and sternly say to Lu Rongyuan: "In the future, don't say anything about sending Xiaobao away."

Lu Rongyuan didn't expect Xia Bao to react so strongly.

"Little kid, don't cry, I won't see you off."

"Really?" Xia Bao twitched.

There was another reason for Xia Bao's reluctance. He wanted to find his elder brother. If he went abroad, his elder brother would not be able to find him.

Lu Rongyuan said in a deep voice, "I promise."

"No, you have to swear, like on TV, if you go back on your word, then you will never be able to marry my sister, and my sister will be my wife."

Lu Rongyuan: "..."

Lu Rongyuan didn't swear, Xia Bao pretended to cry.

"Okay, I swear." Lu Rongyuan said helplessly: "If you go back on your word, you will never be able to marry a wife for the rest of your life."

This time Xia Bao was satisfied, and it was considered sunny after the rain.

Su Qing smiled, and the car arrived at the hospital.

Lu Rongyuan continued to pretend to be lame in the wheelchair, Su Qing pushed behind him, and Xia Bao followed.

The three of them walked towards the inpatient department, and when they were still some distance away from Su Jie's ward, they suddenly saw two men running towards the stairs carrying Su Jie on their shoulders.

"Xiaojie." Su Qing shouted anxiously, and immediately chased after him.


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