Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 105

Su Qing slammed the steering wheel to dodge to the side, but she still couldn't dodge in time, the van hit directly from the side.

The van had no intention of avoiding it at all, as if it had hit it on purpose.

The violent impact caused the side door to dent directly, and the airbag popped out. Su Qing was stunned at that moment, her head hit the steering wheel, and she felt a very strong dull pain.

Su Qing lost consciousness for a moment and lay on the steering wheel.

Due to the remoteness of the road, there were no cars passing by. After the van driver stopped the car, he quickly got out of the car to check, and then gave his companion in the car a wink: "Hurry up and take him away."

Su Qing vaguely felt being dragged out of the car, her forehead was sticky, it was blood.

Su Qing was taken into the van, and in the bumps, Su Qing passed out again.

When Su Qing woke up again, she didn't even know where she was, it was pitch black, there was a musty and rusty smell in the air, and there were rats squeaking.

There was still pain on her forehead. Su Qing tried to move her feet, only to find that her hands and feet were tied.

Su Qing suddenly realized that this was not an ordinary car accident at all, it was intentional.


Su Xue or Qin Suqin?

Su Xue is pregnant and has just been released on bail, so she should not be so bold.

Qin Suqin dealt with Su De'an in order to share the property, so she probably didn't have time to find fault with her.

Who would that be?

What the hell is this place?

It's too dark around, even if it's really dark, you won't be able to see everything clearly. Could it be that this is a confined space?

At this moment, Su Qing heard the sound of a wheelchair rolling over the ground. It was because she had been with Lu Rongyuan for a long time that she could hear the sound of a wheelchair.

Is it Lu Rongyuan?

Su Qing tried to shout, but only murmured, her mouth was sealed.

Now Su Qing is in a hurry.

Suddenly, the sound of the wheelchair disappeared. What happened?

Su Qing was in a panic, Su Jie was taken away, and now it's her again, could it be the Sirius organization that Lu Rongyuan mentioned?

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" Su Qing tried to make a sound for help.

"Where are people?"


There are voices outside.

Immediately afterwards, Su Qing heard the sound of the iron door being pushed open. With a creak, the door slowly opened, and several glaring white lights came in. Su Qing couldn't open her eyes at all, and subconsciously turned her head to one side.

The sound of the wheelchair was getting closer and closer, Su Qing squinted her eyes slightly, and could only roughly see a man sitting in the wheelchair, coming against the light.

When she got closer, she saw the other person's face clearly.

A completely unfamiliar face.

She doesn't know.

But the other party showed a sinister smile and said, "Miss Su, I'm really sorry for inviting you here in this way."

He said he was sorry, but his actions almost killed her.

There was a man standing behind the man in the wheelchair, probably a bodyguard or something.

The wheelchair man signaled the people behind him to tear off the tape on Su Qing's mouth. The moment the tape was torn off, Su Qing was so painful that she almost burst into tears.

"Who the hell are you? What kind of hatred do I have with you? I remember that I didn't offend you. What exactly do you want to do by tying me here?"

Su Qing also saw around clearly with the light, this is an abandoned factory.

"Miss Su is really a noble person who forgets things so much. Why, you don't even know me?" The man touched his left leg sullenly, and said viciously, "It's all thanks to you."

Only then did Su Qing notice that the man's left leg was gone.

The trousers are empty inside.

Su Qing stared at the man's left leg in astonishment. She really didn't remember when she killed the man's leg.

"This is definitely a misunderstanding. You must have mistaken the person. Brother, I really don't know you. What does your leg have to do with me?"

The man yelled: "You are still quibbling, someone told me that my legs are lost because of you."

"Who is it?" Su Qing explained: "I don't even know you, how could I break your leg, someone must have set me up, let me tell you, there are too many people who don't like me and can't kill me , Maybe someone wants to borrow a knife to kill someone."

The man's face turned green with anger: "You mean I'm stupid, and I don't even know I'm being used."

"I didn't say that, you understood it yourself." Su Qing curled her lips, she was no longer nervous: "Brother, let's stop messing around here, I really have no enmity with you, you have found the wrong person .”

The man looked even more sullen: "A few months ago, you were kidnapped. Do you remember this incident?"

Hearing this, Su Qing's heart tightened, not as relaxed as before.

She was kidnapped by Qin Suqin and almost drowned in the sea.

To be precise, it was Zhou Xiongfei who found someone to kill her.

Su Qing's eyes fell on the man's broken leg, and she realized that she was very shocked: "You are Zhou Xiongfei's son, Zhou Zhe?"

Zhou Zhe sneered: "It seems that Miss Su hasn't forgotten, she remembered."

"Thinking, remembering." Su Qing swallowed, her limbs felt cold: "Young Master Zhou, it was your father who wanted my life back then."

Although it was cruel to lose a leg to pay off the father's debt, it wasn't her who let Zhou Zhe's leg be removed.

But Su Qing can also guess who did it, Lu Rongyuan.

Lu Rongyuan stood up for her, took revenge on Zhou Xiongfei, and unloaded the leg of Zhou Xiongfei's favorite young son.

Zhou Zhe grabbed his empty trouser legs, the grief and anger in his eyes seemed to be able to swallow people.

"Su Qing, you ruined everything about me. You made me crippled. I will ask you for this debt."

"What do you want?" Su Qing felt Zhou Zhe's strong hatred, and her pupils shrank suddenly: "It seems that today I don't want to go out from here completely, and before Young Master Zhou does anything to me, Can you tell me, who told you?"

She had to know who was going to kill her before she died.

"Su Qing, aren't you afraid at all?" Zhou Zhe stared at Su Qing.

"Is it useful to be afraid?" Su Qing chuckled: "If I say I am afraid, you can let me go."


"That's fine." Su Qing twitched the corners of her mouth: "I just hope that before Eldest Young Master Zhou makes a move, let me die and understand."

"Okay, then I'll help you." Zhou Zhe said, "It's a woman who called me. As for who it is, Ms. Su can guess for herself. As Ms. Su said just now, you have offended so many people. Think about who wants your life the most."

Su Qing really couldn't guess it, so she sneered: "The one who wants my life the most is you, Young Master Zhou, but I have to remind Young Master Zhou, do you think I can take off your legs with my ability? I don't Deny, this matter has something to do with me, but the one who really unloaded your legs is not me."

"Who is that?"

"I don't know." Naturally, Su Qing will not betray Lu Rongyuan, she is just delaying time: "I just don't want Young Master Zhou to be used by others, and the other leg will not be guaranteed."

"You're threatening me." Zhou Zhe said angrily, "I want to see if I can touch you today. Someone, come and remove her leg for me."

As soon as Zhou Zhe finished speaking, several big men came in from outside immediately, carrying guillotines in their hands.


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