Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 107

Under the firelight, Su Qing's eyes showed firmness, and her exquisite facial features had an indescribable charm.

Zhou Zhe was stunned for a moment, staring at Su Qing, he didn't return to his senses for a long time.

"Young Master Zhou, let's go first." The bodyguard carried Zhou Zhe on his back, not even using the wheelchair.

Zhou Zhe came back to his senses, and hurriedly said to Su Qing: "Get in the car, let's go together."

"You guys go first." Su Qing said to the bodyguard with a serious expression: "Be sure to send him back safely, do you hear that, if something happens to young master Zhou, you can't get rid of it."

"Yes." The bodyguard didn't know why, and subconsciously followed Su Qing's order.

There is still a road behind the abandoned factory, and Zhou Zhe and others drove away from behind.

Zhou Zhe was sitting in the car. He watched Su Qing's figure gradually go away, and suddenly became irritable: "Stop the car quickly, a few big men let a woman die, they are useless."

"Young Master Zhou, the other party is the Dark Night Organization. They kill people without blinking an eye. They must be here for you. As long as we leave, Miss Su will be fine."

The bodyguard didn't stop, but accelerated and drove even faster.

After watching the people leave, Su Qing extinguished the brazier, and ran to the path.

Su Qing got lost while running.

It's too remote here, the weeds are half the height of a person, and it's impossible to tell the direction.

Su Qing's legs were in excruciating pain, and the blood on her forehead was still aching after it dried.

This year is really unlucky, she has already been in two car accidents, but fortunately she is still alive.

Suddenly, Su Qing heard footsteps behind her and the sound of weeds being brushed away.

Someone is chasing me.

Su Qing looked back, because it was dark and there were weeds blocking her view, she could only roughly see a man chasing up from behind.

Su Qing's heart skipped a beat, she didn't go any further, but found a place where the weeds were denser and hid.

Su Qing was so nervous that her palms sweated and her heart beat faster.

She heard the footsteps getting closer, and she closed her eyes in fright, thinking silently in her heart.

Don't be found out, you can't see me, you can't see me.

Su Qing was afraid and didn't dare to open her eyes. Suddenly, a hand was put on her shoulder, and she jumped in fright.

"You have found the wrong person, don't kill me! Ah!"

Su Qing was hugged by someone, she was so frightened that she screamed again and again, she still dare not open her eyes.

"Qingqing, open your eyes."

The familiar voice in her ear made Su Qing settle down, she opened her eyes suddenly, and turned her head.

Lu Rongyuan took off the hell mask on his face.

Su Qing was dumbfounded, her eyes widened, she was surprised and delighted: "Lu Rongyuan? How could it be you? You finally came, if you don't come again, I will die in the wilderness."

Su Qing seemed to have found her backbone all of a sudden, the strength she had endured just now collapsed, she hugged Lu Rongyuan, crying and laughing.

"It's okay, I'm here. After you disappeared, I found out that you were brought here by Zhou Zhe, so I rushed here." Lu Rongyuan saw the blood on Su Qing's forehead, his eyes darkened: "How did you hurt? Is there any other injury?"

"It hurts everywhere, here and there hurts." Su Qing pointed to her legs and hands, she felt pain all over her body, her legs were a little weak, the tension just now disappeared, and she didn't need to hold on when Lu Rongyuan came. .

Lu Rongyuan hugged him up: "Was Zhou Zhe hurt?"

Su Qing could hear the murderous intent in Lu Rongyuan's tone, and quickly said: "This time it has nothing to do with him, Lu Rongyuan, I was slightly injured when you unloaded someone's leg earlier, it's nothing, you are not allowed to take revenge on others for me .”

Lu Rongyuan stared at Su Qing with deep eyes: "I'll take you to the hospital first."

Lu Rongyuan was a little surprised that Su Qing actually spoke for Zhou Zhe.

The car was parked by the side of the road, Xia Dong Xia Qiu and others saw Lu Rongyuan came back, they took off the masks on their faces one after another.

"Boss, Miss Su."

Su Qing glanced at Xia Dong, Xia Qiu, and the dozen or so people standing behind them holding little ghost masks, and suddenly realized: "Lu Rongyuan, are you the leader of the dark night?"

"En." Lu Rongyuan nodded simply.

Su Qing was shocked: "How much identity do you still keep from me?"

Only then did she realize that when she took An Ruo in the back alley of the bar and ran into the man from the dark night, she thought she was going to die, but she was released in the end, and she didn't know the reason until now.

"It's gone." Lu Rongyuan was very sincere at this moment: "I've always wanted to find a suitable opportunity to confess to you..."

"It's just that I didn't find an opportunity, did I?" Su Qing took Lu Rongyuan's words and patted her chest: "Please let me calm down, you suddenly became a murderous big devil, my little heart can't bear it."

"Okay." Lu Rongyuan carried him into the car, and told Xia Dong: "Go to the hospital, and the others go back to the branch."

Xia Dong: "Yes, boss."

Through the car window, Su Qing watched Lu Rongyuan's subordinates put on their masks and leave in a well-trained manner, secretly startled.

She never thought that one day she would be so close to the people of the "Dark Night Organization", and she herself was still lying in the arms of the leader of the Dark Night. To exit the transcoding page, please download the app Love Reading Novels to read the latest chapters.

This world is too unreal.

At the beginning, Lu Rongyuan told her to go to the pier to watch the excitement, it was pure nonsense, obviously he was secretly dealing with Lu Zhanyuan.

These are not important, Su Qing suddenly remembered: "Lu Rongyuan, where is Xiaojie?"

"Su Jie was taken away by people from the Sirius organization, but you don't have to worry, they didn't mean to hurt Su Jie. As for the specific reason, I don't know for the time being." Lu Rongyuan stared and asked: "Qingqing, Su Jie's Who are the parents?"

"I don't know." Su Qing really didn't know: "Xiaojie was brought back by his mother back then. No one knows who his parents are, and his mother didn't mention it. Why do you ask such a question?"

Lu Rongyuan pursed his thin lips tightly: "I suspect that Su Jie belongs to Sirius."

"How could this be?" Su Qing was even more shocked.

Su Jie can be considered as she grew up watching, and has never been in contact with the Sirius Organization, Su Qing is sure of this.

"If my guess is correct, Su Jie will contact you soon." Lu Rongyuan said: "You don't have to worry about him now, go to the hospital first and check your body."

The place where Su Qing's hands and feet were bound was red, the blood on her forehead was dry, and other injuries could not be seen. Now Lu Rongyuan didn't care about anything else at all, only caring about Su Qing's physical condition.

When we arrived at the hospital, it was almost four o'clock in the morning, and the doctors in the duty room came to examine Su Qing.

The final result of the examination was a minor injury, and he only needed to rest for a few days, so Lu Rongyuan heaved a sigh of relief.

Su Qing also felt that besides the pain, she could walk and run. It was not a big problem, but she was very sleepy.

The nurse on duty passed by with a bucket of instant noodles. The strong smell of instant noodles made Su Qing's stomach churn, and she couldn't help retching.

Seeing this, the doctor's eyes lit up, and he asked, "Miss Su, when did you come for your last menstruation?"

"Last time?" Su Qing recalled carefully: "It seems to be the 14th of last month, doctor, what's wrong?"

Lu Rongyuan was also very nervous: "Doctor, is there something wrong with my wife?"

The phrase "my wife" made Su Qing blush.

The doctor smiled and said, "I suggest to give Ms. Su another checkup, maybe it's a good thing."

Su Qing and Lu Rongyuan looked at each other, and they both came to their senses.

During this period of time, the two of them did have frequent intercourse, maybe there really was a baby in their stomachs.


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