Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 3: Doctor of the Beauty

"""I'll go with you!""

Ning Tianlang ran to the backyard, picked up Bai Xiaobei, whose lips were purple, and together with Qiao Shoucun, took a taxi to the emergency department of Qing'an City Second Hospital.

Watching Bai Xiaobei being pushed into the examination room by several doctors in a flurry, Ning Tianlang said:

""Grandpa Qiao, you watch here, I'll go out and make a call first.""

""Okay, you go and get busy.""

Ning Tian Lang walked out of the emergency department's door, found a quiet corner, lit a cigarette, and dialed Tian Kui's phone.

""Hey, Tiankui, immediately prepare a car and send it to the Second Hospital of Qing'an City.""

Just now, when he was in a hurry to get a taxi at the entrance of the orphanage, he suddenly realized that not having a car was just too inconvenient.

""Yes, Boss, what type of car do you need, is it a sedan, a cross-country, a supercar, or a stretch limousine?""

""Ordinary sedan is fine, don't be too conspicuous, deliver it within twenty minutes.""

""Yes! Earth Pixie will deliver the car to the Second Hospital underground parking lot within twenty minutes!""

Ning Tian Lang had just hung up the phone when he heard a cool female voice from behind him:

""This is a smoke-free hospital, please put out your cigarettes.""

""Sorry, get used to it.""

Ning Tianlang extinguished the cigarette and threw it into the garbage can, and as soon as he turned his head back, he was confronted with a pair of bright and beautiful eyes.

This pair of eyes, cold to the core, was so beautiful that it was hard to breathe.

Its owner, a beautiful doctor with an ice-cold demeanor.

Wearing a wide white coat, she still couldn't hide her dimpled and hot body.

""Next time, don't let me see you smoking in the hospital.""

The iceberg beauty gave a cold rebuke and turned around to leave.


A gentle smile appeared on Ning Tian Lang's face, but his tone was deliberately light and provocative:

""Beauty, which section are you a doctor of, I want to try my best to get that kind of disease.""

When he left the orphanage, among the seven sisters, the youngest was already thirteen years old, and her appearance had basically been finalized.

Therefore, even after a lapse of ten years, he still recognized them at once--the ""stranger"" in front of him.

In front of him, this beautiful doctor who was ""unapproachable"" was his second sister, Ke Dong'er.

Ning Tianlang, on the battlefield, experienced unimaginable pain and training.

Nowadays, whether it's his height and skin color, or his demeanor and temperament, they are all completely different from the beginning.

Only by carefully scrutinizing his features could he perhaps vaguely discern some of his appearance back then.

Therefore, Ke Dong'er didn't recognize that the person standing in front of him was her younger brother that she had been thinking about for ten years.

""I'm from the Mortuary Section, why, do you want to come?""

Ke Dong'er brushed off a sentence, then walked towards the emergency department without looking back, her footsteps appearing a bit eager.

Ning Tian Lang hooked up the corners of his mouth, recalling the scene when Ke Dong'er was a child and wanted to cut him open with a razor blade, he couldn't help but shake his head in amusement.

It seems that the second sister can finally give someone a knife in name only ......

Back at the emergency department, Bai Xiao Bei had already been examined and was pushed into the operating room.

""Grandpa Qiao, how's it going?""

Qiao Shouduan sighed, ""Waiting for surgery.""


Qiao Shou dust suddenly thought of something as if he said to Ning Tian Lang, ""Your second sister Ke Dong'er works in this hospital.""

""We've already met."" Ning Tian Lang beamed.

Qiao Shouduan nodded:

""That's good ...... I heard that the surgery will take more than ten hours, I still have to go back to look after the other children, so I'll leave you two to watch over this place ......""

""Don't worry. When Xiao Bei's surgery is complete, I'll pick you up from the orphanage."" Ning Tian Lang sent Qiao Shou Chen to the entrance of the hospital before he turned back and took the elevator to the sixth floor operating room.

In the corridor outside the operating room.

A group of doctors and nurses were huddled together, seemingly arguing with each other.

Ning Tianlang approached, only to hear Ke Dong'er say:

""Xiao Bei is my brother, this surgery must be done by me.""

A middle-aged male doctor wearing gold-rimmed glasses looked displeased:

""Dr. Ke, I know you're anxious, but the patient's age is too young, and it's also a very rare congenital lesion, so for this surgery, let's leave it to Dr. Zhao!""

Next to him, the male doctor with the ""Zhao Qi"" name tag on his chest nodded:

""That's right, I'm better at difficult surgeries like this, Dr. Ke, you should stop arguing.""

""You're better at it?"" Ke Dong'er coldly rebuked.

""Do you want me to tell you the success rate of your surgeries?

Aren't you just trying to pave the way for your own promotion through such rare and difficult cases?

It would be fine if the surgery was successful, but ask yourself, with your own strength, can you afford this surgery?!""

""You ......""

Zhao Qi stalled, and said with a sullen face

""Dr. Ke, please watch your words, it's not like you don't know my identity! Besides, Director Zhou has already given his word, why are you still arguing?!""

Hearing the original story, Ning Tian Lang separated the group of doctors and nurses, walked over to Ke Dong'er and asked:

""This surgery, what's the success rate?""

Ke Dong'er furrowed her eyebrows and just wanted to tell him not to mind his own business.

But, just as she met Ning Tianlang's hazel eyes, she ghostly and involuntarily replied:

""If I were to be the main blade, the success rate would probably be between eighty and eighty-five percent, and if Zhao Qi were to be the main blade, it would be less than sixty percent.""

""Is she right?""

Ning Tianlang turned to Zhao Qi and asked.

""No...... not right......,"" Zhao Qi stretched his neck and just wanted to argue, but suddenly looked puzzled for a moment and said.

""And what do you do? Who are you to question me?""

Director Zhou on the side coughed and said in annoyance, ""Idle people leave immediately, otherwise, I'm going to call security!""

""There's no rush."" Ning Tianlang said with a faint smile as he wrapped his arm around Ke Dong'er's slender waist.

""I'm Dr. Ke's husband, how can I be considered an idler?""


Upon hearing this, the surrounding doctors and nurses all whispered.

They didn't expect that the iceberg queen-like Ke Dong'er would already have a husband?

""What are you babbling about?!""

Ke Dong'er struggled in vain, but she couldn't push Ning Tianlang's arm at all.

Even a strong man like Wang Sanheng was helpless under Ning Tianlang's yoke, let alone Ke Dong'er, a woman.

Ning Tianlang curled up the corner of his mouth, and the fingers holding her slender waist slightly exerted force, and Ke Dong'er stopped writhing as if she had been nudged, her body going limp.

""Dr. Zhao, are you good at heart surgery?""

Feeling her second sister's warm body heat, Ning Tianlang's heart was very comfortable, and even his tone towards Zhao Qi softened a few points.

Zhao Qi held his head high and said proudly:

""That's natural! Let's say this surgery today, in this Second Hospital, besides Dr. Ke and I, no one can operate it at all!""

""Dr. Zhao, don't bullshit with him!"" Zhou Jian waved his hand impatiently and

""Hurry up and call the security guards to come and beat this troublemaking little brat out!""

Ning Tianlang's smile gradually turned ice-cold, his eyes staring indifferently at Director Zhou, but under his breath, he said to Ke Dong'er:

""You, want to do this surgery?"""


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