Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 108

Su Qing blushed even more.

Lu Rongyuan looked at Su Qing's stomach, and it softened a lot, and he couldn't believe it.

Su Qing went to get a blood test, and it would take twenty minutes at the fastest to get the results.

After Su Qing drew the blood, she sat on a chair in the corridor, and Lu Rongyuan went to the car to get a blanket and wrapped it up for Su Qing.

"Why don't you go to the car and wait for the result, or ask someone to pick it up tomorrow."

Su Qing shook her head: "Anyway, it's only twenty minutes, and it'll be there soon."


Lu Rongyuan sat next to Su Qing.

Both of them fell silent suddenly, Su Qing felt uneasy, and glanced at Lu Rongyuan from the corner of her eye.

Lu Rongyuan basically didn't have any expression. It was a bit difficult for Su Qing to know what Lu Rongyuan was thinking from his expression.

Su Qing asked tentatively: "Lu Rongyuan, you seem unhappy?"

"How could it be?" Lu Rongyuan smiled with a stiff expression on his face.

Su Qing poked his face: "Look, you can't even laugh anymore."

"I'm so happy, I don't know how to express it." Lu Rongyuan showed Su Qing his palms: "My palms are sweating nervously."

Seeing the cold sweat in Lu Rongyuan's palms, Su Qing smiled: "I didn't expect that there would be something that would make the dignified Young Master Lu nervous. In fact, I am also a little nervous."

The two looked at each other and both smiled.

Lu Rongyuan reached out to touch Su Qing's stomach, he felt it was amazing: "We really have a baby?"

With generous big hands on her stomach, Su Qing also felt an indescribable feeling in her heart, nervous, joyful, and apprehensive.

"The result hasn't come out yet, so it's not necessarily true." Su Qing tilted her head to look at Lu Rongyuan, and asked, "What were you thinking when you were silent just now?"

Lu Rongyuan raised his eyes and stared at Su Qing: "I'm thinking, should we get married? I've already thought about the child's name. If it's a girl, I'll call it Yanyan, and if it's a boy, I'll call it Baozi."

Su Qing chuckled: "Baozi? How can you be so casual, you are patriarchal, Lu Rongyuan, do you not like boys?"

But to be honest, Su Qing's heart is warm and happy. In such a short period of time, Lu Rongyuan thought of marriage and the name of the child. He was thinking about the future, and this gave a woman the sense of security that she wanted. .

"I hope it's a girl, more like you, and let me protect you mother and daughter." Lu Rongyuan paused and said, "If it's a boy, then we father and son will protect you."

Father and son, mother and daughter...

Listening to these ordinary words now, people feel warm and wonderful.

Once you have a child, your status will be promoted, and you will have an extra responsibility.

Su Qing's heart moved, she leaned over and kissed Lu Rongyuan's face: "Lu Rongyuan, thank you."

Thank you for letting me stop wandering.

Su Qing is an extremely insecure person, how lucky she is to be valued and cared about.

Lu Rongyuan's eyes spoiled: "Qingqing, I also thank you for appearing in my life."

Su Qing smiled, took Lu Rongyuan's arm, leaned her head on Lu Rongyuan's shoulder, and closed her eyes.

The two just waited quietly.

Time passed by every minute and every second.

The nurse came over: "Mr. Lu, Ms. Su, the results have come out. Dr. He asked you to go to the office."


At this moment, Su Qing became nervous.

Lu Rongyuan said: "You wait for me here, and I will get the result."

"...Okay." Su Qing let go of Lu Rongyuan, she was also afraid of being disappointed.

Lu Rongyuan went to the office and came back after a while. Su Qing got up and asked, "How is it?"

Lu Rongyuan walked towards Su Qing and picked him up: "You have been tossing all night, you should go back and rest."

Hearing this, Su Qing already knew the answer: "Are you not pregnant?"

Lu Rongyuan strode out and comforted Su Qing with a smile: "It's because I haven't worked hard enough. We will work harder when you recover."

"Oh!" Su Qing's eyes dimmed, and she felt an indescribable disappointment in her heart.

When she saw Lu Rongyuan expecting a child, she really hoped to get pregnant.

The two of them had a lot of life in that aspect recently, but they didn't get pregnant. Could it be that she couldn't do it?

After giving birth that year, she remembered that Dr. Zhang said that her uterus was in a different position than ordinary people, and it was difficult to conceive. In addition, she almost bleeds during childbirth, and the chance of pregnancy in the future is even smaller.

Su Qing looked up at Lu Rongyuan's chin, and asked softly, "Are you disappointed?"

"No." Lu Rongyuan smiled: "Qingqing, the matter of the child, let it take its course, when the fate comes, it will come naturally."

Su Qing nestled in Lu Rongyuan's arms and didn't speak any more.

The two went back to the Nanshan Villa, and after a whole night of tossing, Su Qing was so tired that she fell asleep on the way.

This sleep lasted until the next afternoon, when Su Qing woke up, she saw Lu Rongyuan standing on the balcony answering the phone, with one hand in his pocket, tall and handsome.

Su Qing was lying under the blanket, and couldn't help stretching out her hand to outline Lu Rongyuan's outline. With Lu Rongyuan's genes, the child born must be very beautiful.

It's a pity that her stomach doesn't live up to expectations.

Su Qing touched her flat stomach and sighed softly.

Lu Rongyuan on the balcony noticed that Su Qing was awake, and said to the phone: "Old man Xue, since Xia Tian broke a record, he should be rewarded, so let him go out of the island for a week."

After hanging up the phone, Lu Rongyuan walked into the bedroom, sat down by the bed, leaned over and kissed Su Qing's forehead: "I asked Che Chengjun to cook a medicinal meal for you to recuperate your body."

"Okay." Su Qing rubbed her stomach and said with a smile, "I'm really hungry. By the way, I have to call Xiaobao, otherwise he should be worried."

Su Qing's car was dragged to the repair shop, and Lu Rongyuan asked someone to get the phone back in the car.

Su Qing made a video call to Xia Bao while eating.

Wan Yang came at this moment, seeing that Lu Rongyuan was leisurely pruning flowers and branches, he was stunned for a moment, and walked over.

"Boss, let's forget about what happened last night?"

This is not like Lu Rongyuan's style.

Zhou Zhe planned to kidnap Su Qing. If Su Qing hadn't repeatedly stated that he was not allowed to go to Zhou Zhe, Zhou Zhe's other leg would really be lost.

Lu Rongyuan continued to prune the flower branches, saying: "Qingqing has the final say."

Su Qing roughly told Lu Rongyuan about what happened last night, and Zhou Zhe knew current affairs, otherwise he would definitely kill Zhou Zhe if he really did something to Su Qing.

But Lu Rongyuan really admired Su Qing, for being able to fool Zhou Zhe under such circumstances.

It seems that Su Qing can secure the seat of the mistress of the Lu family.

Wan Yang looked as if he had suffered ten thousand points of damage: "Boss, do you want to spread dog food like this?"

"Drink the medicine."

Che Chengjun walked in with a bowl of medicine: "It's time for you to get seriously ill too."

"Yeah." Lu Rongyuan drank it directly, "Go back to the old house at night, Wan Yang, and spread the news of my serious illness."

This bowl of medicine was specially prepared by Che Chengjun, it can make people look very weak, it has been rumored that Lu Rongyuan's life is not long, so he has to put on a show no matter what.

First "severe illness" exposed the ambitions of the Lu family branch, and then "healed" to reorganize the Lu family.

This is Lu Rongyuan's plan.

Seeing Wan Yang and Che Chengjun coming, Su Qing hung up the video and walked over. Lu Rongyuan asked, "Qingqing, would you like to move into the old Lu family house with me? As the future mistress of the Lu family."


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