Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 33 Backing Mountains

"Let me prove that this Northern Dragon Order is the real deal!"

The person who spoke was none other than Tu Yangyang, who had been watching from the crowd.

Although she was not used to seeing Ning Tianlang, she absolutely would not allow anyone to defame the Tu family's Northern Dragon Order!

"Which fucking ...... is it again?"

Chang Xiaorong cursed and turned his head back, and he suddenly saw Tu Yangyang Sheep, who was wearing a black leather jacket.

A hint of evil intent appeared in his eyes as he licked a circle of his lips and said smilingly, "Aigoo, so it's a little beauty."

Tu Yangyangyang's enchanting body was tightly wrapped by the leather jacket, although an inch of skin was not exposed, it added a point of mysterious temptation.

Chang Xiaorong's eyes went straight.

He had never seen a woman with such a perfect combination of cuteness and sexiness.

Tu Yangyangyang's delicate face was icy cold as she said in a cold voice, "The Northern Dragon Order is here, how dare you act recklessly?!"

"Little beauty, the T'ang Northern Dragon Order is not something that a little girl like you can recognize."

Chang Xiaorong looked up and down Tu Yangyang, hehehe strange smile.

"But ...... if you are nosy again, brother I can't really control myself ......"

"Control what?"

Tu Yangyang Yang had a confused face.

She was specially recruited into the military camp at the age of fourteen, her heart was spotless and pure as the first snow.

How could she understand Chang Xiaorong's words of molestation?

Ning Tianlang hugged his arms with an odd smile, "He couldn't help but want to molest you, can't you even hear that?"

He wasn't worried about Tuyangyang's safety.

This chick had a Seven Star Whip that made it out of this world, Chang Xiaorong was not her opponent at all.

Upon hearing this, Tu Yangyang's pair of big apricot kernel eyes splashed with cold light: "You seek death!"

"Little beauty, don't be in a hurry, when I settle this brat, I'll be at your disposal, heh heh heh ......"

Chang Xiaorong smiled extremely lewdly.

Right now, even if Tu Yang Yang was even more innocent, she had already sensed Chang Xiaorong's mischievous attempts.

She let out a cold cry and pulled out the Seven Star Whip from her waist as soon as she could.

"Snap!" Ground to the ground.

Angrily, she rebuked, "Insolent fanatic, this young lady will clean you up today on behalf of Heaven!"

The surrounding people were in awe when they saw Tu Yang Yang magically pull out a snake skin whip from her waist.

"How does this woman carry a whip with her?"

"I don't know ah ...... it can't be that she has some special hobby ......"

For a while, a hint of an extremely ambiguous smile appeared on the faces of the crowd.


Chang Xiaorong was unable to laugh at all!

His calves were already cramped with fear!

Who in the Jianghu knows that the Tu Family's Second Miss Tu Yangyang holds a seven-section snake skin whip, killing gods and Buddhas!

At this time, the Seven Star Whip and the Northern Dragon Order appeared at the same time, even if Chang Xiaorong was even more stupid, he also knew that he was in a big mess!

"Tu ...... Tu ......"

Chang Xiaorong's face was ashen, his tongue knotted, and his legs shook as if electrocuted-

He was really blind with a pair of dog's eyes, and had the audacity to molest the Tu family's second miss!

"Miss Tu I was wrong!"

Kneeling down with a thud, Chang Xiaorong directly kowtowed to Tu Yangyang!

Before the crowd had time to be surprised, Tu Yang Yang threw out a whip, while chiming, "Apologize? Too late!"


With a crunching sound, the Seven Star Whip fiercely lashed onto Chang Xiaorong's back!

The cloth lab coat instantly tore!

A bright red whip mark appeared!

Chang Xiaorong grimaced in pain, but clenched his teeth tightly, not daring to make a single sound!

Seeing this, everyone around was stunned.

This innocent-looking young girl was so ruthless!

What was even more shocking was that - after being viciously whipped, the Underground Irregulars didn't even dare to let out a single fart!

The crowd looked at each other in disbelief.

I don't know what kind of god this angel-faced, devil-bodied girl is!

And Liang Peng was even more stupefied.

In his heart, Chang Xiaorong was a character who could call the wind and the rain.

How was it that he was now kneeling at the woman's feet like a dog?

"Brother Chang! What's wrong with you? Just such a little bitch, can't you handle it?"

"Shut up!"

Hearing Liang Peng's words, Chang Xiaorong was so scared that his stomach chilled.

Hissing, he said, "If you don't want to die, shut your mouth!"

Tu Yangyang looked condescendingly at Chang Xiaorong and said in a cold voice, "If you don't want to die, shut your mouth too!"

"Yes yes yes ......," Chang Xiaorong didn't dare to raise his head at all, "Whatever you say, Miss Tu!"

In front of the Tu family, his little power wasn't even a mole cricket, so how could he still dare to be wild?

It was only at this point that Ning Tianlang slowly walked up and waved to Tu Yangyang, "Hello, we meet again."

Seeing Ning Tian Lang, Tu Yang Yang recalled that naked scene in the morning, and suddenly her cheeks were flushed red:

"Stinking rascal, who wants to meet with you!"

Chang Xiaorong carefully raised his head, just in time to see Tu Yangyangyang's slightly petulant appearance, and immediately his eyes were shocked out.

Was this still the Tu family's second young miss who made her enemies scared of her?

Ning Tianlang heatedly smiled, "I really didn't mean it last night, your boudoir bed is too fragrant, I momentarily forgot to put on clothes directly ......"

Before the three words "fell asleep" were even uttered, Tu Yangyang interrupted him with a chirp, "Don't say it! I don't want to hear it!"

However, this word heard other people's ears changed the flavor -

Without clothes directly ......

Only then did it dawn on Chang Xiaorong's mind.

It turned out that this kid was a little white boy raised by Miss Tu, no wonder he dared to be so arrogant!

Tu Yangyang wrapped her Seven Star Whip around her waist and said in a cold voice, "What are you going to do with these two?"

Ning Tian Lang waved his hand towards Liang Peng, "Come over here, lick the lighter pieces clean, and apologize to me, and this matter will be settled."

Liang Peng's face turned white, covering his chest in pain:

"Big brother, big brother I apologize to you, but ...... but I really can't move, it hurts ...... too much."

Chang Xiaorong had shriveled up, how could he dare to continue to be tough?

Only just now Ning Tianlang's kick was really too hard.

As soon as he took a breath, his chest was in excruciating pain and he couldn't move at all.

Ning Tianlang hooked the corner of his mouth, "Since you can't move, why don't you let this big brother Chang do it for you?

Today, among the two of you, as long as one of you licks this lighter fragment clean, I'll let you go."

"You ......" Chang Xiaorong raised his head with an iron-faced face, "Kid, let the people be spared, don't take the road to desperation!"

"Don't worry, even if it's a desperate situation, I, Ning, will still be able to step out onto a great path to heaven."

Ning Tianlang slammed the Northern Dragon Order in his face and said indifferently.

"I don't have much patience, whether you want to die or live, it's up to you to choose."

Chang Xiaorong scornfully glanced at the Northern Dragon Order, a hint of ruthlessness crossed his eyes, and he gritted his teeth, "Fine! I'll lick!"

After saying that, he crawled step by step to the piece of lighter debris, fell to the ground and licked it ......

"Hiss ......"

"The Underground Irregulars of West Phoenix Province is actually really licking the garbage!"

Seeing this scene.

Everyone present!

There was one that counted!

All of them grew their mouths in shock!

A youth in his early twenties was actually able to force Chang Xiaorong into this dog-eating shit!

Simply too ruthless!!!


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