Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 34 Spending Money Like Earth

The crowd looked at Ning Tianlang in horror.

Their eyes were filled with fear and awe.

Not a single person dared to speak out in mocking abuse anymore.

Tu Yangyang looked at Chang Xiaorong's disgusting appearance of licking garbage, and her arched nose wrinkled, "Boring, I won't play with you guys anymore, bye!"

After saying that, he directly drove the pink Land Rover and sped away in the direction of Qing'an City ......

Ning Tianlang took a step to Liang Peng's side and squatted down to look at him flatly in the eyes:

"Duke Liang, don't forget what you promised."

Liang Peng trembled in fear and looked at him like a demon:

"What ...... what is it?"

"Didn't you just say that if the Liang family's invitation is withdrawn, you'll eat shit live?"

"But ......"

Liang Peng still wanted to argue.

"Eldest son Liang, I advise you to better not go back on your word." Ning Tianlang reached out and gently patted his face.

"There are still seven days until the end of the month, I'm waiting to see your live broadcast."

After saying these words, he ignored Liang Peng's horrified and pleading gaze as he slowly stood up and left indifferently.

Only after that Santana drove completely away did Chang Xiaorong dare to raise his head from the ground.

"Bah! Bah! Bah!"

He spat out the dirt residue in his mouth, and his stomach flipped.

"Liang Peng, bear with me, I'll call for an ambulance!"

Chang Xiaorong came to Liang Peng's side and said in a fierce voice: "Don't worry, this field big brother will definitely get it back for you!"

"Cough cough cough ......" Liang Peng coughed out a few more mouthfuls of blood, "Brother Chang, is that man very powerful? You are so afraid of him?"

"It's not that he's powerful, it's that woman just now that's powerful." Chang Xiaorong's gaze was gloomy and stabilizing.

"That kid is just a piece of trash hiding behind a woman! When Miss Tu is not by his side, we will skin him!"


When Ning Tian Lang returned to Wen Ru Yun's villa, it was already afternoon.

As soon as he entered, three figures darted forward like butterflies.

Directly burying Ning Tian Lang in a wave.

"Brat, only coming back now, do you know how worried big sister is about you!"

"I think I have to use a scalpel to cut off your legs before you'll stay home honestly!"

"Our assassin company has a medicine that can make people lose their mobility forever, do you want to give it to you to try?"

The three sisters had one sentence each.

Although the words they said were different, they couldn't hide their feelings of concern for him.

"I know, I know, I'll definitely notify my sisters in advance when I go out in the future ......"

Ning Tianlang managed to get out of a patch of fragrance before he looked around, "Where's Fifth Sister? Hasn't she already returned?"

"You still have the face to ask?" Ke Dong'er nodded at his brain.

"Just because she was waiting for you to have dinner last night, she rejected the invitation of a handsome guy and is now depressed in her room!"

Handsome guy?

Ning Tian Lang was stunned, wasn't that himself?

At Xiang Zhongyuan's birthday banquet, An Yiqiu rejected her invitation, saying that she wanted to go home to accompany her dearest brother ......

Thinking of this, he heatedly smiled, "It's fine, I guarantee that as soon as Fifth Sister sees me, she will immediately smile and throw herself at me!"

Ling Xuanzhi revealed a hint of a bewitching smile:

"Throwing her arms around is not certain, but I'm certain that she will definitely beat you up first."

"Then just wait and see."

After saying these words, Ning Tianlang took the lead and walked upstairs.

"Ooohhhh ...... Darn it, I forgot to ask the handsome guy for his contact information! So sad ah......"

Just as he arrived at the door of An Yiqiu's room, he heard a wail from inside.

"Knock knock knock ......"

Ning Tianlang wore a smile on his face and gently knocked on the door of the room. "Who is it, I've fallen out of love, I don't want to care about you guys!"

An Yiqiu shouted while blindfolded.

"Fifth sister, it's me, Tian Lang."

"Tian Lang?"

There was first a moment of silence inside the room, followed by the sound of slippers walking.

In the next second, An Yiqiu violently pulled open the door of the room, "Stinking Tian Lang you compensate me for a hero ......"

The two people looked at each other with four eyes.

All the words behind were swallowed back into the stomach.

"Is ...... it you?!"

An Yiqiu's beautiful eyes instantly erupted with a burst of luster and directly jumped into Ning Tianlang's arms.

Ning Tian Lang felt the softness on his chest and laughed lightly, "Fifth sister, miss me that much?"

Seeing this scene, Wen Ruyun, Ke Dong'er and Ling Xuanzhi all froze.

This morning, An Yiqiu was still gnashing her teeth and swearing that she would catch Ning Tianlang and beat him up severely.

How did she turn around and throw her arms around Ning Tianlang in the blink of an eye?

An Yiqiu hugged Ning Tianlang for a while before slowly letting go of him, excitedly saying, "Tianlang, how could it be you?!"

"Why, the handsome man who is longing for is the favorite brother, aren't you happy, fifth sister?"

"Happy ......"

An Yiqiu's face was already so red that it was about to catch fire.

"The big handsome man that Old Five is longing for is you?" Wen Ru Yun's red lips slightly opened, "You guys have met long ago?"

"That's right big sister, not only have fifth sister and I already met, she has also fallen in love with me in her heart. Isn't that right, fifth sister ......"

"Ignore you!"

An Yiqiu covered her face in shame, turned around and ran back inside.

Closing the door, her chest heaved together as she gasped for air.

It was as if a violently beating deer was tucked inside her heart, almost leaping out of her towering chest!

Touching her burning cheeks, An Yiqiu murmured, "How did Little Tian Lang grow up ...... and become so handsome ......"


Simply taking a bite of rice.

Ning Tianlang looked at the four stunning beauties sitting side by side on the sofa and said tentatively:

"Sisters, I still have an important thing to do in the afternoon, so I might come back later in the evening, you ......"

"No way!!!"

The four women spoke in unison.

Wen Ruyun spoke out, "There is an important meeting in my company at night, three sisters, which one of you has the time to watch this brat?"

Ke Dong'er looked embarrassed, "I have a surgery at night, I can't push it."

An Yiqiu excitedly said, "I'm going to take location photos for a magazine at night, or else Tian Lang will go with me!"

"No way." Ling Xuanzhi shook his head, "He'll affect your work, little Tianlang is better off coming with me."

Ning Tian Lang showed a bitter face, "I want to see beautiful women taking pictures, I don't want to tie my head to the waistband of my pants ......"

A light smile appeared on Ling Xuanzhi's demonic face, "I promise, I won't make a move to kill you today, how about it?"

"But ...... I want to see beautiful women ......"

"I'll be attending a gathering of martial arts school students tonight." Ling Xuanzhi's voice was compelling, "There are a lot of beautiful women inside!"

"A martial arts school?" Ning Tian Lang looked puzzled, "Aren't you a killer, Third Sister? Why are you still attending the gathering of the martial arts school?"

Ke Dong'er explained, "After you left, she learned kung fu for a few years at a boarding martial arts school."

It dawned on Ning Tianlang.

No wonder Third Sister was so good with her hands.

It turned out that she didn't go to school normally, but instead entered a martial arts school to learn kung fu.

"Good." Ning Tianlang stood up and looked at his watch.

"Then I'll try to finish my business before five o'clock and go to the party with Third Sister."

"Third sister, wait for me to come back ......"


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