Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 35 Jealousy

Ning Tianlang was going to meet Noborigawa Kohei, who had been captured a few days ago.

Noborigawa Kohei was the first spy they had captured, and his importance was self-evident.

He had to personally go through the halls once before he could rest assured.

Driving the car to the main entrance of the Kunlun Group's headquarters, Ning Tianlang nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the imposing building campus.

There were a total of a dozen skyscrapers here, and between each building there were flowerbeds and small plazas built.

They were far apart and did not interfere with each other.

It was very favorable for them to hide their identities.

At the main entrance, only a forty-something year old security guard was standing at the gate post, fiddling with his cell phone in boredom.

No one could have imagined that in this loosely defended gate, there were hundreds of elite warriors from Kunlun Island, carrying out secret activities ......

Seeing that Ning Tianlang's car had been parked directly across from the gate, the security guard tucked his cell phone into his pants pocket and waddled up to the front.

"Hey kid, don't look here, this kind of place is not for you to come, hurry up and drive the car away, don't block the gate."

Ning Tianlang rolled down the window and stretched out his neck, "Uncle, open the door, I have something to do inside."

He knew that this security guard must have been casually hired by Tiankui at the labor center in order not to arouse the enemy's vigilance.

So he didn't expect the other party to recognize his identity at a glance.

"Going in?" The security guard lifted his loose pants, looked Ning Tianlang up and down, and pointed to the side.

"You can't enter from here with this broken car. If you're here to apply for a job, turn left from the intersection in front of you and take the side door."

Ning Tianlang was not willing to waste time here, put on reverse gear and backed out, intending to enter through the side door.

Who knows, just as he was about to leave, he heard the security guard cursing:

"Grass, what a fucking idiot, don't even look at what kind of place this is, you want to apply for a job even if you don't have any power?"

Ning Tianlang frowned.

Although this Kunlun Group was established to cover people's ears, but after all, it was hung with the word Kunlun, and sooner or later, it had to show its identity in front of the world.

Putting such a low-quality security guard at the entrance was simply dishonoring the name of Kunlun Island!

Right at this moment, a flashy supercar "rumbled" and drove over.

The driver was a young guy.

He shouted out in an extremely arrogant manner, "The gatekeeper, open the gate, I want to go in and apply for the job!"

The security guard who was looking down on people a moment ago was like a lackey at this moment, busily pressing the remote control to open the gate.

He even bent down very respectfully and bowed deeply to the young man.

Now Ning Tianlang was completely angry.

He had thought that it was a rule set by the group that job applicants go through the side door.

He didn't realize that it was just this snobbish security guard who was just seeing what was going on!

The security guard straightened up, and before the fawning smile on his face had time to fade, he saw that Ning Tianlang's car was still parked in the same place.

He instantly put away his smile and waved his arm like a fly: "What are you looking at! Drive the fuck away!"

Ning Tianlang directly turned off the engine and got out of the car.

Coming in front of the security guard, he questioned, "Why is it that that car can go in through here and I have to use the side door?"

The security guard's name is Liu Jun, originally a laid-off factory worker.

Since he came to Kunlun Group as a security guard, he immediately embarked on the peak of his life.

All the relatives and friends around him looked at him differently.

His vanity was greatly satisfied, and he gradually felt superior.

Liu Jun disdainfully glanced at Ning Tian Lang and snorted:

"Kid, do you know what kind of characters can come to Kunlun Group to apply for a job? Those are the sons of the biggest families in Anqing City!

With a person like you, it's likely that they won't even look at you as a toilet cleaner!"

Upon hearing this, Ning Tianlang's eyes flickered, and he pondered in his heart--

Among the elite soldiers brought out from Kunlun Island, only Zhuang Yucheng was a talented businessman. And if Zhuang Yucheng wanted to run such a large conglomerate without a single drop, he was bound to recruit locally.

He understood all of this.

But, what the Kunlun Group needed was real talent!

Not a big young master with a deep background!

Thinking of this, Ning Tianlang's face became more and more icy: "Get out of the way, I'm going in to see Zhuang Yucheng now."

He wanted to ask Zhuang Yucheng who had pushed out this policy of recruiting wealthy sons!

"What? You want to see Vice Director Zhuang?" Liu Jun had an incredulous look on his face.

"Just you deserve to see our Vice Chairman? You don't give a shit! Get lost, don't make me unhappy!"

With that, he reached out his hand and was about to push Ning Tianlang.

Ning Tian Lang grabbed his wrist and said in a cold voice, "If you still want this hand, don't stop me!"

"Hehehehehe ...... hands aren't they?" Liu Jun shouted loudly as his arm was clipped backwards, shouting.

"You fucking dare to make a move in Kunlun Group's territory, is it that you don't want to be killed?!"

This building park was originally located in the busy business district.

When the two argued like this, it immediately attracted quite a few pedestrians who were watching.

"Surprisingly, there's still someone who dares to sow their wild oats in front of the Kunlun Group?"

"Hehe, really don't have eyes, looking for death is not the way to look for it!"

While the crowd was discussing.

A black Mercedes Benz pulled up to the side, and a man in a suit came down from the car.

He looked less than thirty-five years old, and his body exuded a noble temperament that was above the rest.

"General Manager Shangguan!"

Seeing the visitor, Liu Jun craned his neck and shouted, "General Manager, someone is causing trouble in our group!"

Shangguan Hong's eyes slightly stared at Ning Tianlang, "Do you know what kind of place this is?"

Ning Tian Lang casually pushed Liu Jun.

Then he pointed at the three-plus tall plaque next to him and said, "Kunlun Group, isn't that what it says?"

Liu Jun fell in a dog's poop and got up from the ground in a sorry state, gasping for breath:

"General manager, this kid drove a broken car to block the door, I didn't let him in, he hit me!"

"I'll handle it." Shangguan Hong raised his hand and said coldly to Ning Tianlang.

"Since you know that this is the Kunlun Group, you'd better be more conscious and leave here quickly."

Ning Tian Lang sized up Shangguan Hong, "And who are you?"

"I am the newly appointed general manager of the Kunlun Group, Shangguan Hong. My identity is very noble, and to know my name is the honor of a lowly commoner like you."

Shangguan Hong raised his head high, "Before I get angry, quickly take your garbage truck and get out of this young master's sight."

Looking at him in this humanly condescending manner, Ning Tianlang couldn't help but frown slightly-

What kind of cowards had Zhuang Yucheng recruited to run the group?

"Still not leaving?" A trace of disgust flashed in Shangguan Hong's eyes.

"Really hate dirty trash like you, making this originally noble world filthy."

The security guard Liu Jun hurriedly nodded his head and responded, "That's right, he's just a little piece of trash, he's not even worthy of lifting your shoes!"

Saying that, he glared at Ning Tian Lang:

"Little brat, did you hear what General Manager Shangguan said? Get the hell out of here, don't force me to call the police!"

Ning Tianlang's face grew more and more somber as he watched the two of them sing in unison.

Hiring this kind of person was burying a time bomb around.

It might blow up at some point!

If it affected their spy annihilation mission, who would bear this consequence?

Thinking of this, his complexion turned cold, and he said in an icy tone, "Now, have Zhuang Yucheng come out to see me!"


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