Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 72

Feng Xie cocked Erlang's legs wantonly, and with a snap, he threw a box of toilet paper over: "Come and wipe off your sweat."

The slight sound startled everyone, and no one dared to draw paper.

Feng Xie gave a low laugh: "What? You hate the paper I'm holding."

dare not.

Someone went to wipe the sweat with tissue paper, but the sweat on the face was wiped more and more.

They have all lived to this age, and they all have families. Feng Xie threatened them with his family, and they really couldn't bear it.

There are old ones on the top and young ones on the bottom.

What good is a good career if something goes wrong with their family?

Time passed by every minute and every second, and a group of people did not say a word, and they were engaged in intense ideological struggles in their hearts.

They had also heard of Feng Xie's reputation. He was like a member of the underworld, but he was also the second young master of the Feng family. If he wanted to kill them, it would be very easy for him.

Is it just a compromise like this, the company can only listen to him.

Seeing that everyone was silent, Tangyue saw the right moment and said slowly: "Everyone, Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Group is going to cooperate with Wangyuezhai for a new drug in the next project. It can be regarded as our highlight, you have a lot of experience, do you have any suggestions?"


Their suggestion is absolutely not. This company belongs to Feng's Group, and there is a lot of money to be made. Anyway, Feng Zhen is far away, so he can't control it at all.

Jiang Wenling installed a lot of people in the company, and many of them are her relatives, so it is impossible for the company to go bankrupt. If it is going to lose money, it is enough to make up money from Feng's other companies.

They did a good job in the first few projects, and they didn't care about the profit at all. If they cooperated with another company they didn't understand according to Feng Xie's request, then they would lose control.

After what happened just now, they didn't dare to express their opinions at all.

Feng Xie slammed the table and sped up the speed. Every time he hit it, it felt like a knock on their hearts: "Speak quickly, didn't you talk a lot just now? You need to talk now, and you can only leave when you finish talking."

"Oh, maybe a little later, and you won't be able to leave."

The man laughed again, feeling gloomy no matter what he heard.

What does this mean?

Could it be that Feng Xie didn't just want to lock them up for a day, but he was planning to do other things?

This is a company!

What is he going to do?

Tangyue smiled softly, her voice was soft and harmless, "Just say what you want. You are all members of Tianjiang Company, and your opinions are very important."

Do their opinions matter?

If it's that important, why threaten them.

Also, this Tangyue looks smiling, why does she look so scary, is she an employee of Wangyuezhai?

It's not Tianjiang Group.

Someone pushed Chen Yuan, Chen Yuan had no choice but to say: "Mr. Feng, we are not very familiar with Wangyue Zhai, so we need time to buy and understand."

"Well, how long will it take you to understand?"

There was still a smile on Feng Xie's face, but his eyes seemed to be shimmering with fine ice flakes.

Chen Yuan hesitated for a moment: "Three months?"

Feng Xie looked at him gently.

"One month..."

Under Feng Xie's increasingly serious eyes, he only changed his words: "One week, just one week."

If he dared to say it was too long, Feng Xie might not be satisfied.

Sure enough, this time Feng Xie smiled, his smile was like honey: "One week, is it too short?"

Chen Yuan smiled wryly: "It's not short, the time is very suitable, I will go and understand it well."

In fact, it was too short, but he didn't dare to say it anymore.

Seeing this, the others followed suit: "Seven days is enough, we are very efficient, Mr. Feng, don't worry."

They just need to finish the promise, stabilize Feng Xie first, and then find a chance to leave.

As for the cooperation with Wangyue Zhai, let's put it to the back.

They finally found out that Feng Xie's method was too shady, and they couldn't fight against him on the bright side, otherwise it would be too easy to suffer.


Feng Xie looked at them, with appreciation in his eyes: "It seems that you all agree with this project, so let's make it so, set this project as a priority, and postpone other projects later. The funds are all invested in it, and I plan to invest 200 million yuan."

Several people were stunned: "..."

They just wanted to play off Feng Xie. After all, Feng Xie had never cooperated with other companies on new drugs. He thought that the other company didn't understand, but it seemed that he was serious, not just playing around.

Two hundred million is actually not a lot. They have invested such high funds in other projects, but the problem is that if they invest two hundred million in new projects, it will definitely affect their interests and affect the relationship between them. old items.

Chen Yuan hurriedly said: "President Feng, is 200 million yuan too much? The market is risky. It's your first time dealing with such a project, so be conservative."

"President Chen."

Feng Xie looked at him indifferently: "You are the last to leave today. You can spend more time in the company to see the scenery, and you can also cultivate your sentiments."

Chen Yuan: "!"

Can't he leave the company today?

Taking advantage of the darkness, will Feng Xie do anything to him?

Others originally wanted to raise a lot of opinions, but now they all shut up.

This is killing chickens and monkeys.

Chen Yuan became the first bird, if they dare to oppose Feng Xie, they will end up in the same way.

Tangyue looked at these people, brushed her hair, and fell into deep thought.

She found that the knowledge she taught Feng Xie was just on paper, and sometimes he had to use his method to be useful, clean and tidy, without messing things up.

These people are all veterans, but they really like Feng Xie's tricks.

Seeing this, Tangyue said: "Since you are very interested in Wangyuezhai, I can briefly tell you about the new situation of Wangyuezhai. Recently, Wangyuezhai is indeed preparing new drugs, but due to the impact of funds, the research on new drugs has been restricted. If your company can invest 200 million yuan, it will certainly be able to step up the process of researching new drugs."

In the beginning, due to financial constraints, Wangyuezhai wanted to make some medicines, but it was very difficult. If Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Group was willing to spend money, it would definitely be able to get twice the result with half the effort.

A few people frowned. They didn't care if the company was profitable or not. Anyway, they just needed to listen to Jiang Wenling and keep their jobs.

But Fengxie's behavior is indeed absurd.

The Su family cooperated with Wangyuezhai at that time because they had seen the finished medicine and were sure that Anshen Pill could be made, so they had a perfect cooperation, but now Wangyuezhai's new medicine is only being developed, so cooperation, Isn't it a joke?

Chen Yuan said: "Mr. Feng, you have to think clearly, Wangyuezhai's behavior is completely drawing a big picture, and they don't have a finished new drug now. If they start research now, after we invest 200 million yuan, there will be no new drug. If it is researched, it will be money and money.”

No one has dared to propose such a cooperation before confirming the medicine developed by the other party. Throughout the ages, no one has done this.

No, maybe someone did this too, but it was only because the other party's eyes were bright and they could seize the opportunity to succeed in one fell swoop.

Feng Xie just had a whim, and it must have failed.

Chen Yuan asked: "Would you like to think about it for a while, and go to understand it first?"


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