Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 73

Because she likes it?

Is she so obvious?

When Feng Xie was willing to invest money, she was really in a good mood, and her first reaction was to use this opportunity to quickly make Qinghewan.

If you miss this opportunity, maybe it will be gone.

But she didn't want Feng Xie to know this.

Tangyue glanced at him, and said softly, "I'm not because you're happy about your cooperation with Wang Yuezhai, but because you're able to work hard."

The man raised his eyelids and glanced at her, expressionless, he said indifferently: "Su Ling and I have gone to Wangyue Zhai a few times, and it feels pretty good."


It's gone.

So the young master chose Wangyuezhai just because he felt familiar.

Tangyue sighed, then walked to his side, and talked about a very important thing: "Ding Fu is researching a special medicine recently, and now there is a lack of corresponding medicinal materials. Of course, if you have money, the problem of medicinal materials is very important." It’s easy to solve, but we need to find a pharmacist.”

"Shi Yun, a well-known dual-certificate pharmacist, retired five years ago, but he has always been at the forefront of pharmaceutical services. He is good at professional breakthroughs in the integration of conflicts between ethnic medicines and conventional medicines. With him, the development of new drugs will be more effective with half the effort.”

Shi Yun was also one of the store managers of Qinghetang at the beginning. He participated in the process of developing Qinghetang and won the title of "Excellent Store Manager" for several consecutive years. But not long after the Tang family collapsed, he also quickly resigned and then retired. up.

Back then, the reason why the Tang family was so brilliant was because there were many excellent pharmacists under them. Their research direction had always been very advanced, but these people gradually dispersed.

Some people have left, some have retired, and some have even left Haicheng, and they can't be found at all.

"Shi Yun?"

Feng Xie glanced at Tangyue lazily, but didn't raise much opinion.

"Yes, he is a talent, and he lives in Haicheng now. Over the years, many people from companies have offered him high prices, but he has refused."

Tang Yue said: "He is only 55 years old this year, not very old, but he said that he has retired and will no longer come out to make medicine. Ding Fu has approached him several times, but he can't even see his face, but he has talent in the first place. , well worth the time spent.”

Hearing this, Feng Xie felt a little playful: "Can't you see him?"

This score is a little big.

"Yes, but if you can invite him out of the mountain, you will definitely succeed."

In order to meet Shi Yun, Tangyue went to look for him in person, but they all ended in failure. Originally, this was only her business, but now that Feng Xie wants to cooperate with Wang Yuezhai, it has something to do with him.

Feng Xie clicked his tongue, took out his mobile phone, and made a call with Qin Zheng, who quickly connected the call: "Young Master Feng."

"Help me find someone, Shi Yun."

Feng Xie spoke casually.

"Shi Yun? This name sounds familiar. I remembered, isn't this a well-known pharmacist from the Tang family? He participated in many competitions and won the first prize. Young Master Feng, what kind of information do you need? "Qin Zheng deserves to be a famous intelligence network, just by hearing a name, he knows the person's life.

"Bring him over here."

Feng Xie kept staring at Tang Yue while speaking.

"Okay, but I heard that this person has retired a long time ago. He is now living in retirement and living in seclusion. No one can invite him. If you want to see him, Young Master Feng, even if it is kidnapping, I will also tie him up. .”

Qin Zheng started to come up with bad ideas.

Tangyue: "...."


What she wants is that Shi Yun can be used by them willingly, instead of using such a bandit method to tie people here.

After finishing the order, Feng Xie hung up the phone, looked at Tangyue, and said with a half-smile: "Shi Yun is from before the Tang family?"

For a moment, Tangyue felt that he had seen through her inner thoughts, but she still said calmly: "Yes, the slightly famous pharmacists in the past were basically from the Tang family."

Since she dared to mention Shi Yun's name, she thought about it. After all, the former talents of the Tang family are now scattered in various places, and some even went to other pharmaceutical companies.


Feng Xie didn't ask any more questions this time.

On the contrary, Tangyue was a little uneasy: "You just trust me that much? What if something goes wrong halfway."

"It doesn't matter, the big deal is losing two hundred million."

Feng Xie's face was sloppy. He stood up and walked outside. Seeing that Tangyue didn't follow, he stopped again: "Go to sleep, you continue to help me study."

Tangyue: "...."

He didn't seem to care about the 200 million project, as if he would lose money immediately.

She wanted to say something, but found that she didn't know where to start, and she could only follow behind him and read to him.


the next day.

In order to meet Shi Yun, Wangyue Zhai took a special day off.

These days, Wangyue Zhai has been different from the past. After getting the funds, it has been renovated from the beginning to the end. There is a rockery pavilion in the yard, which is too beautiful to behold.

When Ding Fu heard that Shi Yun was willing to meet them in person, his face was also beaming.

He dressed up carefully early in the morning and began to wait for Shi Yun.

As a result, Shi Yun did not wait, but Qin Zheng did.

Qin Zheng threw a comatose person directly in front of Ding Fu, and he said coldly, "The person you want has been delivered."

The whole body of the man was tightly tied with ropes, his eyes were closed tightly, and he seemed to have passed out. His face was a bit haggard, but his facial features could be discerned.

This is Shi Yun.

Ding Fu was horrified: "What did you do to him? Why did he pass out? You are committing a crime."

He cautiously stretched out his hand to touch Shi Yun's breath, but luckily he was still breathing.

Qin Zheng dismissed it and said: "Don't you want to see someone? I'll talk to him well. If he doesn't see me, he can only use this extreme method. Anyway, Feng Shao said that any means will do, as long as the goal is achieved."

This serves Mao's purpose.

If a person as proud as Shi Yun knew that he had been kidnapped, he probably wouldn't agree to his conditions.

Ding Fu helped him untie the rope, and quickly patted Shi Yun. Seeing that he hadn't woken up, he went to cook a bowl of soup and feed him to drink.

This time Shi Yun coughed a few times and slowly opened his eyes.

Seeing that the man woke up and his task had been completed, Qin Zheng left satisfied.

When Shi Yun woke up and saw Ding Fu, his body was still very weak. He remembered something, and his face suddenly became furious: "You just knocked me out?"

Ding Fu: "...."

Is Qin Zheng doing human affairs? Now he has to take the blame.

It's outrageous.

"Shi Yaoshi, listen to my explanation. I invited you here because I wanted you to join Wangyuezhai and make Qinghe Pills with us. I know you were also involved in this process at the time. Your pharmaceutical ability is beyond doubt." Ding Fu Said enthusiastically.

Shi Yun had no expression on his face, and his expression was extremely cold.

Over the years, many companies have approached him, but he refused them all. Ding Fu also used such inhuman means to bring him here, and it was even more impossible for him to compromise.

"I'm retired."

"I know you're retired, but your ability is still there. You can return to your post whenever you want. We can give you the best treatment, and I'm different from those companies. Qinghetang has closed down. As a The store manager of Qinghetang wants to revive Qinghetang."

Ding Fu said very sincerely.

"Everyone in the Tang family is dead, do you need an outsider to revive Qinghetang?" Shi Yun said coldly.

"Miss Tang Yue is not dead, she is also at Wangyue Zhai now, if you are willing to come, we will succeed soon."

Shi Yun mocked: "The Tang family also offered me a condition to go back, but I didn't agree, let alone your little Wangyuezhai, why do you think I will agree."

Ding Fu was about to say something when he heard a voice from outside.

The sound of high heels stepping on the bluestone floor was very obvious, a figure appeared outside the door, Tang Siyao was very stylishly dressed, squinting at the scene inside, disturbing them in the slightest.

"Boss, I'm here to buy medicine. I'm not open today?"

When Ding Fu saw her, he didn't have a good face: "You go, we don't open today."

Tang Siyao didn't leave either, she looked at Shi Yun with flickering eyes.

She walked to Shi Yun's side, and said with a smile: "Shi Yaoshi, we have invited you several times, but you refused to come, but now you have come to this small place."

She just came here when she got the news.

Wangyuezhai has become very popular recently. Not only has it cooperated with the Su family on tranquilizing medicine, it has become a new star in the pharmaceutical industry in one fell swoop, and it has also been favored by the Feng family. It is said that the Feng family will invest 200 million with it.

Shi Yun didn't even look at Tang Siyao, he didn't like Wang Yuezhai, but he seemed to dislike Tang Siyao even more.


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