Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 74

It is understandable for Tang Yue to have such thoughts, because the old people of Qinghetang were very disappointed when they saw that the Tang family did not fall behind.

Shi Yun refused to make medicines all these years, she thought he had a heart-to-heart.

"Master Pharmacist, if you have any difficulties, you can tell me, maybe I can help you solve it."

Tangyue didn't want to miss this opportunity.

The person was brought here by Feng Xie who was stunned, otherwise she wouldn't even have the chance to meet her. This time she let Shi Yun go, and she doesn't know if she can meet again next time.

She couldn't knock someone out again and bring her here.

"You don't need to talk anymore, I can't continue to make medicine now, so don't bother me." Shi Yun looked at Tangyue vigilantly.

"Then if you don't want to leave your contact information, let's make friends. I work in Wangyuezhai. Maybe you will come here to buy medicine in the future."

Tangyue could only retreat and seek the next best thing.

"I won't buy medicine from you anymore, I hope we don't have to meet again in the future." Shi Yun's tone became more impatient, he stood still, and there was already anger in his tone: "Stay away from me."

The attitude is very blunt.

Tangyue didn't dare to go forward, she knew that Shi Yun was beaten unconscious just now, and she must be very dissatisfied with it.

"Okay, if you are free, you can come to Wangyuezhai to find me, I still have new tea here."

Shi Yun didn't say a word to her anymore, this time he left directly, as if his clothes were covered with wind.

Tang Yue sighed deeply.

Still failed.

The words she prepared were of no use at all, and Shi Yun cut off all the roads.

He really didn't want to go back to his post.

Tangyue also found out that Shi Yun was very resistant to Qinghe Wan.

Qinghe Pill is the signature pill of Qinghetang. As a member of the research and development of the pill, he should be proud, but his reaction is very strange.


Tangyue couldn't figure out some things at all, she walked out helplessly, and saw Ding Fu's face was full of tension.

"Uncle Fu." Tangyue called softly.

Ding Fu looked at her and sighed: "I just saw Shi Yaoshi leave, did he not agree?"

When mentioning this matter, Tangyue said helplessly: "I knew it would be difficult, but I didn't expect it to be so difficult."

Shi Yun didn't want to listen to her at all. If he was determined to withdraw from the pharmaceutical industry, Tang Yue would not be able to force her to do so.

"He was kidnapped. He must be angry. I'll visit him at home later." Ding Fu said.

Tangyue nodded her head: "When I mentioned Qinghe Wan, there was still a reaction on his face, which shows that he didn't have no reaction. Moreover, I feel that he seems to be a little concerned about... my business."

Although it is only a little bit, it does exist.

As long as he has mood swings, she is afraid that Shi Yun will have no desires, so she doesn't even have the courage to try.

Ding Fu said: "He participated in the manufacturing process of Qinghe Wan back then, so he must be proud."

Tangyue smiled, but didn't explain anything.

Shi Yun is not proud, he is completely avoiding this matter.

"By the way, Feng Xie and others will come to me to talk about cooperation in person, so I'll just agree?"

Ding Fu hesitated and said, "He doesn't seem to be such an easy target to talk to."

Not only that, he thought Feng Xie was a lunatic, would he talk about business properly?


Tangyue smiled slightly, she could calm people down as soon as she opened her mouth: "He may be looking for an assistant to talk to you, don't worry, it's fine."

She has been in contact with Feng Xie for so long, and she basically understands what he wants to do.


Hearing what she said, Ding Fu felt relieved a lot.

Tangyue pushed open the iron door on one side, intending to find Shi Yun while the iron was hot. Since Shi Yun refused to talk to her, it would always be more sincere for her to come to the door on her own initiative.

Several old people outside were discussing something, and one of them said: "Did you see clearly just now, those people are simply too domineering, and they tied that person into the car in broad daylight."

"Should we call the police? I don't know if they know each other?"

"How is it possible to know? Didn't you see that person was struggling all the time? He definitely didn't want to."

The more Tangyue heard, the more something was wrong, Wang Yuezhai didn't go to work today, and there was no one around, how could such an outrageous thing happen.

"May I ask what the person you saw just now looked like?" Tangyue couldn't help asking as she looked at the old people.

Seeing her coming out of Wangyue Zhai, those old people said enthusiastically: "An old man in a tunic suit, a black van stopped in front of him just now, and he was pulled in directly."

Tangyue's complexion changed slightly: "Did he come out of Wangyue Zhai?"


Shi Yun was wearing a Chinese tunic suit just now, if someone could intercept him in broad daylight, it would definitely not threaten his safety.

The purpose is probably the same as hers.

Tang Siyao had been here before, and they tried to invite Shi Yun to the company several times at the beginning, presumably it was the same reason this time.

Tang Yue frowned, took a taxi, and was about to go to Tang's house.

Tang family.

The brightly lit, gorgeous hall is filled with all kinds of antique calligraphy and paintings, some of them look like nouveau riche.

Tang Guodong looked at the person in front of him and said with a smile: "Shi Yaoshi, we have sought you so many times, but you refused, but went to Wangyuezhai. You are too disrespectful to us."

Shi Yun was forced to sit on a chair, with a bad face: "Mr. Tang is joking, I treat everyone equally, and I will not promise you, nor will I promise them."

Tang Guodong sneered: "I have a question for you, do you know the formula of Qinghe Wan?"

Shi Yun's complexion suddenly changed, and he stood up after a while: "Don't ask, everyone comes to ask this question, I don't know how many times I have said it!"

Tang Guodong frowned and said, "Why don't you know? You are one of the most important people who make Qinghe Pills, and they must have told you the formula."

"As long as you can make Qinghe Wan, I can make you one of the shareholders."

"I said, I don't know, and I have nothing to talk to you."

Shi Yun stood up and was about to leave when the bodyguards at the door blocked his way.

He gritted his teeth: "You still want to force me?"

"Shi Yaoshi, we just want to have a good talk with you." Tang Guodong smiled.

The sky outside is gradually getting cloudy, there is a drizzle, and the wind is chilly to the bone.

Tangyue got out of the car. She thought she would never come to the Tang family again, but she never expected to come back in this way in the end.

As soon as he reached the door, he was stopped by a servant.

"Mister ordered not to receive anyone today."

Isn't this place without three hundred taels of silver?

The Tang family must have kidnapped Shi Yun, otherwise they would not have issued such an order.

She took out her mobile phone and said lightly: "I know what you have done. If you don't let me in, I will call the police immediately."

The servant was stunned for a moment, and then went to grab Tangyue's phone. During the struggle between the two, the phone fell to the ground and shattered with a bang.

Tangyue frowned, and her voice was slightly oppressive: "I was told by witnesses that you were suspected of kidnapping Shiyun. If you stop me again, you will also be implicated in this matter."

"Miss Tang."

A surprised voice sounded.

Tangyue raised her head and saw Shi Yun. His face was a bit unhappy, and there were a little wet marks on the washed white Chinese tunic suit, which showed that they had an unpleasant conversation inside.

Shi Yun's gaze was complicated, but it was much gentler than before: "I'm fine, are you here to look for me?"

"Well, when I first came out, I heard that you were kidnapped into a car."

After a pause, Tang Yue continued: "Tang Siyao came to see me today. I suspected that this matter had something to do with her, so I came to the Tang family to have a look."

She smiled lightly: "It's good that you're fine."

Shi Yun glanced at her: "I'm fine, they didn't do anything to me."

Tang Yue breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good."


Shi Yun became very cold again.

Tang Yue always felt that his indifference was just an act, and that he himself might be a very gentle person.

"Master Pharmacist, I actually have some questions I want to ask you. Do you have time? I would like to talk to you in detail."

She didn't finish what she had prepared before, and she hoped to tell him everything before letting him make a decision.

Also, Shi Yun left Qinghetang back then and never got involved in pharmacy. She was very curious as to whether something happened here.


Unexpectedly, Shi Yun didn't keep rejecting himself like before, he agreed to Tangyue this time.

A flash of joy flashed across Tangyue's eyes, as expected, sincerity is always a nirvana.

She originally wanted to save Shiyun this time, but she had no intention of doing it.

There is a park nearby, it is not big, it is a pocket park, the two chose a pavilion to sit down, Tangyue said: "Master Pharmacist, I want to tell you about the current situation of Wangyue Zhai in detail, in fact, the pharmaceutical process inside has already been completed. Very skilful."

"I know."

Shi Yun said indifferently that Wangyuezhai's ability to successfully manufacture Anshen Pills must be superior, and it is definitely not a small workshop.

Just acknowledge them.

Tangyue nodded, and then told the basic situation of Wangyue Zhai. During this process, Shi Yun seemed to be listening, but he didn't seem to be listening.

His eyes fixed on one of them, empty.

Tangyue asked curiously, "Shi Yaoshi, do you know my parents very well?"

"Why do you ask?"

Shi Yun frowned, his eyes were deep, as if he was hiding a lot of thoughts.

"I'm just guessing."

Tang Yue said lightly, Shi Yun refused to say, and she had nothing to do.

She has done what she should do. If Shi Yun refuses to agree, she can only go to someone else, but who else can compare to Shi Yun.

He is irreplaceable.

Shi Yun looked at her quietly, and suddenly said: "Do you want to know why many of these people have approached me, why I didn't agree?"

Tang Yue raised her eyes: "You said you retired."

"Because Qinghewan can't touch."

Shi Yun narrowed his eyes for a moment, without much expression on his face.

What Tangyue was most afraid of was that he would not speak. Now that he is willing to communicate with her, no matter what he decides to say, she intends to listen carefully. After all, she wants to know Shi Yun's inner thoughts.


As the sky gradually darkened, Wangyuezhai lit up one lamp after another, extremely bright, illuminating every place thoroughly.

Ding Fu carefully looked at the person in front of him, and gradually he became less nervous. He handed over the project plan and explained Wangyuezhai's new drug plan according to Tangyue's request.

Feng Xie didn't come.

He didn't know whether he should be grateful for the absence of the evil spirit, but he called a group of very professional people over, they talked for a long time, and finally finalized it, and then signed the contract.

After completing the task, Ding Fu breathed a sigh of relief.

In the extremely noisy clubhouse, Su Ling held a glass of wine and went to respect Feng Xie: "Brother Xie, I heard that you started your own business?"


Feng Xie responded and checked the time: "I'm leaving."

Su Ling's eyes were full of disappointment, but he didn't hold back: "Next time, let's have a good drink next time."

During these times, Brother Xie has changed into a different person. Although he accepted his invitation, he didn't stay up late and would go home at a fixed time every night.

What are you doing at home?

Is there still a woman waiting for him?

It didn't take long for Feng Xie to return to Feng's house. It was different from usual, the courtyard was dim, and there was no light left for him in the bedroom.

He raised his wrist, revealing the expensive watch on his wrist.

It is not yet ten o'clock.

It was so early, Tangyue didn't wait for him.

After opening the door, the quilt was neatly folded on the huge bed, and there were two pillows lined up at the head of the bed.

Tangyue is not here.

At this moment, the phone rang, it wasn't Tang Yue's, it was Qin Zheng calling.

He got through.

"Young Master Feng, we are still at Wangyuezhai, and we will be back soon. We have completed what you said, and the contract has been drawn up. It will take effect after you sign it. The electronic version of the contract, I have already prepared it. I sent it to you, just take a look."

"Well, you are coming back."

Tangyue is coming back.

He almost forgot that today he asked people to go to Wangyuezhai to discuss cooperation projects. As a member of Wangyuezhai, Tangyue would definitely go there too.

She not only has to represent Wang Yuezhai, but also to help him.


Don't think he doesn't know that she cares about this project, otherwise he wouldn't go to Wangyue Zhai whenever he has time.

He checked Wangyuezhai, and this newly established company is indeed not bad.

Qin Zheng didn't expect Young Master Feng to take the initiative to care about them, flattered and said: "Yes, soon."

"Let Tangyue answer the phone."

There was no emotion in Feng Xie's voice.

Qin Zheng was taken aback for a moment: "Isn't the second young lady in the Feng family?"

Feng Xie didn't speak, his eyes turned lonely, like the night that couldn't be melted.

"Boss Ding, did Miss Tang come to see you?"

Qin Zheng quickly asked the people next to him.

Ding Fu was stunned for a moment, and said truthfully: "Miss Tang came here a long time ago, and she may have gone to see the pharmacist later, but it's so late, she should have gone back long ago."

They haven't come back yet, did something happen?

This idea appeared in Ding Fu's mind, and he quickly called Tang Yue.

Did not get through.

Feng Xie looked at the empty surroundings, without Tangyue, it seemed to be much colder.

His face was hidden in the shadows, and the palm of his hand holding the phone was slightly forceful, with bulging veins all over the back of his hand: "Qin Zheng, go find it now."

"If you can't find anyone, you don't have to come back."


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