Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 75

There are lights in the small park, and lanterns are hung on the trees. This was decorated during the Chinese New Year today, and it looks very happy.

The ground is full of small flowers one after another, and the warm spring breeze blows on the face, which is full of the smell of spring.

It made people feel more relaxed.

Tangyue let out a sigh of relief, and she said softly: "Shi Yaoshi, are you hungry? I'll treat you to dinner."

She didn't know if Shi Yun was hungry, but she was.

Since she was pregnant, her appetite has also increased, and she soon became hungry.

The two did not go to the restaurant in the end, but bought some pastries and bread.

Shi Yun didn't seem to want to eat in crowded places.

"Shi Yaoshi, this incident has something to do with me."

Tangyue ate a piece of sweet-scented osmanthus cake, which was very small, and she ate it after a few bites: "Tang Xinyao must have got the news in advance, she knew I wanted you to join Wangyue Zhai, so she forced you to go there."

Shi Yun didn't have any appetite to eat, he leaned back in his chair, as if he had let go of his thoughts: "Don't study Qinghe Pills."

"Because you have been suspected of having the formula of Qinghe Pill and have been harassed by many people, that's why you are so disgusted with this kind of pill. That's why you don't want to touch Qinghe Pill for the rest of your life, even though it should be a research that makes you feel proud."

Tangyue always had a smile on her face.

She seems to have always been like this, no matter whether others agree or refuse, she is always good-tempered.

Her mother was not like this. That woman dared to love and hate, she had a clear distinction between love and hate, and she would never allow herself to be wronged at all.

Shi Yun looked down at him, his voice was still very cold: "Miss Tang, your temper is almost worn out, very gentle, not like a proud young lady at all."

"I'm just an ordinary person. I'm no longer a young lady, otherwise I wouldn't be here asking you to cooperate with us."

Tangyue slightly lowered her eyes and said softly.

Shi Yun seems to be very interested in her current situation: "You can do everything, and you are willing to work in Wangyuezhai."

Many young ladies are unwilling to lower their haughty heads even if their families are in trouble. There are very few people like Tangyue.

After understanding Shi Yun's meaning, Tangyue smiled slightly: "It's not easy for people to live, there is nothing they can't do."

Shi Yun's eyes flickered slightly, and he looked at Tangyue's belly: "Is it for the child in your belly? Are you married?"

"Well, I'm married." Tangyue said freely.

There was nothing she couldn't admit, the Feng family just didn't want her to reveal who her husband was, but she didn't have any problem maintaining a married image.

This marriage was not what she wanted, but she was forced to live it for so long.

Shi Yun looked at her deeply, with an ugly expression on his face: "After your parents died, Tang Guodong didn't care much about you, so he just married you. Who did they marry you to?"


Tangyue narrowed her eyes, feeling something was wrong

Shi Yun agreed to come to the park to have a chat with her. She thought it would be interesting to persuade Shi Yun to come to Wangyuezhai, so she agreed immediately, but now the topic gradually turned to her.

Is he interested in his own affairs?

A few times, Shi Yun would be distracted when looking at her.

That kind of gaze doesn't look like pure nostalgia, but seems to be thinking. What is he thinking about looking at himself?

Tangyue's face is not ordinary even if she walks in the busiest street. Her face has inherited 70% to 80% of her mother's.

"Shi Yaoshi, are you very familiar with my mother? Because of her, you are willing to see me, right?" Tangyue asked directly.

Speaking of Qinghe pills, it was indeed developed by her mother Bai Rong at that time, but with the help of Shi Yun and her father.

Later, her parents got married, and Shi Yun also worked as a manager in the company, handling many company affairs at the same time.

Why did she feel that there seemed to be some stories in it.

After hearing this, Shi Yun sneered: "Bai Rong and I are just like ordinary superiors and subordinates."


Why are these words sour?

Tangyue thought for a while before slowly saying: "Does my mother like reading the Bible very much? She goes to listen to the Bible alone every week. During this process, she does not allow anyone to disturb her."

"Knock, and the door will open at last. You shall eat in the sweat of your brow, until you return to the dust."

Tangyue recited this sentence softly, and smiled slightly: "This is her favorite sentence, and it's strange to say it. Our family is all Chinese, and we don't believe in any religion at all, but she has always believed in Christianity. Teacher Pharmacist, I remember that you seem to be a Christian too?"

It's no secret that Shi Yun is actually a mixed race. He has a quarter of Canadian blood, and the people there basically believe in Christianity.

Sure enough, a gleam of light appeared in Shi Yun's eyes, and he asked tremblingly, "She believes in Christianity, why didn't I know?"

After saying this, he frowned again: "These are not important."

Anyway, everyone is dead, and Bai Rong is married to someone else. Besides these things, what else is important?

Everything is just a passing cloud.

Tangyue saw him being happy for a while and sad for a while, thinking of some information about Shi Yun, she suddenly felt that there were traces to follow.

Shi Yun never married.

In fact, this is not a very new thing. He already has money and status, so it is normal for him not to marry in his life.

But now Tangyue felt that there were some articles in it.

It took a long time for Shi Yun's mood to stabilize. He looked at Tangyue, and his voice faded again: "Many people are staring at Qinghewan, and a small place like Wangyuezhai can't be done."

"Of course I know, but how will I know the result if I don't try it. I am the daughter of the Tang family, and I should have passed on all the pills. In this process, you are one of the indispensable people. My parents Already dead, I can only find you."

At the beginning, the three of them researched Qinghe Pills together, so he must know a lot of details. If they made any mistakes in the preparation, Shi Yun would be able to correct them in time.

If she wants to do it, she must be foolproof and there must be no accidents.

Qinghe pills are very difficult to make, even if she knows the recipe, if there is a small mistake in it, it will still fail.

She knows that as long as she is given enough time, time is the most precious thing. Now there is a shortcut to take, why not just take the shortcut?

Shi Yun was silent, and the lights shone in his eyes, as if they were shining.

Tangyue always felt that she could convince him, but there was still something missing.

She murmured: "I asked my mother before why she was the only one in the family who believed in Christianity. She said that it was a very important person who influenced her. Every time she went to church, she not only listened to the scriptures, but For one person."

When she said this, Tang Yue kept looking at Shi Yun, and the doubts in her mind became a little clearer. She didn't think deeply about her mother's words before, she just thought it was an ordinary Christian who led her to believe in religion. Now it seems that Shi Yun between mother and...

What was their relationship before?

Are you still together?

Tangyue had no way of knowing.

Shi Yun stood up suddenly, he squinted his eyes, maybe it was an illusion, Tangyue always felt that his eyes were more crystal clear than before.

Her voice was inexplicably bewildered in the dark night: "Shi Yaoshi, if it is because of my mother that you are not willing to touch Qinghe Wan again, I think I can help you solve it. I really hope to pass on traditional Chinese medicine to you." Go on, this is also my mother's last wish, I really hope you will join."

This time, Shi Yun stared at her for a while, his expression became more and more serious, and he said: "Your mother never thought of making you bear so much, she only hopes that you can live happily."

Tangyue's heart skipped a beat: "But even if you're alive, there needs to be a reason."

Of course she knew that her mother would never deliberately force her to do anything. Her mother gave her a very relaxed education, and she lived a very relaxed life.

But now that her parents are dead, how can she be happy in this world alone?

She needs to find a good reason to be able to live strong.

In life, people always have ideas.

Now she wants to reproduce all the pills that her mother researched during her lifetime.

"Really?" Shi Yun looked at her lightly, and mocked: "I hugged you when you were born, do you know why your name is Tangyue? Because she hopes that you can live freely like the moon. "

Bai Rong certainly didn't expect that she lived a brilliant life in the first half of her life, but after she died, she left her daughter alone to live a life of being bullied.

If she was still there, it would be absolutely impossible for Tang Yue to work in a small company and get married at such a young age.

Hearing this, Tangyue lowered her eyes, covering her crow-blue eyelashes, she whispered: "Master Pharmacist, it's getting late, I'll take you back."

"If you want, we can talk tomorrow."

Shi Yun didn't agree to come to Wangyue Zhai, nor did he refuse. Tangyue felt that the two of them could become friends.

take it easy.

Over the years, she has not learned anything else, but she is very patient.

Shi Yun ignored her, Tangyue thought for a while, and took a taxi to follow.

She asked for help from her teacher, so of course she had to do her best.

The place where Shi Yun lives is an old community, not in the city center, and the environment is very quiet. Tang Yue has also been here last time, so she is very familiar with it.

However, just as she got out of the car this time, she saw a group of people on the outskirts of the community. The dim streetlights shone on them, and she could vaguely see them wearing black uniforms.

This dress is a bit familiar.

The bodyguards beside Feng Xie wore this kind of clothes.

A shallow question appeared in Tangyue's mind. Qin Zheng suddenly saw her clearly, and he ran over excitedly: "Second Young Master...Miss Tang, where have you been? Are you injured?"

While speaking, he kept looking at Tang Yue, afraid that she might be hurt.

"I'm fine, what are you doing here?"

It's still very early now, sometimes Wang Yuezhai is very busy, and she will be busy until this time.

Hearing that she was fine, Qin Zheng breathed a sigh of relief: "It's good that you're fine, and I didn't answer your calls. We found your phone in the trash can and it was broken. We thought something happened to you."

"Young Master Feng even sealed off all the airports, and even asked people from the Blackwater Gang to help find someone. Even I almost thought something happened to you."

Tang Yue: "?"

She frowned: "My mobile phone is broken, I forgot."

This afternoon she was busy talking about things with Shi Yun, how could she remember that her mobile phone was broken.

Originally, she planned to change a mobile phone.

She looked forward, and there was a layer of bodyguards in front of her, which surrounded the entire community tightly. It was a scary look.

The result was to find her.

"What about Feng Xie?"

Tang Yue asked softly.

Suddenly there was a scream not far away, and the tone was full of fear: "I don't know, I really don't know where Shi Yun and Tang Yue are. They came to the Tang family, but they have already left."

"Please let me go, I didn't damage Tangyue's phone on purpose, I just slipped it."

"Feng Xie, what are you going to do? If you dare to touch me, I will call the police now, and I will definitely let the prisoner go through."

"I just invited Shi Yun to have a cup of tea. He left long ago. How did I know they would disappear at the same time?"

Tangyue walked forward for a while. In the old community, the greening is done very well. The population of the community is very small, all the doors and windows are closed, and the breeze is elegant and quiet.

Under the orange street lights, many mosquitoes were flying around the street lights.

Several people were tied up with ropes, they kept struggling, some were crying, some were beating and scolding, some were begging for mercy.

The person at the front cried so much that he kept kowtowing to apologize, but when she raised her head, Tangyue found that it was actually the servant from the Tang family who smashed her cell phone.

The others were actually Tang Siyao, Tang Guodong and others.

The Tang family is all together.

Her breathing was slightly irregular.

Feng Xie, what are you going to do?

What does he want to do!

Xu Shi was so shocked, she felt a little pain in her stomach, so she stood there quietly without moving for a long time.

Shi Yun's eyes widened: "What happened? What are they going to do?"

Tang Yue couldn't answer.

She thought of the Blackwater Gang in her mind, which is the largest gang in Haicheng. It is said that there is nothing they cannot do, but it is not easy to meet them, and it is said that they will pay a high price.

Feng Xie grew up in the black street, what is his relationship with these people.

My head hurts.

There was a "snap".

A man directly whipped the whip in his hand on Tang Guodong's body. Tang Guodong's clothes were torn, revealing the bloody wounds inside.

Before this, he seemed to have been punished, his face was covered with injuries, and he looked extremely miserable.

He whimpered: "I really don't know where they are? I just invited Shi Yun over for tea. I didn't do anything."

"Whether Tang Yuelai has been here or not, I don't know."

He struggled desperately, his face was very painful.

The man directly threw a few more whips at him, and each whip was heavier than the last. He removed the cigarette from his mouth, and said in a cold voice, "The last person Miss Tang came into contact with was you. To be honest, I can still leave you A whole corpse."

Tang Guodong screamed and cried, a big man with tears in his eyes, he looked like he was dying of fright: "I'm telling the truth, I don't have the guts to mess with her, she came to me today, I will Do not know at all."

"It seems that you don't shed tears when you see the coffin, and if you take off one of your arms, will you be honest?"

After finishing speaking, Tang Guodong shook his head in horror: "Don't...ah!"


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