Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 76

The arms were removed.

When Tang Yue heard Tang Guodong's cry, she frowned.

She didn't have any feelings for the Tang family, but this was too... cruel.

Tang Guodong's arms were hanging twistedly, and he rolled his eyes, looking like he was about to faint, but because of the pain, his eyes were kept open.

Tang Siyao clenched her lips, her entire face was pale.

This matter has something to do with her.

She has been paying attention to Wangyuezhai's situation. After finding out that they invited Shiyun, she notified Tang Guodong to come over and cut off the beard. Why should Wangyuezhai win over Shiyun.

They can too.

Today they indeed used bad means to invite Shi Yun over, but Shi Yun didn't agree to their request at all, and left with Tangyue directly. Apart from being angry, they had no other choice.

Originally, he wanted to continue talking with Shi Yun tomorrow, but at night, Feng Xie took the Black Water Gang and a bunch of bodyguards to arrest them.

They were all asking about Tangyue's whereabouts.

If she had known, she would have told them.

The man next to him walked in front of Tang Xinyao again. He had an impressive face. Although handsome, he was full of murderous looks. The man grabbed Tang Xinyao's hair and said concisely: "Say."

Tang Xinyao really cried this time: "Master Leng, I really don't know. If I knew, I would have said it long ago."

She knew that this man was the leader of the Blackwater Gang, he was young, he looked less than thirty years old, but his methods were terrifying.

Not just rumors, he had already shown his brutality just now.

"Do it."

After the man gave his orders, a large bucket of ice water was poured directly on Tang Xinyao's body.

Tangyue tilted her head slightly, her eyes began to search for Feng Xie, but she was not seen among so many people, she walked a few steps forward, only to find him leaning against a sycamore tree.

He was hiding in the shadow under the big tree, holding a cigarette between his fingers, it was on and off, from Tangyue's perspective, he could only see a shadow.

The night wind rippling the hair on his forehead, he didn't seem to feel it at all, he kept his head down all the time, took a deep breath of the cigarette, the smog enveloped his whole body in it.

I can't even see his face clearly.

Shi Yun hadn't left yet, and a lot of people blocked his door, so he couldn't leave either. Fortunately, he lived alone, and he wasn't afraid of what Feng Xie would do to his family, but he was still surprised.

These people are simply too arrogant.

How dare to arrange so many people to make trouble in full view, it's like the underworld, no, maybe it is.

Even if the Tang family is not as good as it used to be, Tang Guodong and others can't insult everyone like this.

It's crazy.

Ding Fu also stood aside, it was very late, and he couldn't get through to Tangyue's phone, he seemed very nervous, but Feng Xie made such a big fuss, he was afraid it would end badly.

No matter how much he hated Tang Guodong for ruining Qinghetang and abusing Tang Yue, he never thought of tying him up and teaching him a lesson.

As a good citizen, he was really flustered.

"Feng, Young Master Feng, I think they really don't know, why don't you let them go?"

Ding Fu carefully put forward his own ideas.

He found out that Tang Guodong and the others really knew where Tangyue was, otherwise they would have recruited them long ago given their greedy character and fear of death.

He could see such a simple truth, how could Feng Xie not see it?

He was just in a bad mood, and it was difficult to find someone. The Tang family was just unlucky.

But if Tangyue came back, it would affect her reputation.

Ding Fu didn't want Tangyue to be said to be a cruel person.

Feng Xie squinted his eyes, the smoke enveloped the end of his eyes, he was extremely cold, he didn't even look at Ding Fu: "So you have a way to find Tangyue?"

Ding Fu was stunned, of course he had nothing to do, if he could find Tangyue, he wouldn't be standing here forever.

Fortunately, Feng Xie didn't intend to listen to his answer, he walked out from the shadows, tall and straight, with cold eyes, looking down at those people.

Like a lion facing a herd of sheep.

Playing with a dagger in his hand, he walked towards the flock of sheep.

Tang Xinyao was shivering from the cold. When she saw Feng Xie approaching, it was as if she saw a life-saving straw: "Feng Xie, I am your fiancee. Tang Yue can be your lover, and so can I, as long as you let her go." We, I would do anything."

Feng Xie clicked his tongue, and looked at Tang Xinyao playfully, his voice seemed to contain honey, "Can you do anything?"

"Yes, what am I..."

In the next second, Tang Xinyao's eyes were full of panic, because Feng Xie directly stabbed her in the eyes with a dagger.

"Feng Xie, I'm back."

At this time, a soft voice sounded from behind.

The dagger fell from his hand and landed on the ground with a loud thud.


Tang Xinyao's back was soaked, she rolled her eyes and completely passed out.

She took Feng Xie's hand with her soft little hand, and felt that his body temperature was low, so she held it without changing expression.

The man remained motionless, but suddenly turned his head, dark emotions were suppressed in his eyes, something was growing crazily.

Just looking at each other, Tangyue didn't dare to look at him, and she looked away. She tried to calm down her voice: "I went to talk with Shi Yun about some things today, and it took some time."

"I wanted to tell you, but my phone broke halfway, so I planned to come back and explain to you."

In just a few words, she explained the current situation, and she didn't ask at all about Feng Xie's madness.

Feng Xie didn't speak, he kept staring at Tangyue, her face was calm, her emotions were calm, she was still wearing the skirt she left before, the skirt was clean, without any trace of being hurt.

It's just that there are some folds at the hem of the skirt, which are traces of sitting.

He slightly opened his thin lips, his voice was hoarse, and he was sexy and magnetic in the night: "I called you dozens of times, but you didn't answer. I thought you were murdered and were looking for your body."

Tang Yue: "?"


She just disappeared for a long time, and she was an adult again, so she wouldn't be killed.

Feng Xie's brain circuit is simply... unreasonable.

In fact, Haicheng is really not as dangerous as she thought.

"Tangyue, it's great that you're fine. I also thought something serious happened to you."

Ding Fu wiped his eyes when he saw Tangyue, and his eyes were a little red: "In the future, you must not be allowed to talk alone, and I should follow you, you know? When I saw that phone , I really thought something happened to you."

Tangyue: "...."

Especially after Feng Xie made such a big battle to find Tangyue, and Tangyue didn't have any news, he was even more worried.

Tangyue is beautiful, unlike an old man like him, there must be many people who are interested in her.

"I'm fine, and this incident has taught me a lesson. If my mobile phone breaks down next time, I must report to you first."

Tangyue smiled and said, with comfort on her face.

"That's good. I heard that there are criminals around here who abduct and sell people to country C for fraud, and even cut off their organs. I'm really afraid that you will be cheated."

Ding Fu chattered on and on, and expressed his thoughts just now.

He couldn't find Tangyue all the time, he was really afraid that Tangyue would be cheated by these people.

Tang Yue's face was a little helpless, she looked at the bound Tang family beside her, and sighed.

When Feng Xie did this kind of thing, he didn't shy away from the limelight, so he appeared in a big way, and everyone knew that he did it.

It was extremely bad for his reputation.

If the Tang family pursues it later, although they can't do anything about Feng Xie, the influence will be very bad.

The thing had already happened, even if she tried to persuade Feng Xie, it was useless.

The man never listened to advice.

Tangyue said softly: "I'm so tired, let's go home together."

Feng Xie glanced at her, her face was glowing softly under the street lamp, her eyes were slightly tired, but still bright and moving.

There was a strong sense of violence in his heart, and he was about to release it soon, and there was a bloody smell in his mouth. The moment he saw Tangyue, all his emotions were suppressed.

She is like his medicine, which can ease his emotions. It seems that his life can only be slightly complete with her.

Seeing that he didn't speak, Tangyue continued: "I'm already sleepy, shall we go back to sleep? Did you take a nap today?"


Feng Xie began to respond to her normally, the blood faded from his eyes, and the darkness returned to before.

"Then let's go back to have supper first, and rest after eating. Let's put aside what happened today, and everything will be clear."

Tang Yue said.

Today was too chaotic, and what happened was also very chaotic. It was beyond her control. The Tang family passed out one by one, and everything could only be revealed.

Hearing this, Feng Xie looked at her and let her hold his hand, Tang Yue was only reflected in his pupils, it seemed to be her.

"Let's go."

Tangyue finally said, she really pulled Feng Xie and walked forward a few steps.


Feng Xie followed suit.

After seeing this scene, Qin Zheng breathed a sigh of relief. Young Master Feng hadn't caused such a big incident for a long time. Fortunately, Tang Yue showed up in time, otherwise someone would definitely be killed today.

He's not afraid of killing people, but it's just that the Feng family and the Tang family are difficult to explain. Of course, a harmonious explanation would be great.

Qin Zheng walked up to Leng Chenyuan and said, "Master Leng, let's deal with these people casually. Anyway, Young Master Feng should not care about it later."

Tangyue has already returned, and these people naturally lose their value, no matter how Leng Chenyuan handles it.

"Well, send them back to the Tang family."

Leng Chenyuan ordered coldly, as if they were a pile of rags.

"No, you have to compensate us!"

Huang Caihe saw that Tangyue had returned, and her husband and daughter had been tortured successively, how could she let it go.

"Tangyue's matter has nothing to do with us. You abused us, and I will send you to jail!"

She said viciously, poison in her eyes.

On this day, she lived in fear. Several times she thought she was going to die, but now that she knew they were all innocent, she must ask for an explanation.

This group of people originally planned to let them go, but after Huang Caihe finished speaking, they hesitated again, and their eyes were fixed on Leng Chenyuan.

"It seems you don't want to go home."

Leng Chenyuan's gaze was even colder, but there was an inorganic light shining in the dark night.

Huang Caihe's body trembled. She had heard of the Black Water Gang. This is the largest underground gang in Haicheng. They do all kinds of illegal things, but they can escape the punishment of the law every time, so Always arrogant.

Are these people the people who sealed the evil?

Legend has it that they are cruel and inhuman, as long as you are rich enough, you can ask them to complete a mission, and they can do anything.

No one knew what the leader of the Blackwater Gang looked like, and the police even offered a sky-high reward for catching him.

Huang Caihe could see clearly now, of course she was afraid, but thinking of how miserable they were, she felt unwilling: "Unless you compensate us for the loss, I will publish your face, and you will not be able to live in Haicheng." stand."

"Well, you are very courageous?"

Leng Chenyuan curled his lips, he turned his head and glanced at Feng Xie, his face was cold and he asked questions.

Tangyue had already dragged him for a while, but when she saw him stop, she asked, "Do you know anyone from the Black Water Gang?"

She thought that Feng Xie spent money to hire the Black Water Gang, but now it seems that the leader of the Black Water Gang seems to listen to Feng Xie's words.


Feng Xie said calmly.


Tang Yue pursed her lips tightly, it was very unusual for Feng Xie to be able to say these two words.

Where does he have any friends around him, even Su Ling who has been by his side can't get the approval of these two words.

He is cold-hearted, yet he still has friends.

Feng Xie winked at Leng Chenyuan, but didn't say anything. The two of them didn't know what kind of riddle they were playing, so he held Tang Yue's hand: "Go back."

There is no need to stay here anymore.


Tangyue had just walked halfway, when she heard a scream from behind: "Do you know who I am? If you treat me like this, you will definitely go to hell!"

Huang Caihe's voice was sharp, too obvious in the dark night.

Feng Xie's pace didn't stop at all.

She cried loudly: "Feng Xie, you will suffer retribution. I curse you to be lonely and childless all your life."

Leng Chenyuan smiled, and while having someone stuff ice cubes into Huang Caihe's clothes, he said, "Mrs. Tang, I was going to let you go, but you didn't want to, so you insisted on looking for it." Come on, I can't help it."

"Ice cubes don't taste good in this weather. It's okay, just bear with it. You'll get used to this temperature later."

Tangyue couldn't help taking a look: "..."

Leng Chenyuan is really a pervert, no wonder Feng Xie said they were friends.

In a way, they are indeed the same kind.

Huang Caihe didn't beg for mercy, she broke the jar and said, "You didn't even give an explanation today, you just tied us here and tortured us inhumanely, and now you let us go without saying a word. No?"

"Tangyue hasn't disappeared yet. Her matter has been proven to have nothing to do with us. Why do you treat us like this?"


Leng Chenyuan looked at Feng Xie who was not far away with a smile, and said with a smile: "Brother Xie, why do you say so?"

"Knock her out."

Feng Xie's voice was cold, and his eyes were too thick to melt.

For a woman who is too wordy, just tell her to shut up right away.

"If you do this, I will go to the police station to sue you tomorrow. You are suspected of illegal kidnapping, beating and abuse, and I will investigate to the end."

Huang Caihe's face was livid, her hands were shaking, her body was shaking, and her voice was shaking too.

As long as she doesn't die, she will pursue it to the end.

Anyway, she had heard that they were going to be released just now, and these people couldn't really kill her.

Even if Feng Xie was insane, he still had a bottom line in his heart.


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