Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 77

Thinking of this, Huang Caihe endured the bone-chilling chill, and she gritted her teeth to threaten them.

"You were the first person to threaten me, but you reminded me."

There was interest in Feng Xie's eyes, and he walked towards Huang Caihe, stepping on her heart with every step.

Huang Caihe thought that Feng Xie had started to think about her own problems, she said with trembling lips: "I want 200 million yuan for mental damage, and I also want Shi Yun to work in the Tang family, otherwise I will punish you for what you have done." Let the media expose it."

Feng Xie's image is very bad, he may not care about his reputation, but what about the Feng family? A famous family like the Feng family will definitely not let him lose face.

If she wanted to take advantage of this moment, the lion would open his mouth, and Feng Xie would definitely agree.

"Go on, you're going to die anyway." A trace of evil flashed in Feng Xie's eyes.

Huang Caihe's body froze, and she definitely didn't dare to move.

She wasn't sure if Feng Xie was lying, but the murderous aura on the man made her feel apprehensive.

She is dying?

Is Feng Xie going to kill her?

No, it is a legal society now, if he dare not, he is just scaring her.

Huang Caihe's life went smoothly. After she married Tang Guodong, Tang Guodong had nothing and had to rely on her natal family, so she was very stubborn at home, and she had never worked. Where had she seen such a big scene? Thinking that Feng Xie was lying to her, she said sternly, "Come on, don't you want my life? Then do it quickly, without any delay. If your movements are slow, I doubt that you dare. After you kill me, you will also be sentenced to death, and you will have to change your life for another..."

Before he finished speaking, a sharp knife appeared in Feng Xie's hand. It was not an ordinary dagger, but a sharp knife longer than a watermelon knife.

He put the knife on Huang Caihe's neck, and with a little force, blood seeped out.

Huang Caihe was so frightened that his knees went limp, and Feng Xie smiled, "If you want to die so much, then I will help you now."

There was madness and evil in his eyes, and his thin lips curved into a frightening arc.

Suddenly, Feng Xie put down the knife.

Is the bet right?

Huang Caihe's heart was about to jump out of her chest, and she knew that Feng Xie didn't dare to kill her, he was just scaring herself, even so, she didn't have the strength to talk to Feng Xie now, he was paralyzed on the ground.

Then she heard Feng Xie say to the people next to her: "Readjust your posture with her, so that it looks like suicide."

Huang Caihe's lips turned black and blue.

Feng Xie's eyes were full of excitement. He was about to say something when his sleeve was grabbed. Tang Yue held him tightly, and her soft voice spread out in the dark night: "No."

Today's incident is already very big, but it can still be dealt with. If someone is really killed, there will be no room for maneuver.

Huang Caihe was indeed not a good person, but his crime did not warrant death, let alone letting Feng Xie bear his life.

"Huang Caihe, if you want to survive, then say a few words less. Today you are the ones who forcibly hired a doctor and a pharmacist. If he hadn't been determined, he would have to leave. What else do you want to do to him? A man with a dirty heart, Not entitled to compensation."

Tangyue looked at Huang Caihe coldly, Huang Caihe was not a good bird, they would invite Shi Yun at this time, obviously they had been monitoring Wang Yuezhai's actions, fearing that Wang Yuezhai would invite Shi Yun ahead.

Now she wants to take this opportunity to blackmail Feng Xie, but it's a pity that Feng Xie is the one who was blackmailed.

He has always been black and white.

Tangyue's hand ran down the sleeve, and touched Feng Xie's palm. His palm was big. It was cold at first, but now it was warm, and the warmth passed to her, so she squeezed it.

Feng Xie remained silent, letting her pinch himself, his eyes collided with hers, there seemed to be a hook deep in his eyes, trying to hook her to sink.

Tangyue could only miss his gaze again, she let out a soft breath: "If she is a piece of trash, it won't do any good to argue with her."

Human beings cannot do things that are not beneficial.

Huang Caihe made it clear that she was a worthless person, she was a shrew, she entangled Feng Xie, and angered Feng Xie, if Feng Xie took her life, it would only make her whole body bloody.

Feng Xie lowered his eyelashes, his eyes gleamed brightly, he seemed to be persuaded.

A mouthful of old blood stuck in Huang Caihe's throat, and he couldn't spit it out even though he wanted to vomit.

she is trash? The rubbish is the person who is Fengxie.

She is a victim.

"Leave her alone?" Tangyue's eyes bent.

The street lights reflected in her eyes, like a bright moon hanging in the sky.

his bright moon...

The two got into the car in the dark and ignored Huang Caihe again.

Tangyue could feel a strong gaze from behind, almost burning a hole in her back. She thought it was Huang Caihe's hatred, and never looked back.

From behind, Leng Chen stared at Tang Yue from a distance, until the car started, she and Feng Xie disappeared into the night.


Brother Xie, did you like this type?

A beauty indeed.

In the old community, the Tang family had already collapsed on the ground, seemingly suffering from inhuman torture. When Huang Caihe was about to faint, a basin of cold water was poured on her face again.

She was startled, her body trembled, and her eyes widened in horror.


Feng Xie was serious, he would really want his own life.

Even if Feng Xie is gone now, her heart is still full of fear.

Leng Chenyuan was not at all gentler than Feng Xie.

"what are you up to?"

Huang Caihe asked tremblingly.

Leng Chenyuan took off the black gloves on his hands, and he said slowly: "You said just now that you are going to sue brother Xie tomorrow, and you want to announce my face?"

Huang Caihe: "...."

She dare not.

She just said that out of a whim just now. If she continues to threaten them now, her life will not be saved.

"Brother Xie has treated you very well. Why do you think you don't know what is good or bad? Tangyue is Brother Xie's girlfriend. She wants to see Shi Yun, and Brother Xie has already invited him over. How dare you rob him?" What kind of ambition and guts did you eat, whoever dares to snatch brother Xie, the grass on the grave will be almost ten feet high for the last person like you."

Leng Chenyuan's voice was cold: "Tangyue went there because she robbed people halfway, and your servant even smashed her mobile phone. Brother Xie just arrested you and taught you a lesson. One good."

After the confusion just now, he basically knew the cause and effect of this incident.

Do good every day?

Feng Xie was about to kill them, that's kind, god damn kind.

Huang Caihe closed her eyes, she didn't have the energy to argue now, but what Leng Chenyuan said was simply disgusting.

"Judging by your expression, you are still very unconvinced? Let me think about it, how can I make you feel convinced?"

"I am convinced."

Huang Caihe gritted her teeth, she knew that if she didn't respond, what kind of punishment would be waiting for her.

She just wants to leave now.

Leng Chenyuan looked at the servant next to him: "Why didn't you let Tang Yue in?"

The servant was full of injuries. He was tired and hungry at night, so he said honestly: "Tang Guodong ordered the bodyguards to tie up Shi Yun. He was afraid that someone would disturb him, so he would not allow anyone to enter, especially It said that if someone from Wangyuezhai comes over, just call them out."

Huang Caihe said nothing.

Originally, they wanted to rob people. They were indeed the ones who said these words. They expected Tangyue to come. Anyway, she would not be able to enter the house when she came.

It was because of their orders that the servants of the Tang family treated Tang Yue so harshly.

She lowered her head, not wanting any response.

"I'm curious, do you know that Tangyue is Feng Xie's girlfriend, you ordered the servants to beat her out, this is not giving the Feng family face, why? Do you really want to fight against the Feng family?"

Leng Chenyuan was full of momentum, and he didn't know how he brought the topic here.


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