Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 79

At noon, Tang Yue and Ding Fu ate in the cafeteria.

The meals at Wangyuezhai are very simple and unpretentious. They are all the freshest dishes selected by the chef in the vegetable market, and they taste special.

She ate a lot of that dish of fried green bamboo shoots and found it delicious.

On this day, Tangyue was a bit busy, so she called Feng Xie halfway to report that she was safe, and then continued to work.

Of course, Ding Fu would not let her do too tiring work, so she spent most of her time sitting and watching the people in the warehouse count the medicinal materials.

Her health is not good, and she gets tired easily, but her IQ is not a problem, so her brain quickly remembers, and has already memorized all these medicinal materials.


Feng Xie finally got it right, she probably could make some finished pills with these medicinal materials.

It was still early, Tangyue got off work early, she got in the car, glanced at the timing ahead, and saw a strange face: "Who are you?"

"My name is Stephen."

said the man, turning his head to reveal a pair of blue eyes.

Tangyue remembered that the driver Feng Xie had arranged with him was a foreigner and a member of the Blackwater gang. It was said that he was a retired mercenary captain who could fight and had many skills, so he was asked to protect her. safety.

Actually there is no need.

She will go back to discuss with Feng Xie later, so forget it now.

Maybe it's because pregnant women get tired too easily. After getting in the car, Tangyue felt a little sleepy. She closed her eyes and planned to rest for a while. When she woke up, there was no wind outside.

The car stopped.

Open the window, and there is a gorgeous manor outside, which seems to be located in the suburbs. From her direction, you can also see that it is covered with white roses. It seems that the owner likes flowers very much.

This is not the Feng family.

She hadn't even seen the place.

Stephen opened the car door and said respectfully, "Miss Tang, get out of the car."

Tangyue looked at his graceful movements and was silent for a while before she asked, "Where is this place?"

She was kidnapped?

But there was nothing wrong with this car, and she even carefully checked the license plate number.

It was the car Feng Xie sent to pick her up.

Or... something is wrong with the driver.

She didn't know what the person Feng Xie sent over looked like, and whether his name was Stephen.

Stephen's words and actions did not seem to be forcing her, he seemed to invite Tangyue to come over as a guest, but Tangyue didn't move, so he repeated the words again.

"Miss Tang, get out of the car."

Just like a robot.

Tangyue had no choice but to get out of the car. She looked at Stephen and continued to ask, "What do you want to bring me here?"

Just when she was thinking about whether Stephen was asking for money, Stephen had already gotten into the car, and then drove away.

Tangyue: "...."

She glanced around, this place is magnificent, only the rich can afford to live in it, and such a person would never kidnap herself.

So what is this for?

What game do you want to play with yourself?

Tangyue took out her mobile phone to make a phone call, but there was no signal at all.

where is this Could it be that a signal shielding device was installed?

When her mind was full of doubts, a middle-aged man walked over, wearing a black uniform, and bowed respectfully to her: "Miss Tang, you are welcome to Leng's house. He is the housekeeper of the Leng family."

cold home.

Leng Chenyuan...

No wonder Stephen brought her to this place. Feng Xie sent Leng Chenyuan to find someone to protect him. Leng Chenyuan didn't do anything serious at all, so he ordered Stephen to do this kind of thing.

Her expression became serious, and she was planning for the worst in her heart.

Leng Chenyuan is a psychopath.

She has already learned it. It must be no good for him to call himself to Leng's house.

He can't still think of his own mind.

Recalling the bad experience during the day, she followed the butler into the hall.

The huge crystal chandelier exudes soft light, the marble floor is shining, and all kinds of precious calligraphy, paintings and antiques are placed around.

All the decorations in the hall can't wait to have the word "money" on it.

Leng Chenyuan was sitting on the leather sofa, holding a small object in his hand, he was stacking dominoes, he looked very excited, even when Tang Yue came in, he didn't look up.

After he finished placing them, he raised his head and glanced at Tangyue, and said casually, "Miss Tang, please sit down."

Tang Yue actually didn't want to sit down, she just wanted to go back, but she couldn't make a decision about the scene before her, so she had to sit opposite Leng Chenyuan.

"Master Leng, what do you want from me?"

she asked.

Leng Chenyuan ignored her, with a slight movement of his finger, the dominoes in front fell down, and then, a chain reaction was triggered, and all the dominoes fell down one after another.

Until the last one also fell down.

Everything returned to silence.

Leng Chenyuan didn't speak, and Tangyue didn't urge him, she tried her best to be calm.

"You know the domino effect?"

The man stared at the fallen dominoes and asked suddenly.


Tang Yue frowned, not knowing what he wanted to express.

"It's the butterfly effect, when one thing happens, other things follow."

Leng Chenyuan's voice was leaning toward Leng Lie, and he said the Juan Lake without thinking, which also made people puzzled.

Tangyue looked at the falling dominoes, and thought of her and Feng Xie.

The lies she told Feng Xie were just like this, they needed to be piled up one after another in order to whitewash the peace.

Otherwise, they will all fall down in an instant.

"You're right." Tang Yue said.

Then, she continued: "So why did you ask Stephen to invite me here, can you let me go now?"

"I promised Feng Xie that I will go back early today, and he will wait for me."

It was just a lie at the time, she just wanted Leng Chenyuan to be afraid of her.

After hearing these words, Leng Chenyuan finally stared at her seriously, his dark eyes flickered with an indistinguishable light, and then asked: "Do you still live together at night?"


The real relationship between her and Feng Xie is still kept secret, and it cannot be announced to the public at all, otherwise it will cause more trouble.

But if Leng Chenyuan wanted to hurt her, would her identity matter?

He is Feng Xie's friend, and she is Feng Xie's wife, presumably Leng Chenyuan must have scruples about her.

At least he didn't have the guts to kidnap himself.

Tangyue was thinking about it, and was hesitating whether to tell Leng Chenyuan that she was Feng Xie's wife, the man in front of her narrowed her eyes, with a mocking look on her face: "Why did Brother Xie wait for you?"

"I have known him for so long, he has never waited for a woman, no, he has never waited for anyone."

Usually it's someone else waiting to seal the evil, or begging for that.

Tang Yue was silent, Leng Chenyuan knew Feng Xie very well, this man really couldn't wait for anyone.

So she chuckled lightly, her face calm: "People will always change, Leng Gang mainly does not believe,


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