Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 80

When Feng Xie came out of the clubhouse, it was already night. The night in Haicheng was very beautiful. Someone was proposing marriage in the square, and fireworks were set off in this season.

Fireworks bloomed one after another in the sky, like flowers blooming in full bloom.

He stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, his eyebrows unfurled, and he was holding a cigarette in his hand. The smoke rose slightly, making it difficult to see his expression clearly.

When Su Ling came out, he saw such a scene. He was very used to it, and he said calmly, "Brother Xie, are you leaving again? It's still early, you can still play for a while."

He was a little helpless, what are these things? Now when the time comes, Brother Xie will leave on time, just like a married person.

Every time he was left alone in the clubhouse, but he couldn't do anything about it.

Brother Xie's affairs are beyond his control.

Feng Xie glanced at his watch, and said indifferently, "I'll be right back."

He looked at the fireworks in the distance, and the exploding fireworks were reflected in his eyes, which was extremely bright.

At that moment, his eyes seemed to be filled with the brilliance of the galaxy.

"what are they doing?"

Feng Xie asked.

Su Ling pondered for a while, then said: "Proposal, here is Tianyao Square, every once in a while someone will propose marriage below, it's not romantic, it's just setting off fireworks."

The floor they were on was not high, and they could clearly see that the man proposed successfully. The woman who was proposed was obviously very excited. She quickly threw herself into the man's arms, and the two embraced tightly.

There was already a bunch of onlookers below, all applauding.

Feng Xie narrowed his eyes: "Marriage proposal?"

Su Ling didn't expect Feng Xie to be interested in this, so he said eloquently: "Yes, you can only get married after you propose. Looking at the situation, it means that the proposal was successful, and the next good thing is coming soon."

This kind of thing often happens in the square, in fact, there are quite a few people who are rejected.

Feng Xie nodded. When he got married, he didn't propose to Tangyue. He didn't even show up at the scene. Everything was over.

At that time, he didn't want to marry Tangyue, but now he thinks it's not bad.

Married life is not so difficult to accept.

Putting his hand on the railing, he asked casually, "Do you need a marriage proposal when you get married?"

"Of course, women nowadays care about this process, otherwise they would not want to get married, and the proposal should not be too shabby, you know, when my elder brother proposed to his sister-in-law, it was very grand, and it was specially airlifted from country B One hundred thousand red roses were planted, covering the entire ground..."

Su Ling's eldest brother was married a long time ago, the marriage proposal was a sensation at the time, but Feng Xie didn't know about it, so Su Ling talked about it with gusto.

After hearing so much, Feng Xie only came to one conclusion.

Tang Yue loves him very much.

He didn't propose, but she was so eager to marry him, which showed that she loved him to the bottom of her heart.

Thinking of this, he slightly hooked his lips, and there was a faint smile on his lips.

Su Ling didn't know this, he thought that Feng Xie thought he spoke well, so he became more energetic and spoke even harder.

The clubhouse was full of heat, the door suddenly opened, a man walked in front, followed by a young woman, she was wearing a white skirt, her long black hair spread out, the facial features on her small face were exquisite, those eyes Like smoke.


Su Ling just took a look, and couldn't help giving the man a thumbs up.

Where did this stunner come from, and she was actually three points similar to Tangyue.

In fact, they don't look alike, and this woman's figure is also worse than Tang Yue's, but her eyes are very similar, and her temperament is also exactly the same, so people can tell at a glance that she and Tang Yue are of the same type.

The beautiful girl has a fair complexion, and her long legs that are exposed are as long as jade. She looks weak and full of temperament.

She glanced at the man next to her, her eyes were glued to Feng Xie's body, and she took a step forward without overstepping the distance, which was done very well.

"Brother Xie, Young Master Su."

The man laughed loudly. He pushed the girl forward and said with a smile, "This is my sister Xiao Mi. The dance she danced just now is really amazing. Why don't you go in and see it? It's a pity."

Feng Xie ignored him.

Su Ling glanced at the girl named Xiao Mi, and knew it in her heart.

what sister.

She seems to be the man's good sister.

This girl does look pretty good, men use it to please Brother Xie, but I don't know if Brother Xie will sell it or not.

He coughed and praised casually: "Xiao Mi, she is a beauty."

Xiao Mi smiled, and said softly, "Thank you brother."


He also called him brother, that sounded good, and just as he was about to tease Xiao Mi a few words, he saw her eyes were fixed on Feng Xie, her eyes revealed a touch of shyness, and her face turned red.

She is a college student with a difficult family background, so she came to the club to work part-time to subsidize her tuition.

This man gave himself a large sum of money and asked her to accompany another man. She originally wanted to refuse, but the man offered too much, so she agreed.

I thought I would meet a bald middle-aged man, but I didn't expect him to be so young and handsome.

Not just handsome.

Feng Xie's face was simply perfect, just like the Prince Charming in his dream.

What's more, the people next to him also told him that this is a member of the Feng family in Haicheng, and that he is the richest man in Haicheng. If she can make Feng Xie like her, she will definitely have no worries in this life.

Xiao Mi's heart beat, she originally wanted to go directly, but when she thought of what the man told her, she hesitated a little.

Feng Xie had a bad temper.

So she walked up to Feng Xie, looked at his handsome face, and called out, "Brother Xie."

Tsk, so nasty.

Su Ling touched his hand and looked at them with interest.

Feng Xie didn't look at her, he shook his hand, and the cigarette ash in his hand fell to the ground.

"Brother Xie." Xiao Mi called out again, looking even more shy. She seemed to muster up her courage before she said, "Can I go with you today?"

Feng Xie raised his eyebrows before looking over.

The skirt on her body is somewhat familiar, and the material and style are very visual.

She is imitating Tang Yue.

"Change the skirt on you." Feng Xie's tone was a little displeased.

Xiao Mi obviously misunderstood Feng Xie's meaning, her face turned even redder, and she reached out to untie her belt, looking shy and generous.

Feng Xie looked at her and frowned.

"I'm single now." Xiao Mi pursed her soft lips, she raised her head, her hair on both sides was spread softly: "You can do whatever you want tonight."

Feng Xie narrowed his eyes, he suddenly threw the cigarette on the ground, then crushed it with his shoes, then walked out.

He didn't pay attention to Xiao Mi at all.

The woman was stunned for a moment, her nostalgic gaze still resting on him, she didn't understand why Feng Xie left, but she was sure that she fell in love with him as early as when she saw him.

Such a handsome and rich man.

His facial features are like the most exquisite masterpiece of the creator, especially the curvature of his side face is particularly charming.

She and he are not from the same world. If she didn't seize the opportunity this time, she might not be able to see him again in the future.

Thinking of this, the girl ran up and grabbed Feng Xie's clothes.


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