Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 4: Passing Death!

"""Of course!""

Ke Dong'er said anxiously:

""They don't care about Xiao Bei's death at all, they just want to add experience in a difficult surgery to add to their promotion papers!""


Ning Tianlang loosened his grip on her slender waist and said in a single word, ""Since you want to do it, I'll let you do it.""

""Big talk! What the fuck are you?""

Zhao Qi snorted in disdain, ""My father is the director of this hospital, and I didn't even say I was as arrogant as you!""

Zhou Jian glanced at Zhao Qi's eye color, seeing that Grand Duke Zhao already had a bad look on his face, he hurriedly frowned and chided:

""Xiao Ke, quickly take this person away! Otherwise, don't blame me for not showing you any mercy!""

In the face of this naked threat, Ke Dong'er was not moved in the slightest.

Still blocking the doorway of the operating room with a stubborn face, her lower lip was almost biting blood!

Ning Tian Lang sighed in his heart, sure enough, Second Sister was still the same cold and stubborn Second Sister, time hadn't smoothed out her edges.

He took a step forward and stood in front of Zhao Qi, and said with a smirk:

""You want to do heart surgery that badly?""

Zhao Qi was stunned, his pupils flickering slightly, feigning nobility:

""A healer's heart, I naturally want to save the sick and dying!""

""Well then, since you want heart surgery so desperately, then I'll just fulfill your wish!""

""What do you mean by that ......""

Before Zhao Qi could finish his words, Ning Tianlang had already violently sidestepped his body, his right hand spinning his fingers into a fist, and ruthlessly punched Zhou Jian's heart socket!

The action was done in a single, electrifying motion!


Zhou Jian, who had wrinkled his brows and glared at him in the last second, sprayed blood wildly from his mouth in the blink of an eye, and fell straight to the ground!

The chest collapsed more than an inch deep underneath!

""Oh my god ...... Director Zhou ......""

The doctors and nurses surrounding the onlookers were all so shocked that they retreated back and forth.

No one had expected that this seemingly gentle young man would strike so hard!

As for Zhao Qi, who felt the blade-like killing aura from a close distance, he was so scared that his blood curdled, and his face was three times whiter than the white coat on his body.

Just now, when Ning Tianlang's fist wind cut across his skin, he even mistakenly thought that he was brushing against death!

""Don't you want to have heart surgery?""

Ning Tianlang hooked up the corner of his mouth and pointed at Zhou Jian, who was lying on the ground and moaning continuously, and said to Zhao Qi:

""Here, sending you a patient.""

Zhao Qi: ""......""

Crowd: ""......""

Zhao Qi stood in place with an iron face, his expression uglier than eating shit.

He clenched his fists in resentment and squeezed out a sentence through his teeth:

""Carry Director Zhou to the operating room on the seventh floor! Operate immediately!""

The crowd dispersed, and Ning Tianlang walked over to Ke Dong'er, inviting credit with a charismatic smile:

""No need to thank me, quickly go in and operate on Xiao Bei. When the surgery is successfully completed, just don't forget to treat me to dinner.""

Ke Dong'er gave him a deep look, didn't say anything else, turned around and pushed the door into Bai Xiao Bei's surgery room.

As things came to an end, Ning Tianlang let out a long breath of relief, and only then did he remember that Di Yu should have already delivered the car.

He took the elevator down to the parking lot on the negative floor.

As soon as he stepped out of the elevator door, he saw Earth Specter, dressed in a black suit, waiting at the door with a serious face.

Borrowing the dim light of the underground parking lot, Ning Tianlang wiped the black lines on his head and said helplessly:

""Don't make it so scary next time, okay, where's the car?""

""Parking space b704."" Earth Specter handed out a car key with both hands and respectfully said.

""Kunlun, we've bought the Technology Valley Mansion Park in the city's central district as a place to settle down in Qing'an City."" ""Good. I will contact you in time if anything happens, and be careful not to expose your identities.""

""Yes. Kunlun.""

Ning Tianlang flung the car key in his hand and arrived at the b704 parking space.

Only to see that a Santana from the nineties was languishing on the parking space, as if it would shatter into parts as soon as it was started.

""I wipe ......""

Bursting out a foul mouth, he took out the phone and called Tian Kui: ""This is the car you prepared for me?""

Tian Kui said in a serious tone:

""That's right, you asked for an ordinary sedan, and not too conspicuous. But the headquarters' cars are all worth more than a million dollars, not in line with your requirements, I searched the entire Qing'an military region to find out this car.""

""You ...... don't you know to buy a new car around two hundred thousand dollars?""

""I know, but if I purchase a new car, there is no way to pick it up and deliver it to the second hospital within twenty minutes.""

After saying this, Tian Kui seemed to feel that it wasn't quite right and hurriedly added:

""Boss, I've tried out this car and it's pretty well maintained, it's enough for transportation. In these two days, I will go and purchase a new car for you again.""

""Forget it, take the time for me to go buy it myself.""

Breathlessly hanging up the phone, Ning Tianlang looked at his watch, it was just past noon.

By the time Ke Dong'er finished her surgery, it would probably be late at night.

He decided to go eat something near the hospital before returning to the orphanage to pick up Grandpa Qiao.

Driving the car squeakingly out of the underground parking lot, he immediately drew a lot of side glances.

When waiting for the red light, a BMW old man next to him lowered his window and probed and shouted at Ning Tianlang:

""Buddy, pretty awesome ah, this car can still get on the road na? There is someone in the traffic police, right?""

Ning Tianlang gave him a polite fake smile and awkwardly turned his head to the other side.

Just in time, he saw that a news story was being broadcasted on the big screen by the roadside:

""Recently, five groups of the Penglai Chamber of Commerce, simultaneously initiated sanctions against the Rhyming Ting Department Store, and overnight, the market value of the Rhyming Ting Department Store plummeted. I wonder if Wen Ruyun, the company's chairman and goddess entrepreneur, will fall from grace?""

Along with the reporter's voice, Wen Ru Yun's photo was framed on the big screen.

The woman in the photo had picturesque eyebrows and a great deal of flavor.

The graceful and luxurious temperament seemed to flow out from her bones.

Seeing this photo, Ning Tianlang's gaze condensed.

Wasn t this ...... his big sister Zhen Ruyun?

It seems that she was adopted by the family name Wen, which is why she changed her name to Wen Ruyun.

Pulling over to the side of the road, he sent a message to Tian Kui:

""Look up the chairman of Rhyme Court Department Store, Wen Ru Yun.""

Not a moment later, Tian Kui sent a document:

""Wen Ruyun, at the age of eighteen, she was subsidized by the Wen family and entered the Qing'an City Business School, and in the same year, she was taken in as an adopted daughter by Wen Quansheng.""

""Wen Guangyi, the head of the Wen Family, has two sons.

The eldest son, Wen Kangsheng, has a son and a daughter, and his name, Kangyang Group, is one of the top five groups in the Penglai Chamber of Commerce. His children are all Kang Yang Group executives.

The second son, Wen Quansheng, does not have any biological children, and has a very low status in the Wen family and is not valued.""

Looking at the document in his cell phone and then associating it with the news just now, a cold light flashed in Ning Tian Lang's eyes.

""Big sister is clearly being targeted by the Wen Kangsheng family! Needless to say, it must be a battle between the powerful families over the inheritance!""

Thinking of this, he immediately started the car and drove in the direction of the Rhyme Court Department Store.

When he was young, his eldest sister Wen Ruyun was the most gentle to him, and was also the one who could take care of people among the seven sisters.

Seeing her being targeted, how could he still sit still?

Daring to bully his Kunlun War God's sister, he also had to look at his own life, whether it was hard enough or not!"


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