Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 36 Everyone Come Together!

Originally, he didn't intend to make a big deal out of it.

However, seeing these two goods in Kunlun Group, he couldn't hold back any longer!

He wanted Zhuang Yucheng to personally come out and take a good look at the "good employees" he had recruited!

"I said, are you fucking finished?" Liu Jun's face was livid.

"Is our vice chairman something you can see just because you want to?!"

Hearing Liu Jun say this, the people watching around them only heard and understood the reason.

Each and every one of them grew their mouths in surprise -

"Crap, is this kid not sick? How dare he make the vice director of the Kunlun Group personally come out to meet him?"

"Who does he think he is? Oh, how whimsical!"

"That's right, I've heard that not many people in the entire Qing'an City have met the Vice President of the Kunlun Group, so what gives him the right to just say he'll meet him?"

The crowd mockingly pointed their fingers at Ning Tianlang, clearly treating him as a foolish boy who didn't know the heights of heaven.

"Did you hear what everyone said?" Shangguan Hong raised his neck high, looking askance at Ning Tianlang.

"Even someone as noble as me has only met Vice Director Zhuang once, so what qualifications does a lowly scum like you have?"

Ning Tian Lang looked at him coldly:

"Whether or not I'm qualified is not something you can judge. I'll give you one last chance to make Zhuang Yucheng come out to see me!"

"What if I say no?"

"Then I will turn you into, that lowly scum you speak of."

"Hahahahaha ......" Shangguan Hong laughed wildly, "Turn me into lowly scum? Simply ridiculous!"

He held his neck out like a white swan, and said in a condescending manner:

"I am the first young master of the Shangguan Family, even the dog I raise is a million times more noble than you!"

As soon as he heard the words Shangguan Family, a gasp came from the surroundings.

"So it's the first young master of the Shangguan family, no wonder his temperament is so outstanding!"

"Heavens, if he becomes the general manager of the Kunlun Group, won't the Shangguan Family become the chief family of Qing'an City?"

Shangguan Hong smiled smugly and pretended, "Listen, honorable as I am, how could I possibly be reduced to a lowly person like you?"

Liu Jun hurriedly cupped his feet beside him, "That's right, even if you were to be reborn ten more times, you would only be able to serve as a dog for General Manager Shangguan!"

Extremely comfortable being touted, Shangguan Hong arrogantly waved his hand:

"Go, blow this brat away, don't let him taint the noble air here!"


Liu Jun gave an unorthodox military salute, shook his neck and walked over to Ning Tianlang.

"Kid, just now I was careless and let you get the upper hand. Now that I'm serious, if you don't want to die, get lost!"

Liu Jun let out a vicious sentence and swung his fist towards Ning Tian Lang's face.

With this punch, he used all his strength.

He was afraid that if he missed in front of Shangguan Hong, it would affect his "career".

Just when his fist was less than ten centimeters away from Ning Tianlang's temple.

Ning Tianlang made a move!

He flexed his fingers into a claw, violently strangling Liu Jun's throat, and with a forceful movement of his arm, he directly lifted Liu Jun into mid-air!

"Hiss ......"

Seeing this scene, everyone sucked in a breath of cool air.

Surprisingly, with just the strength of a single arm, he lifted a grown man into mid-air.

Such strength was simply no different from a fierce beast!

Liu Jun was strangled by the throat, his face suffocating purple and red, his arms and legs struggling frantically, wanting to break free from Ning Tianlang's hands.

However, Ning Tianlang's steel-like arm simply didn't move at all, as if it was like a gallows, pinching his neck to death.

"Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!"

Shangguan Hong retreated a few steps back in terror.

"You ...... you let go of him, this will kill ...... people.""Kill people?" Ning Tianlang smiled coldly.

"If you don't want him to die, call Zhuang Yucheng! Make him come out to see me!"

He could have called Tian Kui and directly ordered Zhuang Yucheng to come out and receive him.

However, this matter belonged to the external affairs of the Kunlun Group, and he did not intend to involve Tian Kui Di Yu in it.

Where had Shangguan Hong seen such a barbaric sight, he hurriedly took out his cell phone with his hands in a frenzy:

"You mustn't kill him, I'll call Vice Director Zhuang here."

He did not mind Liu Jun's life at all.

What he minded was that if Liu Jun died here, it would pollute such an honorable place of the Kunlun Group.

And it would mess up his mood every time he passed by here on his commute in the future ......

"Hello ...... hello is this Vice Director Zhuang? I, I am Shangguan Hong. There's a person at the entrance of our group who insists on meeting you, can you ......"

Suddenly, Shangguan Hong gave a start and looked up at Ning Tianlang, "Vice Manager Zhuang asked what your name is."

"Ning Tian Lang."

Shangguan Hong hurriedly said into the phone, "Deputy Director Zhuang, he said his name is Ning Tian Lang, he ...... Hello? Hello? Vice Dong Zhuang?"

"Hang, hang up ......."

Shangguan Hong was confused.

Zhuang deputy director this is promised or not promised ah ......

On second thought, how could the deputy director of the Kunlun Group come out to see this kind of trash?

It must have been impatient and hung up the phone!

Shangguan Hong held up his cell phone, "I've already called, you let him go."

At this moment, Liu Jun's face had taken on the grayish purple color of death.

If he suffocated any further, I'm afraid that even Hua Tuo in the world wouldn't be able to save him.

Ning Tianlang didn't want to kill anyone in public either.

He casually threw Liu Jun to the ground and said in a cold voice, "Wait, wait for Zhuang Yucheng to come out!"

Liu Jun hit the floor with a bang and took a while to catch his breath.

In his heart, he was afraid, this is really a circle in front of the Hall of Hades!

Seeing Ning Tian Lang release Liu Jun, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Shangguan Hong even waved his hand and said:

"You inferior people are too barbaric, being with you is really detrimental to my status. If you are willing to wait, go ahead and wait, this young master is not going to accompany you!

However, I reckon that even if you wait to die here, Vice Dong Zhuang won't ......"

Before he could finish his words, he heard a rush of footsteps coming from behind him.

"Mr. Kun ...... Ning, what brings you here!"

The person who came was none other than the vice chairman of the Kunlun Group, Zhuang Yucheng!

He was preparing for the bidding conference just now when he suddenly received a call from Shangguan Hong.

When he heard the words "Ning Tianlang", his soul almost went out of his body!

The War God of Kunlun had come in person!

He was even blocked from the door!

Even if he had ten heads, they wouldn't be enough to chop him off!

Zhuang Yucheng almost used the highest sprinting speed he could use in battle, running furiously all the way to the gate.

"Ning, Mr. Ning ......"

He stood in front of Ning Tianlang, his face red with excitement, raising his hand just to give a military salute, suddenly realizing that the situation was not right, he hurriedly put it down again.

"Mr. Ning, you personally came to inspect the work, how come you didn't call me first, so I can prepare to greet you in advance ......"

Seeing Zhuang Yucheng nodding his head in front of Ning Tianlang, the eyes of the surrounding people were about to fall out!

What was the origin of this young man driving a broken Santana?

Even the deputy director of Kunlun Group was so respectful to him!

This identity has to be strong to the heaven, right?


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