Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 37: The Butcher's Son-in-law?

Shangguan Hong even froze his entire body!

Like a sculpture!

His neck was still high, but his temperament was long gone. Like a goose being picked up, flustered and ridiculous.

He couldn't believe his eyes.

How could the hallowed Deputy Director Zhuang be so respectful to this inferior person ......

Ning Tianlang looked at Zhuang Yucheng coldly, "You are now the vice chairman of Kunlun Group?"

Zhuang Yucheng's heart trembled as he hurriedly replied, "Yes ...... Mr. Ning, I'm temporarily in charge of Kunlun Group's external operations."

"Is this how you discipline your subordinates?!"

Ning Tianlang's voice was stern as he sternly rebuked!

Seeing the Kunlun War God lash out, Zhuang Yucheng's cold sweat instantly soaked his shirt.

Right now, even though he was the noble deputy director of the Kunlun Group, on Kunlun Island, he was a little-known soldier!

Everything he possessed was all bestowed by Ning Tian Lang!

He didn't dare to bear the wrath of the God of War!

"Mr. Ning, I was wrong."

Zhuang Yucheng was scared out of his wits, his knees softened and directly knelt in front of Ning Tianlang on the street.

"Hiss ......"

Seeing this scene, everyone was so surprised that they almost bit their tongues off!

The vice chairman of the Kunlun Group had actually knelt down to this milquetoast young man!

The crowd looked at each other, shocked beyond words!


Security guard Liu Jun simply rolled his eyes and fainted with a hiccup.

Shangguan Hong couldn't stop his two legs from shivering, and his hair, which was originally combed greasy and smooth, had long been scratched into a chicken nest.

His brain was blank!

He rubbed his eyes vigorously, unable to believe everything in front of him!

One was the vice chairman that he held in the highest regard.

One is the lowly person he has insulted and despised.

One knee, one stop.

He couldn't figure out why there was such a weird scene!

Looking at Zhuang Yucheng, who was kneeling down to admit his mistake, Ning Tianlang's eyes grew colder and colder.

"Do you know what your status is? Didn't your leader teach you that there is gold under a man's knees?!"

"I ......"

Zhuang Yucheng was shivering with excitement!

He was suddenly awakened, he was now the vice chairman of the Kunlun Group!

What he represented was the face of the Kunlun Group!

On top of that, he was an Iron-blooded elite soldier on Kunlun Island!

A warrior!

A soldier!

How could he kneel down with a bang in front of everyone?

"Aye! I know I'm wrong!"

He moved quickly to stand up and respectfully said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Ning."

Ning Tianlang's expression was serious: "You're not sorry to me, you're sorry to everyone!"

With that, he reached out and pointed at the duo of Shangguan Hong and Liu Jun:

"You even recruited this kind of goods in, are you planning to drag Kunlun Group down completely?"

While others didn't understand what he meant, Zhuang Yucheng heard him clearly-

There were hundreds of elite soldiers in this Kunlun Group, all of whom were throwing their heads in the sand to fight spies.

If the people he recruited were to delay the cause of the spies, how could he face those soldiers who were fighting for their lives?

If the enemy infiltrated Daxia as a result, how would he be able to stand up to all the people of Daxia?

"I understand what you mean."

Zhuang Yucheng came to the side of the fainted Liu Jun and kicked him, saying angrily, "Get up! I know you've woken up."

"Deputy Director Zhuang ......"

Liu Jun slowly opened his eyes, so frightened that his upper and lower teeth kept knocking.

He was indeed stunned just now.

Only to fall towards the ground and wake up again.

He knew he was dead today, so he simply closed his eyes and continued to pretend to be dizzy.

At this moment, once Zhuang Yucheng spoke, he couldn't pretend anymore and hurriedly climbed up shivering.

Zhuang Yucheng gritted his teeth and asked, "What is going on, confess yourself!" "I ...... I just saw that the car this person drove was too broken, so I wanted to blow him away ......"

Liu Jun looked at Zhuang Yucheng's increasingly cold face and only felt a warmth between his legs ......

He was actually scared alive and pissed his pants!

Hearing this, Zhuang Yucheng simply couldn't wait to personally peel his skin off!

To actually dare to blow away the Kunlun War God was simply a death wish!


Liu Jun fell straight to his knees:

"Vice Dong Zhuang, I know I I'm wrong, I'm wrong, I'm guilty, you just spare me this time!"

"The person you should beg for forgiveness is not me!"

Zhuang Yucheng scolded sternly.

Liu Jun was blessed to the core and walked on both knees to Ning Tian Lang's body, kowtowing while begging for forgiveness:

"You, as an adult, forgive me once ......"

"Didn't you say that I'm just a piece of trash?" Ning Tianlang coldly said.

"I'm trash, I'm trash! You can just let me go as a fart ......"

Ning Tianlang's eyes narrowed slightly, "Do you know where you've done wrong?"

"I know I know." Liu Jun kowtowed like garlic.

"I shouldn't have whisked you to the side door, I shouldn't have insulted you, next time I won't dare again, I definitely won't dare!"

"You don't know!" Ning Tianlang rebuked in a cold voice.

"You're wrong for not being able to treat everyone the same!"

"A rich man in a luxury car is a grandpa, a daddy? The common people driving ordinary cars don't deserve to walk through the front door? What kind of reasoning is this? And who made up the rules?!"

Ning Tianlang spoke word for word, throwing his voice!

As soon as the words fell, some people around them even had to hold back their applause!

They were all ordinary people.

They hadn't encountered many snobbish villains like Liu Jun in their working lives.

At this moment, Ning Tianlang spoke their minds, and his image was instantly taller!

"I know, I won't dare to be snobbish again!"

Liu Jun burst into tears and cried bitterly, "Please don't fire me ...... I have an old man and a young man, what should I do if I don't have this job ......"

He has been more than forty this year, and no skill.

After being laid off from the factory, he can only give people dry labor.

Now it is not easy to come to Kunlun Group as a security guard, he does not want to be dismissed just like that.

After only a few days of splendor, he was knocked back to his original form, and he still didn't know how much mockery and shame he would attract!

"Please, please, please ...... please don't dismiss me ......"

The more he thought about it, the more scared he got, Liu Jun almost knocked his forehead bloody!

Ning Tianlang looked at him condescendingly and sighed slightly.

It is also a pitiful person.

But, a pitiful person must be hateful!

He faintly said:

"Don't you like bowing to supercars? From now on, you will bow ninety degrees and stand at this door.

Whenever I leave, you can straighten up.

If you hold on, then you can continue to work here."

He was testing whether Liu Jun really needed this job so desperately as he had just said.

If he hadn't already been pushed into a desperate situation by life, Liu Jun definitely wouldn't be able to hold on!

"Yes, yes, yes ...... many thanks to the grandpa, many thanks to the grandpa ......"

Ignoring the fact that blood was already seeping out of his forehead, Liu Jun stumbled up from the ground and stood to the side bending deeply ......

Looking at Liu Jun's grimy appearance, the crowd reached out and pointed:

"Snobs like this who see people's dishes, should have been cleaned up like this a long time ago!"

"That's right, the king of hell is good to see the little ghost is difficult to entangle, every time I see this kind of villainous face I have a belly full of anger!"

"This Kunlun Group really can, can timely rectify this bad wind ......"

After dealing with Liu Jun, Ning Tian Lang cast his gaze towards the shivering Shangguan Hong:

"Young Shangguan, let's talk about your problem now, shall we?"


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