Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 38 Kneel in a Row!

"Young Shangguan, let's talk about your problem now, shall we?"

Ning Tianlang's voice was extremely indifferent, but in Shangguan Hong's ears, it was like a flood bell!

He only felt a loud "buzz" in his brain, as if the sky was collapsing!

Although he was the first young master of the Shangguan family, the pressure he had to bear was not much less than Liu Jun's. Liu Jun's pressure was to support his family.

Liu Jun's pressure was to support his wife and children and not lose face in front of his friends and family.

Shangguan Hong, on the other hand, had to bear the honor of the entire Shangguan family!

Moreover, there were several half-siblings who were eyeing him intently from the side.

As long as he had the slightest slip, those people would pounce on him like hungry dogs, snatching the undivided cake of inheritance!

Thinking of this, Shangguan Hong's lips trembled, his eyes showing supplication, "Mr. Ning, I ......"

Before he could beg for mercy, Ning Tianlang raised his hand, stopping him, "There are many people here, your problem will be discussed when you enter the group's interior."

"Yes ......"

A trace of gratitude passed through Shangguan Hong's eyes.

With so many people milling around at the door, whether he was dismissed or reprimanded, it would affect the face of the Shangguan family.

At that time, a wild wave of boycotting him was bound to rise in the clan.

By doing so, Ning Tianlang was equivalent to leaving him a life!

Led by Zhuang Yucheng, the three of them arrived at the Kunlun Group's No. 2 Building.

As soon as they entered the building, all the employees bowed respectfully and said, "Vice Director Zhuang, General Manager Shangguan."

When their gazes landed on Ning Tianlang's body, they all couldn't help but be puzzled for a moment.

"Who is this young man in ordinary clothes? How come the vice-director and general manager are both following him?"

"I guess ...... he's the son of some big family, right?"

"Impossible! Looking at the entire West Phoenix Province, the Kunlun Group is the topmost existence, and which family's son can have this treatment?"

"Then what exactly is this young man ......"

In the midst of the crowd's surprised chatter, the three people arrived at Zhuang Yucheng's office.

Ning Tianlang sat straight on Zhuang Yucheng's boss chair and faintly said, "Now, let's have a good talk."

There was no one else around, and Shangguan Hong directly fell to his knees with a "thud" and said in shock:

"Mr. Ning ...... Ning, just now it was me who had eyes and didn't know that you were ......"

Saying this, he suddenly paused.

Up until now, he didn't even know what exactly Ning Tianlang's identity was!

He only perceived from Zhuang Yucheng's attitude that the other party was someone he absolutely couldn't afford to mess with!

Ning Tianlang lightly glanced at Zhuang Yucheng and didn't say anything.

Zhuang Yucheng immediately stepped forward and coldly rebuked:

"You're not qualified to know this one's identity! For the sake of the Shangguan family, I advise you to be less curious!"

"Yes yes yes ...... I won't dare to talk too much anymore ......"

Shangguan Hong was already scared silly.

Vice Director Zhuang had even used the Shangguan family's lifeblood as a threat, clearly the other party's identity was powerful beyond his imagination!

Ning Tianlang tapped his fingers on the desk and asked Zhuang Yucheng:

"Why did you recruit this kind of goods into the group?"

"Reporting back to Mr. Ning." Zhuang Yucheng stood as straight as a javelin.

"I took into consideration that the Shangguan Family, as a local power, is quite prestigious in Qing'an City, and Shangguan Hong is not only the youngest master of the Shangguan Family, but also a doctorate in business administration who graduated from the world's highest institution, so hiring him is very advantageous to the development of the Kunlun Group."

Although Zhuang Yucheng was wearing a suit at this time, his speech and behavior still had traces of a soldier. "Doctor of Business Administration?"

This was quite a surprise to Ning Tianlang.

He had thought that Shangguan Hong was just an arrogant and domineering second-generation ancestor who relied on his family's power.

However, he did not expect that the other party had some real talent.

After all, a degree from the world's highest educational institution is not something that can be obtained by spending money and looking for connections.

Fearing that Ning Tianlang would blame him, Zhuang Yucheng hurriedly explained:

"That's right, although he's a bit arrogant, but his ability is real, otherwise I wouldn't have let him take the position of the group's general manager ......"

Ning Tianlang nodded.

If such a talent was properly coached, it might really come in handy in the future.

Seeing that Ning Tian Lang's face had improved, a glimmer of hope flared up in Shangguan Hong's heart and he hurriedly cried out:

"Mr. Ning, I'm the first young master of the Shangguan family, and I've grown up under the watchful eyes of countless pairs of eyes. Everyone is flattering me while waiting to catch me in the act. I had no choice but to become like this ......"

Ning Tianlang knew that what he said was indeed the truth, but he still said indifferently, "You, is this sophistry?"

"No, no ......" Shangguan Hong was so scared that he immediately kowtowed and begged for forgiveness, and

"I know my attitude is not right, in the future I will change, I will change, please don't dismiss me ......"

"It's okay not to dismiss you." Ning Tianlang tapped his ten fingers on the desktop in turn.

"If you change your arrogance in the future and absolutely obey my orders, I can consider keeping you."

Shangguan Hong was like an amnesty and hurriedly kowtowed, "I will absolutely change all my stinking faults in the future and look after Mr. Ning!"

"Good, I'll have Zhuang Yucheng keep an eye on you, but whenever I learn that you're dog-eyed again, I'll personally clean you up!"

"Yes, yes, yes, I won't dare to do it again ......"

Shangguan Hong wept with joy.

This life of his own was finally saved ......

Leaving Shangguan Hong behind, Ning Tian Lang also had his own considerations.

Zhuang Yucheng was right, if the Kunlun Group wanted to disguise itself without the slightest crack, it had to establish ties with the local forces.

At the same time, it couldn't afford to mess around in business like a layman.

Shangguan Hong was an excellent candidate.

Hiring him would allow for a two-pronged approach, solving all of these two problems!

"You go to work first, I still have something to talk to Zhuang Yucheng."

Ning Tianlang gave the expulsion order, and Shangguan Hong immediately retreated with great skill.

"Let's go, go take a look at Denchuan Kangping." Ning Tian Lang stood up, "I want to personally interrogate him."

Zhuang Yucheng hurriedly stood upright and gave a military salute, "Yes! Kunlun!"

Without outsiders present, the rules of the military could not be minimized!

As he rode the elevator downstairs, Zhuang Yucheng introduced himself to Ning Tianlang:

"Kunlun, the entire Kunlun Group has a total of eighteen buildings, of which the first eight are used as external camouflage, which we call external.

The latter eight are used for secret missions, and are internal.

Between the exterior and the interior, there is a square as a division. There are dark sentries watching twenty-four hours a day and night, and the external staff will never enter by mistake."

"Very well, where is the Noborigawa Kohei Pass?"

"It's in Building Seventeen, it takes about forty minutes to walk there."

"Take my car, I still have to accompany Third Sister for dinner in the evening, I can't be delayed."

"...... Yes! Kunlun!"


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