Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 39: The Noble Ones?

Zhuang Yucheng looked at the Santana parked at the door and said incredulously, "Kunlun, this ...... is your car?"

If it wasn't for the engine still being a little warm, he would have even thought that it was an antique taken out of a museum.

"Don't talk nonsense, go up and drive."

With a dark face, Ning Tian Lang directly opened the door and sat in the back row.

Zhuang Yucheng's eyes were a little sore.

This Da Xia's patron saint obviously has supreme honor and boundless wealth, but he is still so low key and simple, it's really touching ......

Soon arriving at the seventeenth mansion.

As soon as Ning Tianlang got off the bus, four or five warriors came out from the shadows and worshipfully saluted him, "Kunlun!"

"Good, hard work."

Ning Tianlang nodded with a smile on his face.

With just one sentence, it caused the eyes of those warriors to become incomparably fervent!

Simply because, he was an unrivaled legend on the battlefield!

It was the spiritual belief of all the soldiers in Grand Xia!

Ning Tianlang stepped inside the building and looked around.

There were more than twenty floors in this building, but it was empty without a single staff member.

There were only countless cameras with flashing red lights, monitoring every corner of the building.

"Kunlun, Denchuan Kohei is locked up on the second floor, let's go up."

Just as Zhuang Yucheng's words fell, Tian Kui, who had received the news, had already trotted over.

"Kunlun!" Tian Kui gave a military salute, "You have finally come to interrogate Noborigawa Kohei."

"What? Is there a situation?"

"The situation is nothing." Tenkui hemmed and hawed.

"It's just that ...... didn't you order to leave him alive, we can't let go of the torture, and we're a bit tied up."

Ning Tianlang hooked up the corner of his mouth, "Using torture is the next best thing, you guys still need to learn more in this aspect."

After saying that, he turned to Zhuang Yucheng and commanded:

"You go back to working externally, you don't need to worry about things here for now, mainly focus on handling the group's external affairs properly."


Zhuang Yucheng clashed his heels together and gave a military salute to Ning Tianlang and Tiankui successively before turning to leave.

"Where's Earth Specter?"

On the way to the interrogation room on the second floor, Ning Tianlang asked.

"He's lurking at Noborigawa Kohei's villa, wanting to see if there are any fools who come to the door of their own accord."

Ning Tianlang shook his head, "Noborigawa Kohei has disappeared for so long, and I'm afraid his accomplices have long since hidden themselves. It's hard to wait for rabbits if you want to keep watch."

Coming to the second floor, Tian Kui brought him to a large iron door, "Boss, Noborigawa Kohei is locked up here."

Saying that, he knocked regularly on the door a few times, and in a short while, a small warrior opened the door from the inside.

The windows of this room were sealed tightly, not showing the slightest bit of light, leaving only a small thirty centimeter square window for ventilation.

Even the soundproofing was quite perfect, the noisy sounds outside could not be transmitted in at all.

The lights were dim, and the silence was creepy.

An ordinary person who stayed in such a room for a long time would definitely collapse physically and mentally.

It was simply perfect for interrogating prisoners.

Tian Kui said, "The entire room in Building 17 has been modified in this manner, specifically for use as a holding room and interrogation room."

Sniffing the strong smell of blood in the room, Ning Tianlang nodded, "Very well done."

Stepping in.

Only to see that a few chairs were placed in the center of the room, with all sorts of horrifying instruments of torture on display all around.

It would cause goosebumps to rise at the very sight of it.

At this moment, Denchuan Kohei was tied to the chairs, covered in blood, his spirit depressed to the extreme.

Obviously, it had already gone through more than one round of torture.

Ning Tianlang walked up to Noborigawa Kohei and faintly said, "Teacher Noborigawa."

Upon hearing this, Denkawa Kohei raised his head and stared at him silently, not opening his mouth to speak.

"You are a scholar, and it is indeed too rude for my men to torture you like this." Ning Tianlang's voice was soft, as if he wasn't interrogating, but merely talking to an old friend.

"That's right, I'm a scholar who came to the Grand Xia Empire to participate in an academic forum, how dare you treat me like this, I'll definitely sue you to the international court!"

Denchuan Kangping shouted angrily in broken Mandarin.

Tian Kui snorted coldly, "Do you need to bring a pistol to an academic forum?"

With that, he picked up a stun baton from the side and said to Ning Tianlang, "Boss, this old kid has a tough mouth, I'll give him some more hard food!"

Denchuan Kohei was so scared that he twisted his body vigorously and hissed:

"You are illegally imprisoning! Illegal torture! I demand to contact the Sunset Empire's embassy!!!"

Ning Tianlang raised his hand, stopping Tiankui's movements, "Didn't I say that this method is inferior."

After saying that, he casually yanked over a chair and sat down across from Denchuan Kangpei, faintly saying:

"I don't have much time, so I'll give you one last chance to reveal the names and cover identities of all the spies of the Sunset Empire."

"I don't know! I don't know any spies! I'm just an ordinary scholar! You guys are planting evidence to frame Mokushu!!!"

Denchuan Kohei remained stiff-lipped.

Ning Tianlang's eyes gradually turned cold, "You, do you think I'm easy to talk to?"

"Not ......"

Dengchuan Kangping shivered in agitation.

He saw the most terrifying killing intent in the world from Ning Tianlang's hazel eyes!

"It doesn't matter if you delay me."

Ning Tianlang stood up and pulled out a steel needle of about ten centimeters from an iron box next to him.

"But if you affect my agreement with Third Sister, then I won't be able to spare you."

"What do you ...... you want to do?"

Dengchuan Kangping suddenly felt that the gentle Ning Tianlang was even more terrifying than the Tiankui!

He would rather be whipped and beaten with electric batons again than face Ning Tianlang's cold and devouring gaze!

"My righteous father, he's a god-like man. He has taught me a lot."

Ning Tianlang took the steel needle and came to Dengchuan Kangpei's body, and said in an indifferent tone.

"But, there is only one of them that has always benefited me. That is the ancient medical art."

Dengchuan Kangping's pupils shrunk violently for a while, staring at the brightly shining steel needle, and said in horror:

"What ancient medical art? The Great Summer Empire's acupuncture art?"

"Truly worthy of being a scholar, he is indeed widely learned." Ning Tianlang smiled coldly.

"Then you should also know that this needle can both save and kill, right?"

Tian Kui spoke out from the side:

"Dengchuan Kangpei, if you continue to talk tough, the pain brought about by this needle will exceed the sum of the punishments you suffered before!"

Noborigawa Kohei's face was pale and his lips kept trembling, "I don't know, even if you kill me I don't know anything ......"

"Very well, a tough guy indeed."

Ning Tianlang's lips curled slightly.

Immediately afterward, he picked up the steel needle with both of his fingers, and with an extremely tricky and bizarre maneuver, he stuck the needle into the Jade Pillow Point at the back of Denchuan Kangping's head!

The steel needle pointed seven stars in a row.

It entered the point with more than three fingers!


The heart-rending scream instantly spread throughout the entire interrogation room!

Ning Tianlang faintly said, "Lifting the clear and lowering the turbid, curing the turbid stuffiness in your brain."

As soon as the words fell, Denchuan Kangping's entire body began to shake dramatically, not being able to control it at all!

"After a few breaths, an inexplicable pain will spread throughout your limbs and bones. Compared to that, this bit of pain right now is just the most soothing prelude."

Ning Tianlang's voice seemed to come from the valley of hell, and even Tiankui couldn't help but shiver.

"I ...... I said ...... I'll tell you everything I know!"


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