Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 5 Elder Sister Supports You!

"Accompanied by the sound of ""cackling"", Ning Tianlang drove his car to the entrance of the parking lot of the Rhyme Court Department Store.

The staff guarding the parking lot looked him up and down and said contemptuously, ""Parking fee is twelve yuan for one hour, and five thousand yuan for destroying the road gate pole.""

""...... Got it.""

Ning Tianlang's face was full of black lines, dare this staff was suspecting that he couldn't afford to pay the parking fee and was planning to crash the pole to escape?

It's also true that people who drive such a broken car really don't see the need to part with these tens of dollars ......

From the documents sent by Tiankui, Ning Tianlang knew that Wen Ruyun's office was on the top floor of the office building behind the shopping mall.

Therefore, he didn't delay and directly took the staff elevator to the top floor.

As soon as he stepped out of the elevator, what met his eyes was a sunny hall that was transparent on three sides.

The greenery was lush and the sound of water gurgled.

Ning Tian Lang couldn't help but secretly sigh, his big sister's taste was still so elegant and unassuming.

Surprisingly, she had built such an elegant sky garden in this inch of land.

He was about to look for where the chairman's office was, when he saw a security guard holding his crooked hat hurriedly running over, shouting under his breath:

""This is the chairman's private area, no one else is allowed to enter!""

""I'm looking for your chairman for something.""

That security guard ran out of breath and said impatiently:

""I don't care what your business is, if you want to see the chairman, go and make an appointment with Secretary Gao first.""

Ning Tianlang scratched his chin:

""Secretary Gao? Male or female?""

""Why do you care so much, hurry up and get down! If the chairman sees a stranger come in, I'll have to get a lecture!""

The security guard was about to push Ning Tian Lang.

""With a ding, the elevator door opened again.

A beautiful woman wearing a low-cut dress slowly walked out of the elevator, frowning and asking, ""What's going on?""

This person was none other than Ning Tian Lang's big sister, Wen Ru Yun.

""Dong, chairman, you're not in the office?""

The security guard stammered in fear, pointing at Ning Tianlang and saying.

""This kid had to barge in, I was just shooing him away!""

Wen Ruyun coldly looked at Ning Tianlang, her pretty face noble and cold.

""Big sister, long time no see.""

After ten years, calling out the words big sister again, Ning Tianlang's voice was a little bit shy.

Upon hearing him actually call Wen Ruyun big sister, the security guard immediately glared and cursed:

""Who the hell are you calling big sister? The chairman of the board is only twenty-seven years old this year ......""

But, in the next second, his later words were swallowed back into his stomach alive.

Only to see, Wen Ruyun's icy expression turned into a puddle of spring water in an instant, incredibly covering her red lips with her hand, her voice trembled and said:

""You ...... you are Little Tian Lang?""

""It's me, big sister, I'm back.""

""It's really you ...... It's really you ......""

Wen Ruyun stared at Ning Tianlang carefully, and tears kept welling up in his eyes.

After holding his face for a full minute, she violently jumped into Ning Tianlang's arms and cried:

""We ...... we all thought that you were dead ...... and went to claim a faceless corpse ...... oooooh ...... Why are you only coming back now ......""

Feeling the softness coming from his chest, Ning Tianlang patted Wen Ruyun's gelatinous back and comforted her:

""Didn't I come back?""

""Not leaving in the future?""

""Uh, not leaving, never leaving again.""

Hearing Ning Tianlang say that he would never leave again, Wen Ruyun wiped the tears from her face and gently punched him on the chest, feigning anger:

""Brat, causing us to worry for ten years for nothing, in the future, if you dare to run around again, I'll break your legs!""

The two of them were flirting, while the security guard standing on the side was so scared that he was about to pee his pants, shivering as if he had no clothes on in the middle of winter. It was only after a while that Wen Ruyun snapped out of it.

She burrowed out of Ning Tian Lang's embrace, straightened her low-cut dress, and resumed her noble stance:

""Xiao Zhang, in the future, he can come here whenever he wants, so you don't have to care.""

""Yes yes yes ...... I know, chairman rest assured ......""

The security guard wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and almost lowered his head into his pants.

Entering the chairman's office, Ning Tianlang sat on the chair opposite Wen Ruyun and hemmed and hawed:

""Big sister, is Secretary Gao a man or a woman?""

""Female, why?""

""I'm relieved if it's female."" Ning Tianlang grinned.

""Big sister, have you forgotten that when you were seven years old, you and the other six sisters had promised to all marry me when they grew up.""

""Children's words are reckless, how can words spoken when playing house count?""

Wen Ruyun blushed a little and digressed, saying.

""By the way, they don't know you're back yet, right? Let's get together in a couple days!""

""Sisters are all in Qing'an City?""

""Old Six and Old Seven aren't here, the others are.""

Ning Tianlang said with interest:

""I already know that second sister is a doctor, what are the other sisters doing?""

""Your third sister's job ...... is even serving special clients.

The old fourth is running a tea house, er ...... let's say it's a tea house.

The oldest five is the most frugal, she is now a model and is on fire.

Your sixth sister only comes back once a year for New Year, no one knows what she is doing or where she is.

As for Seven, she's still attending college in the next city, but her behavior is a bit strange due to her high IQ of over two hundred ......""

""Eh ...... why do I hear that not many of their occupations are normal ......""

Listening to Wen Ruyun finish the recent situation of several other sisters, the muscles on Ning Tianlang's face twitched:

""Serving special clients, sort of a teahouse for the moment, no one knows the trail, some weird behavior, what does this ...... all mean?""

Although in his childhood, he knew that these sisters were all a little different from the norm.

But how could he not expect that after growing up they were still so out of the ordinary ......

""When you see them later, let them say it themselves."" Wen Ruyun smiled mysteriously, ""Maybe, there will be unexpected joy.""

""That's fine, we'll find out sooner or later anyway.""

Ning Tianlang sighed, put away his smile and said.

""For now, it's better to talk about you, big sister.""

""Me? What business can I have?""

Facing Ning Tianlang's serious eyes, Wen Ruyun smiled unnaturally and pulled the broken hair at her temples behind her ears:

""As you can see, I'm now the chairman of this department store in all its splendor.""

Ning Tianlang had wanted to ask her what happened to the sanctions of the Penglai Chamber of Commerce, and whether the Wen family was targeting her at every turn.

However, when the words reached his mouth, he swallowed them back.

He knew that this big sister of his had grown up with a strong and noble nature.

If he asked her directly, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to find out the truth.

Thinking about this, Ning Tianlang grinned and smoothly said:

""Then in the future, if I don't have any money, I'll be relying on you, the female president!""

""Naughty! If you don't have money in the future, ask big sister for it, big sister can afford you!""

Wen Ruyun guffawed and seemed to be quietly relieved as well.

""Big sister, haven't seen you in ten years, but your body is much sexier than it was back then.""

Ning Tianlang took a sip of tea, looked at Wen Ruyun's low-cut gown, and digressed, saying.

""However, do you usually always dress so gorgeously? Would it be too grand?""

Upon hearing this, Wen Ruyun let out an ""ouch"" and exclaimed:

""Oops! I was so excited to see you that I forgot one big thing!"""


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