Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 40 Identity Against Heaven!

Kohei Noborigawa had never been so frightened!

Nor had he ever been so agonized!

He shouted, "I'll tell you! I'll tell you everything I know! Quickly pull out this damn needle!!!"

Ning Tianlang flicked his finger like a phantom, and the steel needle instantly shot out from the back of Denchuan Kohei's head.

With a "clank", it fell to the ground.


Noborigawa Kohei let out a long breath.

In just a few breaths, his body was already drenched in cold sweat.

That horrible feeling, he never wanted to experience it a second time!

Ning Tianlang sat back down in front of him again and faintly said:

"How much better to confess earlier, why do you need to suffer all this pain? Tell me, how many people have you infiltrated in total, and what are their identities?"

"I am indeed a spy sent by the Sunset Empire, but ...... I really don't know what you're asking ......"

Noborigawa Kohei took a deep breath and

"I didn't lie to you, I really am an ordinary university professor, and I really came to Daxia to attend an academic forum."

"It's just that ...... before I left, someone found me and said that they wanted me to serve the empire and infiltrate into Daxia as a spy, waiting for the follow-up instructions."

"But I haven't even received any assignments yet, and you guys are already at my door ......"

At those words, Ning Tianlang frowned slightly.

Denchuan Kohei's expression was too sincere, and it was difficult for him to tell if it was true or not.

"Then how do you contact them?"

"There's an internal website." Denkawa Kohei said, "I can get in touch with someone through a website. But as for who he is I'm not sure."

"Tell me the website address."

Ning Tianlang's eyes lit up.

These people were like flower crabs with one pincer on top of the other, digging out one and catching a nest along the way!

Denkawa Kohei reported a URL, "The login account name and password are both 0908."

"0908?What does it mean?"

"It's what they registered and the expected date of the academic forum. As for whether it's a coincidence or intentional, I don't know."

"Is there any other information? If you let me know that you're still hiding something, the consequences are clear to you."

Looking at Ning Tianlang's ice-cold eyes, Dengchuan Kangping trembled:

"I've already told you everything I know, I really don't know anything else ......"

Ning Tian Lang gazed at him steadily for more than ten seconds, making sure that there were no breaks before he slowly stood up and said to Tian Kui:

"Heal the wounds on his body and don't torture him anymore."

"Yes!" Tian Kui responded and continued.

"Boss, next I'll have someone check the address of the base station of this website, and once I find it, I'll immediately make arrests of the relevant people."

"Good, if there are any difficulties, contact me in time."


Seeing Ning Tianlang about to leave, Dengchuan Kangping hurriedly said, "I've confessed everything, when will you release me?"

"When your student Yang Ye begs for my head."

After saying these words, Ning Tianlang directly stepped away.

The main entrance.

The security guard Liu Jun still maintained his ninety-degree bowing posture.

Bean-sized beads of sweat dripped down from his forehead, and his eyes had become blurry. But he didn't dare to move an inch, still clenching his teeth and holding on.

Ning Tian Lang parked the car in front of him and rolled down the window, "Tired?"

"No ...... not tired."

"Then get up."

Liu Jun slowly straightened up and looked at the Santana that was gradually moving away, his heart was in awe ......

Returning to Wen Ruyun's villa, Ling Xuanzhi was already fully dressed and sitting on the sofa waiting for him.

Looking at Ling Xuanzhi's long pale yellow dress, Ning Tianlang admired, "Third sister, you're even sexier after you put on your clothes ......"

Ling Xuanzhi's face flushed slightly as she feinted, "You also hurry up and go change into a decent formal dress."

"Formal clothes?" Ning Tianlang was stunned, "Aren't we going to a martial arts school party? Is there a need to dress so formally?"

"Back then, most of those students in the martial arts school were rich kids who were there to strengthen their bodies. Now that they have stepped into society, they have long since become elites from all sides."

Ling Xuanzhi shrugged, "So, this party is nothing more than networking in the name of a martial arts school gathering."

Ning Tianlang was a bit surprised, "I didn't realize that you would still attend this kind of pretentious reunion, Third Sister?"

"It's not like I'm out of society!" Ling Xuanzhi gave him a blank look.

"Besides, they're all rich people, maybe I'll even get one or two big deals."


Ning Tianlang stuttered, thinking that the economy was indeed in a recession right now, and even assassins had to go out on their own to expand their business ......

"Third sister, but I don't have any formal attire, I'm just in casual clothes."

He hadn't poured out the time to get himself some new clothes after coming out from Kunlun Island.

Ling Xuanzhi's beautiful eyebrows slightly frowned, glanced at her watch, and made an instant decision, "Go, there's still some time, I'll take you to buy some clothes."


Ning Tian Lang was pulled by her and drove to Guiyun Shopping Center.

After getting out of the car, Ling Xuanzhi held the car door for a while and coughed, "I say your car tail odor is also too heavy, I should have known to drive big sister's car."

"I haven't had time to change my car ......"

Ling Xuanzhi waved his hand, "Wait, when I kill two more people, I'll give you a good car."

Ning Tian Lang: "......"

The two of them arrived at a men's light luxury brand store, Ling Xuanzhi said, "Go ahead, pick a few pieces at random, third sister will buy them for you."

Just then, a lightly provocative voice came from the side: "Yo, isn't this Ling Xuanzhi, what a coincidence......"

Ning Tian Lang turned back, only to see a handsome man wearing a high-fashion suit, wrapping his arms around an enchanting beauty walking over.

"Xuanzhi, it looks like you also received an invitation from the class president to come to the party at the Golden Water Restaurant next door, right?"

That man's pair of lustful eyes glanced back and forth over Ling Xuanzhi's body.

"I didn't expect that after five or six years have passed, your body is still as sexy as it was back then ......"

Ling Xuanzhi looked at him coldly: "Gao Guangyao, your mouth is still as cheap as it was back then."

Gao Guangyao was choked by her and turned pale, "Ling Xuanzhi, this is not the time to be in the martial arts center! You'd better speak politely to me!"

At this moment, he noticed Ning Tian Lang next to him and couldn't help but snort:

"Back then, you rejected me several times, I thought how awesome you could get mixed up, but you ended up finding such a trashy piece of shit?


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